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File 129495780599.png - (7.80KB , 50x50 , warstarplz.png )
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So i WAS gonna do a leather pants/TF2 skit with two of my friend's but they're flaking out. I live in the East Bay area and if you live near this area (Berkeley/Oakland/Albany/San Francisco/San Jose/Fremont) please please PLEASE drop a message if you are interested. I REALLY wanna do this skit. It seems like it'll be such a good one, and the parts that i need are Bakura/Scout#2 and Yami/Spy. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope! D:
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>> No. 770
Damn them. I'll ask. Dx
When's wondercon? I may need a handler but first i need others for those roles. I'm short on money and fanime is the only one i can save up for...
>> No. 771
Wondercon is April 1-3 at the Moscone Center (South) in the city. http://www.comic-con.org/wc/ It's pretty inexpensive if you just go one day, and it's not far from the Powell BART station. You can totally see everything in one day, too, I did it last year. Also, if you volunteer, you can get reduced admission, so always something to look into.
>> No. 772
While it looks promising, the time limit for the amount of people im using is a pretty short one :/
As awesome as my idea is I'll most likely shorten it to an actual skit where the scouts steal the leather pants, with dialogue and props. I will most likely need a good two or three stage hands to help.

File 128919037825.png - (232.33KB , 188x202 , ALA.png )
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The chan exploded, so let me remake the ALA thread since it's coming up soon!

January 7-9 at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott.

I know a bunch of you guys are going, and I look forward to meeting you!
My Medic is getting closer to getting done, and I started working on a Pop'n Music 17 Belle cosplay too.
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>> No. 747
File 12949846786.jpg - (51.32KB , 720x540 , 167521_1388139123367_1828759831_728288_5058312_n.jpg )
Dat Scootma. So, I have a bunch of pictures I've amassed, either my own or from other sources. It seemed like everyone had their own camera at the meet, but is there anything specific anyone would like posted? Also, if anyone did any cool photoshoots, I'd love to see them posted.
>> No. 752
File 129506662921.jpg - (340.09KB , 1600x1200 , nosentry.jpg )
heh, good job on the signs, everyone.
I put up the third one.

Also, I put an S next to this no entry sign, and I put a drawing of a sentry under it... I was surprised it stayed most of the weekend.
>> No. 753
File 12950812916.jpg - (65.01KB , 648x412 , NO-SENTRY.jpg )
I love you for putting that sign there.

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