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File 131499608558.png - (174.44KB , 760x190 , Picture 6.png )
2112 No. 2112 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone going?

File 131447937549.jpg - (49.03KB , 760x198 , newheader.jpg )
2072 No. 2072 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys! Pardon me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall seeing any thread about SacAnime coming up this coming week. I went to the one back in January and saw quite a bit of TF2 cosplay there. I'm wondering if I'll see any of them again and/or see anyone new?
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>> No. 2085
Can someone make sure to tape the masquerade - I really want to see it.
>> No. 2096
File 131472566922.png - (46.35KB , 600x850 , tumblr_lphx0awG4f1r113oqo1_1280.png )
I'm gonna be there as a RED Medic, with my girlfriend a BLU Spy disguised as a Heavy.
I also might get my 11 year old cousin to dress as Scout and my aunt as Scouts mom. My 9 year old cousin might come too, as a personified BLU Intel.
>> No. 2111
Scout's Mom reporting in. :]

File 131465118384.jpg - (294.01KB , 557x544 , Medic.jpg )
2082 No. 2082 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Medic WIP for EXPCon i know its a bit cutsie and all I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP I'm working on a Medigun and a friend is making me an Ubersaw. Missing a few touches but the basic idea. Hair I'm probably putting in a bun for the Con. Also doing Scout's Mom and Spy.
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>> No. 2095
Thank you and no, my friend was going to do Spy and I was going to dress as Ma Just changed it last night though to me as fem sniper and him as scout, we might still do Spy/Ma another day of the convention though. I plan on eventually covering every class so keep an eye out.
>> No. 2098
If your purpose is simply fanservice, then I would suggest just some soft curls in those lovely locks of yours. You make me wish I had long hair again.

Other than that, it's not half bad. I like it.
>> No. 2100
fanservice? Far from it, mon ami, but i appreciate the input.

File 131247353699.jpg - (156.91KB , 500x333 , 4948839643_ebe6b50eae.jpg )
1975 No. 1975 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Yes, there is already a D*C thread, but I need to signal boost this HARD.

I just got confirmation from the D*C parade staff, and I have successfully registered a TF2 group for the parade on Saturday morning! If you are attending, have a TF2 costume, and would like to participate, PLEASE let me know! I need a headcount so they know how many to expect from our group. Also if you could email me at tw9151@bigfoot.com, it would help me keep track of the number of people to expect!

Thanks and I hope to see some of you there!
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>> No. 2059
are we still on fir the parade?
>> No. 2062
uh do you see indication that we wouldn't be

the group is up to about 20 people now
>> No. 2075
Hi! Myself and a friend (both long time lurkers) would love to join the group, if that's alright! We'll be BLU Medic and BLU Scout. I'll drop you an email as well, just to be sure.

LESS THAN A WEEK TO GO! WOOHOO! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

File 13143682679.jpg - (283.19KB , 952x259 , nekocon.jpg )
2071 No. 2071 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Sooo, am I the only Virgina Fag here? You know the one who feels earthquakes and gets hurricanes? Nekocon is only 15 minutes away from my house too.. So, anyone else joining?

File 131215542931.jpg - (805.39KB , 1064x798 , tf2pistolcasts2.jpg )
1946 No. 1946 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey everyone, i posted this in the cosplay supplies, but now i think about it, it's going to get missed pretty easy,
i've made a pretty accurate tf2 pistol resin kit, that i'd like to pass along to fellow scouts and engineers.

i was thinking about 25 bucks for a resin kit? comes in one part, there is always a little filling and sanding required to get rid of a couple of seamlines,

give it a coat of black bbq primer, and after you've painted it up, a coat of clear rustoleum lacquer spray to protect the paint, and you'll have it pretty much perfect.
hit me up with an email if you'd like one

(they feel awesome to spin on your finger)
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>> No. 2044
File 131380829555.jpg - (346.42KB , 768x576 , smoothcast.jpg )
>> No. 2045
File 131380834286.jpg - (388.74KB , 768x576 , painted.jpg )
>> No. 2050
Don't forget to paint orange on the tip.

File 129694047432.gif - (24.81KB , 300x368 , COMICCON.gif )
945 No. 945 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
IT LOOKS LIKE TICKET SALES ARE FINALLY UP AND RUNNING! I wasn't going to start this thread until now just in case.

So. Comic-Con 2011. I already know of a few Chanfolk going, but who else plans on coming or at least being in the city around July 21-24, 2011? I'm going 4 days, will be a BLU Scout and other things I haven't decided on yet.

Viking Comic-Con Quest, commence!
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>> No. 1905
File 131140394297.jpg - (70.61KB , 448x473 , NO FUN (2).jpg )
>> No. 1934
next time a better place for a large gathering should be outside, on the second floor, above the exhibit hall, its where the SCA guys have fights all the time and where the big star wars gatherings happen, and security will not chase you away like they did this year outside ballroom 20
>> No. 2034
Yeah, that really sucked, and I apologize to everyone who attended. We were lucky to get off the Group and Team shots though.

But next year, totally behind the convention center.

File 13126028564.jpg - (23.42KB , 525x274 , pax-logo-525x274.jpg )
1983 No. 1983 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, who is going to nerd it up at PAX Prime?

I'll be there in non-TF2 related gear (dress made of magic cards), but I'd be down with having a meetup, or joining in on other shenanigans.
>> No. 2031
im going there, hoping to cosplay as misty from pokemon, or cole from infamous2

File 13125787442.jpg - (21.83KB , 347x635 , grgttrgyhyhyhj.jpg )
1980 No. 1980 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm making the soldier cosplay, and I already got everything but the jacket, I've been looking everywhere and there's nothing even similar to it and all is camouflage themed, so is a pain is the ass to dye, so I was wondering if someone made patterns to make the jacket and if you could share them with me, I'd be really glad!
>> No. 1998
I second this, as I am also having the same problem.
>> No. 2010
I've been having a bit of trouble finding a good pattern for this as well. Anyone even know of a garment that looks like it?
>> No. 2013
I work in a fabric store so im gonna take a stab at helping you out:


view B could work if you put elastic in the sleeve cuffs and add epolets.

or try a 2nd hand store for red jackets with a similar colar (you are going to have to pop the colar up most likely) and simply elastic the sleeves if its not already. you can also look for the right shape jacket in white 100% cotton, thsi can be dyed to a bright red (be careful tho sometimes they use polyester thread for topstitching wich will stay white, if u run into this problem as i have before i found it can be easily covered using a red sharpie marker).

alternatively i have seen red dress shirts pass quite nicely with popped colars but if you do do this try and find a nice thick one, cotton would be advisable as well simply because it looks and feels better and it breathes and absorbs so that if you are wearing this cosplay while running around or conventioning u wont overheat and die.

i hope this was helpful somehow ^^;

File 13123359703.jpg - (43.13KB , 520x963 , pyro full front view.jpg )
1967 No. 1967 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
i have a basic idea on how to make it. but i dont know where to start. i dont know what materials i need. and i dont know where to get the stuff. anyone know what to do?
>> No. 1976
Already got a pyro thread goin


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