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File 130214962478.png - (144.39KB , 800x363 , 800px-Wiki_scattergun.png )
1248 No. 1248 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
k so I'm new but want help. Going to cosplay as Scout and need a few tips to make the costume perfect.
An easy place to get the headset?
An easy way to make the scattergun?
>> No. 1250
Okay: Best bet is to use PVC, wood, lots of wood glue,and some superglue for the Scattergun. I'll see if my roommate kept the link to the tutorial she used to make a prop shotgun. If all else

Pants are easy to get if you've got a sports store near by. Used/new black baseball pants, cleats/running shoes, the cap, and long white socks can all usually be bought there for a reasonable price.

Think there's a tutorial on the board for the headset...not certain, it's the one part of my costume I've yet to make. If all else fails, be lazy and use the head piece that comes with the X-Box...It's not perfect, but a good stop gap for testing things out.

That help?
>> No. 2662

File 13127872513.jpg - (704.01KB , 4000x1200 , thehatofundeniablewealthandrespect.jpg )
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so im going to start by posting what i've got already. im an avid cosplayer and have quite a few tf2 crafts and cosplays for you gentalmen~ as well as some coming in the near future.

without further delay i shall post one of my favorites~ the HOWAR
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>> No. 2408
File 132573343529.jpg - (530.23KB , 1089x1452 , DSC073332.jpg )
Another from the meet the medic shoot.
>> No. 2434

Okay I think I just heard someone breaking the epic barrier
>> No. 2657
File 134380311712.jpg - (413.78KB , 909x1509 , Edit1222.jpg )
I am now accepting commissions for these in any colour through my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/105672743/any-colour-the-anger-tf2-team-fortress-2

File 134372389028.png - (24.09KB , 345x150 , logo_indy_2012.png )
2656 No. 2656 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Gencon is almost here, I was wondering if anyone was going? I'll be there all 4 days cosplaying as a RED femheavy. You should come chat with me if you see me.

File 134281416210.png - (17.98KB , 425x210 , Otakon 2012 logo.png )
2646 No. 2646 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Otakon 2012 anyone?

We've been discussing Valve gatherings on the Cosplay.com forums and are thinking Friday/5PM/4th floor and Saturday/8PM/Indoor Fountains. (Will post an update if this changes.)

I'll be a BLU Medic with Medigun and stethoscope. Hope to see you there.
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>> No. 2653
I, uh...I seem to have inherited Lithe's wife. (lawl) Vihtalaini as Medic's wife. She will be running the shoots and I will be supporting her.

I...I'm a husband now.
>> No. 2654
Haven't posted in like a year and not cosplaying, but I'll be taking pictures and passing out cookies at one or both shoots. :3
>> No. 2655
BLU Medic here again. Fun times hanging out and getting to meet you people. You guys are a blast and I hope to see more of you in the future.

Vihtalaini (BLU Medic's wife/shoot organizer) will be posting the pics taken by our photographer at the shoots by around next Monday. I'll repost the link here once it's up.

Bonus facts: I have empirical evidence (mainly in the form of sore muscles) that Medic's Medigun + backpack require a great deal of strength/endurance particularly in the biceps and back/shoulder muscles. Especially so assuming his are made out of metal, rather than wood, plastic, and foam like mine. Fanartists/writers take note.

File 134167028044.jpg - (56.67KB , 200x200 , flop_2808869.jpg )
2635 No. 2635 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Well this is a long shot, but is here any Finnish people going to Tracon 2012 at tampere this year and cosplaying as Demoman [RED/BLU] or BLU Pyro? Help needed because of my group cosplay is missing these characters !

File 133715064384.png - (7.99KB , 200x190 , 200px-AnimeExpo-Logo.png )
2583 No. 2583 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone going to AX this year? I know we usually get at least a few people from around here.

The guy that usually runs the Valve shoot doesn't seem to get the idea that a lot of people were really unhappy with not only last year's shoot but the year before. Not to mention the times he's suggested for it aren't really best for me.

Either way, I figured maybe a TF2 only/centric shoot would be nice to have. I was thinking Sunday evening around 6 pm? Anyone else up for getting together then?
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>> No. 2629
That's good, 10 am is so early.
I'm very last minute, but everything is almost complete for my BLU Engineer costume. One of my talented older siblings has made me a Pocket Pyro that I am very excited to show off.
>> No. 2630
I have Neither Sparky's patches from Etsy. What is the best way to iron on patches?
>> No. 2631
I apologize for only thinking of coming here just now, but let me make this short.

Yes, last year's gathering was a catastrophe. I am to share in some of that blame. I have apologized to many for this, but my apologies can only go so far.

The "Unofficial" gathering hosted by myself and Pillz is scheduled for Day 2 at 10am at Site 2. This was in order to compromise with someone splitting off their own L4D group, which they are still keeping separate from the Valve gathering. Had I known this, I would not have compromised with them and would have worked with you guys instead.

There are no sanctioned AX gatherings, and the West Hall is to be used or occupied by the X-Games. Supposedly, the games shut down by around 7pm, so I am not sure if your gathering at 6pm may work.

I do not expect a large turnout for the 10am gathering, as there will be no attendee foottraftic and I can smell drama a mile away from the two separate gatherings, but those who can attend please do. We will have have something special in store for this gathering and you may even win prizes by unlocking crates1

File 133997457273.png - (198.01KB , 407x638 , RED_Outback_Intellectual.png )
2621 No. 2621 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have a pattern for the Sniper's default vest? I'd appreciate it very much!

File 131467508532.png - (763.35KB , 811x542 , ubersaw_by_dazzle_camouflage-d3aqhjz.png )
2088 No. 2088 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I thought I might as well make a thread here.

The Ubersaw is (roughly) 21 inches and the tube can be taken out and filled with blue paper or blue (or red!) glow-sticks surrounded with something like baking paper.
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>> No. 2091
Looking sweet so far!

Can you post pics of the saw glowing?
>> No. 2093
I made a video ages ago on my hipstr:
dazzle-camouflage.t u m b l r.com/post/3560187967/you-guys-remember-that-ubersaw-i-was-making-i-got

Just remove the spaces.
>> No. 2616
WHOA Nice hat!! I'll give you 2 keys for it

File 133903887896.png - (8.32KB , 760x50 , animenext2012logo50px2.png )
2613 No. 2613 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Setting up shoot times/places right now as I have seen none on any of the forums (Cosplay.com / AN forums). The shoot is for ALL Valve love, not just TF2. Hopefully see ya there to say hello!

Friday: 5pm, Grassy Knoll between the con and the Doubletree (Aka that large grassy area with that log immediately to your right as you walk to the double tree under that covered crosswalk from the main convention center, before you cross the stream)

Saturday: 3pm (Same spot —^ )

File 13251354024.jpg - (17.70KB , 335x185 , Clipboard01.jpg )
2390 No. 2390 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
May 25th-27th, at the TCC.

The usual Anime North thread a few months early, as always. Who the fuck is going and what the fuck as?
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>> No. 2604
>> No. 2605
Well, the con's over. I know I had fun. Who made it to the Valve Photoshoots? Also, anyone have any pics of me? I was the BLU Sniper with the Festive Sniper Rifle and photobombed the Spy shoot by running in with the Australian speedo.
>> No. 2606
File 133826976432.jpg - (208.58KB , 768x1024 , Photo0146A.jpg )

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