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File 130429762140.png - (165.56KB , 321x500 , Engiwithdispenser.png )
1394 No. 1394 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Is anyone here able to tell me how to make a dispenser? I thought of several ideas, like using a backpack or a suitcase but I have no plan what actually WORKS. What did you use for your dispenser? Can anyone help out? Would be wonderful!
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>> No. 1468

Don't just ask how big something is. If it comes up to Engie's waist, then measure to your waist. If it comes up to his chin, then measure to your chin.

If you use the proportions in the picture that was posted, it's going to look really fucking weird, because those don't even line up within the picture. There's no internal scale and the angle is weird as hell.
>> No. 1812
Hey Bunny its Ki, Smashes friend from AX last year. Im using hte gun i made for Smash and going as heavy this year, will i be seeing you?
>> No. 1832
Hey you! Yeah, I'll be going this year! You coming to the Meet right?

File 130913026959.png - (302.15KB , 980x1150 , Medic.png )
1820 No. 1820 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
How the heck do I start on the Medic's coat? I can follow any pattern, but I don't have a whole lot of experience in modifying patterns. I was thinking of modifying an existing lab coat pattern. Does anyone have any Medic coat pattern? Or anywhere I can buy/commission a cheap one?
>> No. 1821
Check out this thread someone made.
She tells you how to modify a pirate coat pattern into Medic's coat. I'm following it with the tweaking and all so once I have made my coat, I'll know what to do on making more on commission.

captcha: mainiz useful ... why yes, I am useful! haha

File 130327852326.gif - (76.73KB , 999x142 , banner2011theme.gif )
1314 No. 1314 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It's this weekend and I could've sworn there was already a thread for it.
So uh, last minute check for anyone who's going to be there?
I'll be BLU Scout with a RED intel I've been working on the past couple of days if not my half done BLU Engie as well.
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>> No. 1417
Will do. And yup, I was the Hoovy. (Though my bullets were slowly but surely getting destroyed throughout the day.) I enjoyed meeting you and Lithe-Fider, too. Everyone at that shoot was fantastic!
>> No. 1747
@ the Spy and Scout seen together in many of these pictures

Were you two working a booth at some point? I think I remember getting your pictures and some witty banter.
>> No. 1818
Whoops, late reply.
Lithe was helping me work my dad's booth, yes. If you've got pics or video feel free to share.

File 130891092740.jpg - (671.50KB , 1277x720 , NipponCon 2011 042.jpg )
1800 No. 1800 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Chi and me were at a small local anime con, whee!
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>> No. 1804
File 13089112752.jpg - (781.51KB , 1277x720 , NipponCon 2011 039.jpg )
Nature is all engineering, anyway.
>> No. 1805
File 13089113274.jpg - (786.83KB , 720x1277 , NipponCon 2011 056.jpg )
Who's the original?
>> No. 1808
Perry, why are you so adorable?

File 130049214594.png - (339.87KB , 900x198 , Am2 banner.png )
1139 No. 1139 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I can't go to AX (thanks a lot mom and dad...) so I'm going here instead. Any one else going so I don't feel like the only loser here...
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>> No. 1277
Pretty sure my team and I are going. Though this time I'm probably going to be a FemSoldier instead of being Medic.
>> No. 1796
Sage since AM2 and AX is happening in a little over a week. I'll be attending on Friday the 1st.
>> No. 1799
I MIGHT be going on Saturday with a few friends in my Scout's Ma cosplay.

File 130868672084.jpg - (41.91KB , 800x503 , 800px-Games_convention_logo.jpg )
1789 No. 1789 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Uhm... sooooo. Someone wanna go there?
>> No. 1793
You should mention that this is a German convention and most people here can't attend because well, it's in Germany.
>> No. 1794

Yeah, i didn´t mention it because i often heard already about people who came from different countries like poland or netherlands visit it, too. I felt a bit stupid if i would have said: Someone goes there to the german convention? And the whole room would be: Duuuh, we know this is german, dumbass.

Anyway, my question just a bit other formulated.

Will someone attend the biggest German Games Convention here? In Hamburg.

File 130167296031.png - (88.09KB , 684x192 , akon 2011.png )
1210 No. 1210 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
A-kon 22 is June 10-12th 2011 in Dallas, Texas.
Will anyone else be going? Cosplaying? Possibly want to meet up just to be bros?
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>> No. 1766
put that in your pipe and smoke it.
>> No. 1767
Well damn, how the hell did I manage to miss all you guys?
>> No. 1768
tf2 photoshoot was sat at 11:30 in cancer park. I did meet a lot of lost tf2 members that didn't know about said gathering. :/ sad day.

File 130779481146.jpg - (709.90KB , 1200x800 , Castle_con_2-047.jpg )
1727 No. 1727 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

(Prepare for Perry camwhoring oh my)
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>> No. 1731
File 130779516771.jpg - (830.41KB , 800x1200 , IMG_0139.jpg )
There was something called "Fort Laramie" on the campground. I'm not even kidding. It had a big sign and tents and the flag and everything!
>> No. 1732
File 130779522565.jpg - (0.97MB , 1200x800 , IMG_0294.jpg )
We even raided a supermarket! (Sadly, we had to leave the shopping carts. Oh well)
>> No. 1737
God damn it, Perry.
Stop being so adorable.

File 130384389338.jpg - (98.28KB , 600x450 , 030.jpg )
1351 No. 1351 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Admittedly I don't generally see my work meriting a new thread here but I had a recent 3-day build of some RED intel, some awesome pics at Fenway, and plans for working on a Special Delivery set. So I figured maybe I finally had enough material to start this back up again.

First things first, a show of the dinky RED intel I cobbled together in about half an hour at Anime Expo last year when they wouldn't let me carry my Scout pistol around, vs the intel I made for Anime Boston.
16 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1368
File 130384635599.png - (643.08KB , 800x600 , 036.png )
Thanks to RobotLyra for helping us take these last few pics!

And I'm done for now. I'll try to be sure to share WIP shots of my next prop builds that I hope to start this week and have done in time for Anime Central.
>> No. 1472
awww shoulda made sexy cop scoot.
>> No. 1711
File 130748193365.png - (442.76KB , 700x525 , 006.png )
Working on my Holy Mackerel. I plan to use foam for the final product. I'm moving on up the cosplay materials ladder, aw yeah.

File 129159635253.png - (14.72KB , 871x166 , logo.png )
390 No. 390 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

(Admittedly, I'm mostly making this thread to ask if we can have the meetup on Friday. I'll be gone Saturday onwards and will kiss anyone's hands/lick anyone's boots/whatever it takes to have it on Friday.)
64 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1542
I always have a terrible time getting decent pics at a photoshoot what with trying to be in them as well and the general chaos that larger cons bring about.
But it was cool to see anyone and everyone I did and I thank everyone who put up with me being creeper Scout and macking on the ladies (see >>1510 ).
Once again Bonk is amazing because I frankly couldn't have cared enough to try and wrangle everyone into another shoot rather than just shoot with my friends. So Bonk, you're awesome as always.
I'll post a few decent photos up when I can but it likely won't be until tomorrow as I just got home and I'm already busy again.
>> No. 1543
I honestly don't think there was a deliberate decision, just a mistaken rumor that spread. I heard from several people that the shoot was at 5:00, and a few said 5:30 so I showed up at 5:00 just in case, figuring worst case scenario was that I would be early.

On an unrelated note, has anyone posted video from the Masquerade? I only caught the end that they were simulcasting by the hotel's hamburger stand.

Oh, and if anyone wants larger pictures, let me know. I had to size them down for the chan.
>> No. 1549
Can I request that any Channers who took pictures of the Red pyro with the brigade helm, please post their pictures? I need some more visual feedback so I can improve the costume.

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