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File 136347990469.jpg - (168.48KB , 1280x960 , downloadfile-1.jpg )
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Hello! I was wondering who all is planning to go to A-kon this year?
I will be going as a BLU Sniper and my friend is a BLU Pyro.
Note that the main hotel is completely booked, but the Sheraton and Marriott arcoss the street is so far, free. Get rooms fast though. I am most likely staying at the Marriott.

File 134421891126.jpg - (17.41KB , 360x270 , full.jpg )
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In September 15-16 2012. At the Los Angeles convention center anyone going?? I want to finish my solly cosplay in time.
>> No. 2679
I'm going on Sunday (16th) with my girlfriend. We'll be RED Spy and BLU Scout respectively.
>> No. 2696
File 134786462332.jpg - (150.82KB , 612x816 , DSCN4931.jpg )
Just got back, had a great time. Met a BLU Sniper and BLU Scout.
>> No. 2750
omg. i wish i had seen you guys there!!

File 135892389110.jpg - (8.99KB , 180x180 , 373345_181833275283429_2105889196_n.jpg )
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Getting closer to Katsucon and I noticed that there's no thread for it.

Who else is going?
>> No. 2749
Me and a friend are running 2 TF2 gatherings! Pass the tumblr post around HERE: http://lithefider.tumblr.com/post/42252896239/valve-tf2-gatherings-at-katsucon Cosplay.com thread here: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=310379

Here is the info copy and pasted:

Friday: Valve PJ Party - Casual gathering after dinner time (starting around 10pm) - Location is a cluster of couches by the loading loop doors at the end of the Artist Alley/Dealers Room hallway - basically keep walking past the Alley away from the con center towards the hotel parking garage, you’ll pass the bathrooms on your right, and at the end of the hall there are a cluster of couches.

Saturday: Valve Shoot, 2PM. Located at the doors across from Gazebo area. :) All Valve games welcome!

File 131931278331.jpg - (220.24KB , 720x960 , Z7lAg.jpg )
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Thinking of doing a female heavy cosplay but there's a severe lack of inspiration, post your pics Pic related - It's one I really like
Bonus Points - Slimmer heavies because I'm not very large
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>> No. 2319

And I kind of get tired of the 'sexy' female characters. If you're going to do it, think practically. What would YOU fight in?
>> No. 2320
1000x this.
>> No. 2745
Your cosplay looks like a mix of a pin-up girl and genderbent Heavy. I think that your shirt and vest is fine. You should try to find a different belt since it looks nothing like Heavy's. Also, wear pants/capris you can tuck into you boots. If you're going to do the pin-up girl look, and find a shorter shirt. Thats about it. Good work so far :)

File 128918253470.jpg - (213.01KB , 500x375 , faggots.jpg )
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Post anything.
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>> No. 2744
File 135537948167.jpg - (155.10KB , 800x600 , 319676_210564155678682_1220180807_n.jpg )
Ok guys. I've entered a Just Dance 4 contest as FemmePyro and would if some people could watch, share, and like the video!

Let's make Valve the winner of an Ubisoft contest!

>> No. 2758
File 136487046361.jpg - (284.27KB , 2048x1536 , ASD.jpg )
I've never posted here, but here's a Medic cosplay I've been working on (very lazily)
>> No. 2759
File 136487053451.jpg - (223.75KB , 1558x1536 , mhm.jpg )

File 135502743616.jpg - (182.22KB , 972x768 , 131887930083.jpg )
2742 No. 2742 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Dear TF2 chan

Hello I an inspiring cosplayer and I am hoping to cosplay the pyro. The version that I would most like to do is the “The_Fanciest_Of_Pants”. Though I have already run into a few problems and I was hoping that the fine cosplayers here could help me with my problems.

1.) I have no idea where to get a patter like this. I have tried most patter stores and even a few adult stores.
2.) What is the best the fabric to chose. My first choice is using vile, however I can foresee this causing problems with heat stroke and other such things.
3.) The mask itself is not hard to find. Although I can't seem to fine the proper attachments that I would need, or know of a way to make them if they do not exist.
4.) On the account of the gloves I have been experimenting with a few different pants, with little success. Acrylic, rubber, and spry paints all crack within hours. I have been considering air brushing, but that can be a bit pricey and seeing how this project is already setting bake quit a bit I would like to know if it is wroth the money. There is also always the option of taking an existing pair of gloves and modifying them.

Hope you can help
Hard Luck
>> No. 2743
File 135537894544.jpg - (53.25KB , 195x437 , FemmePyro.jpg )
Hello Hard Luck,

As a fellow FemmePyro cosplayer I can give you a few tips on your issues.

1) As for a pattern, try going to fabric stores and looking for a bodysuit pattern that can be modified. I also suggest making it a few sizes too big so you can make certain that you can sew it smaller at the end.

2) I used vinyl for my cosplay and I don't wish that hell on anyone else. You wont get that nice look to it but something with spandex is the best bet for a bodysuit design.

3) My mask was also easy to find but came without the filter which I got at an old military supply store and painted it black.

4) The gloves were tricky but here's a few tricks. First, use a permanent fabric marker for the yellow detail. Second, sew like a small piece of black vinyl onto existing black gloves at the wrists like they were gauntlets.

Well, there's my two cents cause I had to work through all these problems myself. Hope this helps!


File 134654467893.png - (158.84KB , 489x646 , tumblr_m8qntqbp6O1rzylpso1_500.png )
2680 No. 2680 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm planning to cosplay MediBot soon and I can't figure out how to make the wheel. I can't even ride or afford a unicycle, any suggestions?
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>> No. 2738
don't even bother with the wheel. just make robot legs like all the other classes
>> No. 2740
I feel that the half cylinder may be the best way to go and perhaps you could incorporate those wheelie shoes. That way you could glide about .
>> No. 2741
That or maybe you could get pulled by a teammate if you have if you have some fishing wire. This can also be done if you plan to have some type of fabric coming from your medie gun.

File 135208428466.png - (128.45KB , 351x689 , fucking gay.png )
2733 No. 2733 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys! Trying to look for a suit for spy that's accurate, and isn't too expensive!
Help???;u; I'm trying to find SOMETHING so I can get someone to cosplay him for a photoshoot with me, and a friend who cosplays BLU Scout. However, noones willing until I find a nice, cheap suit.

File 135146334061.jpg - (283.80KB , 640x796 , 1340712441024.jpg )
2731 No. 2731 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey TF2 Chan, first time cosplaying a TF2 character, how would I go about cosplaying a demoman? Using Foam for the body armor I figured, but what should I wear under it? A jumpsuit with cut-off sleeves? Then a white shirt with long sleeves? Thanks. :D
>> No. 2732
I hear scrubs work nicely for the team colour shirt and pants, and then just a white long sleeve top on underneath.

File 128931816183.png - (291.12KB , 2400x1300 , london_mcm_2010_new_square.png )
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New thread yup yup :V

Also applies for other MCM expos, like midlands and one I believe is more northern. Manchester?
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>> No. 2666
I was at MCM London in the Spring as a GLaDOS with my attendant Wheatley - we had giant polystyrene heads, I had a shiny corset and stripey dress, he had a labcoat and blue shirt. I don't suppose any of the lovely friendly Valve lot we bumped into then happen to be
a) on this board
b) going in October
c) in need of a bunch of RED team?

I'm assembling a fem!Sniper cosplay, the Wheatley's becoming a Soldier, we've got a (BLU masquerading as RED) Spy, a Pyro and an Engineer. First time any of us are doing TF2 cosplay, so we'd love to meet up with others.

I will personally buy anyone of legal boozing age a pint, if the upstairs bar is open.
>> No. 2718
Why hello there! This is Miss Pauling. I won't be cosplaying Valve until the drinking meet this Expo probably, but I'm still organizing the meets!

Seriously can't wait to see a group that big!


GENERAL NOTE! Times are as follows:

Usual meeting point by the grass/cranes.
Sat: 12:00
Sun: 13:00

Drinking meet will be on Saturday night, starting at 7:00 in the same place.
>> No. 2729

I'm still painting and paper mache-ing things, so if I cock up the rifle at this late point I might be kukri-only.

And given it's likely to be freezing this weekend where it was boiling last time, I might bring hot mulled wine thermoses with me instead of icy margaritas and fruit juice. These I will share if anyone else is cold and in need of warm drinks.

Does anyone know a good place to eat after the con? I usually only go out to dinner in Central London, but there might be a few non-drinkers along in search of food after.

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