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File 133759165926.jpg - (870.98KB , 800x4563 , tf2_duel_by_biggreenpepper-d4tnij5.jpg )
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Is anyone considering going to Nan Desu Kan in Denver this year? I'm from CO so I'm also planning on attending the New Years event as well when that rolls around.

I'm thinking about cosplaying Spy, but I might go the Demoman route because I have olive skin that's dark enough to declassify me as a "white person." I'm not really fond of either class and would rather dress as Medic, but I'm a bit of a sourpuss and I dislike cosplays that are too unfaithful to the original, even if they're my own cosplays. If I crack and decide on neither I'll probably just cop out and be Pyro.

So my second question is this: should I let the colour of my skin prevent me from cosplaying a character I love, or should I throw the idea of "authenticity" out the window and do what I enjoy? Normally this wouldn't even be a question for me, but I'd feel crushingly hypocritical doing something that drives me up the wall when done by others.

File 13373048196.jpg - (96.81KB , 494x700 , tumblr_kw0g04XyOc1qa2ckuo1_500.jpg )
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Hey guys, just wanted to get the Chan's opinion on something that's been on my mind lately (also I didn't know if this should go on cosplay or tits since it has to do with both).

Next week I'm planning to go to Anime North and I've taken some time to touch up my Demoman costume. Now, I'm a female and the costume is the original Demoman design with no modifications. Due to some conflicts, I will not be able to attend the whole day I planned to wear the costume. I will have to leave and come back to the convention ground, maybe twice. I wanted to figure out if there was a way to make the costume something that would be easier to change in and out of. So my mind immediately jumped to the idea of doing a "fem" version of the costume, and "fem" I mean "sexy" (less clothing to change).

Now, if I were to do this, I would do it ironically. This costume is obviously a pin-up style gender bend, not seen as practical or battle worthy, but I thought it might be kind of fun to be an image of a super girly mercenary.

What I want to know is, is there a way to do this without people taking the gender bend to seriously? I can honestly say when I see cop out versions of the classes that are made sexy/slutty out of laziness, I do not enjoy them. But then is there really any difference between that and what I want to do, even if my intentions are different?

tl;dr How do you react when you see sexy versions of TF2 costumes and do you think it can be done without seeming like a bimbo?
(Image not mine)
>> No. 2592
hmm, interesting! If it's pin-up style, I would have copies of a picture of yourself to sign and give out as a joke/memento for people! Also do the whole old-school garterbelt thing,depending if you're gonna have a skirt on, maybe switch to heels for the photoshoot(have a bag with flats to change in/out of when walking) Like maybe if you're a model supporting RED/BLU? and maybe do your hair up in a similar way to the old pin-ups?
Then again,It might be the same,if not more,amount of work. You'd have to do your make-up and hair,put hose/stocking on, high-heels,and do the prop parts for grenades/etc.
Do you have a design in mind? I'm not sure if I've ever seen a demoman pinup...
>> No. 2593
Well considering 99% of the time, I cosplay Scout, I love fem and pin up versions because I love to hit on them. Awkwardness aside...

I don't usually mind fems and pin ups personally. One of my fave TF2 cosplays is actually a young lady who does the pin up you attached to the thread even. It's lovely and sexy.

The issue comes when it's obviously an easy-out. Someone who couldn't be arsed to work up a decent costume, even if it was fem or pin up. I mean I've seen some where it seemed like they had a half finished top and threw it on over one of their skirts and a pair of hooker boots.

Either way, I haven't usually seen anyone give anyone else any flack at a TF2 shoot at a con whether it was for being fem or pin up or closet... what have you. Not face-to-face. So if I were you, go ahead and go with it. Have fun. But don't be surprised if you get back online and people have said some things. Some people just aren't ever going to like fem and/or pin up no matter what.
>> No. 2596
File 133753436583.jpg - (185.97KB , 1080x720 , Photo on 12-05-20 at 12_43 PM #2.jpg )
I love the photo idea! And the garter belt! I don't really have an exact design as I've also never really seen a good Demoman pinup.

Thanks for the advice. I do already have a full Demo costume, but I was going to use certain pieces in this new rendition.

Speaking of, here is a terrible quality pic of what I was thinking about doing. I have the vest all made up and I was going to wear this short blue skirt and a tank top. I have to do one more shopping trip before the con so I was thinking of going to find a small blue dress instead. I'm wearing my pirate hooker boots, knee length and black fake leather. Not pictured is my black beanie, eye patch and long blonde wig (I just took a shower, so I didn't really want to put those on. My codpiece is currently under repair, but I actually think it looks better without it.

My grenade launcher is totally done, just not pictured.

File 133745656868.png - (380.45KB , 460x550 , red_fem_scout_by_xemoxrazorbladex-d4je1hl.png )
2595 No. 2595 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone planning on going?

I'll be there as a not slutty red fem!scout.

File 133730320784.png - (226.57KB , 502x382 , buck.png )
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BUCK is gonna be a total sausagefest. And I am going to be an obnoxious female cosplaying human!Rainbow Dash.

I don't know what anyone actually does at a meetup, but it could be weird and fun to have a TF2 get-together at an MLP convention.

Anyone else going? I mean... being in the UK, a fan of both MLP and TF2, and also a fan of hairy gay porn is a damn right special combination. If you're out there, obviously we need to be friends.

File 128975636842.png - (23.83KB , 246x239 , Otakon2011.png )
173 No. 173 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Who's coming,who's not coming, and were are y'all comin' from?
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>> No. 2480
Hey, Tentaspy, do you wear your costume to the con? I'd like to do something like it, but I'm worried people'll step on the tentacles.
>> No. 2570
Funny enough I've never had a problem, tho I also do avoid crowded areas or have friends / myself carry the loose ones in cramped spots (or on rough surfaces). I guess people usually give the tentacle monster a wide berth :P
>> No. 2599

Er, I'm sorry. I'm not sure which photo you're referring to, but I assure you I wasn't intentionally focusing on anyone's butt. I did get some admittedly awkward photos due to bad timing/placement. I know I ended up with a few featuring Lithe from behind or weirdly in frame just because she kept popping up all over the place. Additionally, I was a little shy at Friday's shoot and a lot "sitting on the floor in a crowd and can't move" at Saturday's shoot, so those contributed to some odd shots after people scattered. (The latter situation did land me an epic laughing Medic shot, however.)

But, hey, lemme know about any photos you think are exceedingly awkward or not very useful as a photo and I can take them out. After cons, I'm prone to making mistakes, from leaving in obviously crappy shots to leaving out a whole photoshoot set.

File 133139516953.png - (76.69KB , 800x600 , yay.png )
2475 No. 2475 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is ANYONEgoing to Zenkaikon and animenext??? I'll be scout's mom ;D
>> No. 2569
I'm going! I have a table in artist Alley. I'll be normal Spy but also Tentaspy if I can fit it in my car with all the other stuff. Maybe BLU Medic. But yea I'll be going. :)

File 13345955846.png - (38.42KB , 1290x174 , logo.png )
2537 No. 2537 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So. Valve meetup is 5pm Saturday, Loading Docks A

same time as last year and the year before that so that's pretty fuckin convenient if you ask me.

I'll prolly be there. Anyone else going?
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>> No. 2566
Woo Brb.u!

ACEN was a great success.

Two things I wanted to say:

To the person who asked me if I was Makani's heavy; I should have said yes, not no. I only said no because the outfits were different, but she was definitely my inspiration. And thank you so much for asking.

To that adorable scout who asked if you could put your number on my ball: you were hilarious, I couldn't even keep up with your lines. <3
>> No. 2567
File 133602505693.png - (762.65KB , 800x600 , 002.png )
The Scout was me. I remembered you from last year so it was cool to see you again. I'm always grateful when ladies (or sometimes men in drag) are willing to laugh at or play along with my pick up's as Scout.

Unrelated is the photo attached. Goofing off in a photo with Drill and Txenriks only to end up with Citadel bombing the back. It was too perfect not to share.
>> No. 2568
That is perfectly priceless!

I recognized a lot of faces from last year as well actually, it was really nice to run into so many folks again.

File 133472576587.jpg - (394.21KB , 682x1024 , surfsama photo.jpg )
2542 No. 2542 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey all.

I like the way my Sasha looks right now after a big overhaul (took off a ton of black duct tape to replace with screws) but the one glaring thing it's still bothering me is the craft foam barrel at the bottom. It's starting to tear in places and I really want to replace it with something that looks more like metal, but I'm worried about making it so heavy that my arms will fall off during a weekend-long con.

Any suggestions? The rest of it is PVC pipe, so hopefully something I can cut holes into to attach it to the rest of the gun I already have would be preferable
>> No. 2544
1) The proportions look just a tad off. Compare your minigun to the concept picture at http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/File:Minigun_concept1.png
2) Spray paint. There's tons of spray paint that gives a shiny metallic look.
3) The actor makes the prop. Look at how Heavy uses the minigun in game. If you treat it like a 150 kg weapon, then other people will be more inclined to believe the illusion.
>> No. 2545
You could do that resin coating thing. I've never used it, but it should be a bit more metal-looking than craft foam, and it would still be light.

File 132772110122.jpg - (9.57KB , 500x142 , Fanime Logo.jpg )
2436 No. 2436 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Guess I'll make the 2012 Fanime thread.

Avairrianna here (Fem!Pyro cosplayer) and I'll be running this year's Valve gathering and I'd like to keep track of people on here that might be going.

In general, Fanime 2012 general thread!
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2474
I'm looking for a fanime artist's alley table. If you have one to share I'll be willing to cover the entire cost of the table. Good conversationalist, great selling tips for newcomer, been working out to make those coffee/McD's runs in record time. Free prints for you! Email me!
>> No. 2528
File 133400703941.png - (240.67KB , 606x572 , RED_Idiot_Box.png )
Since we're getting near convention time... I will be sharing an artist table with Serain! I'll have some TF2 stuff to sell so come find me! I'll post up my seating once it's assigned.

You might see me at the Valve gathering too, I'll be the girl wearing an just Idiot Box with no other parts of a costume to go with it.
>> No. 2539
My boyfriend and I will be going to the gathering for sure!

He will be going as a huntsman sniper, and I'll be going as a scout. Still haven't decided which set of clothing I'm going to do for him, but am working on that this week.

Can't wait to see everyone, and see some cool artwork you guys will have in the artist's alley this year.

File 133427615496.jpg - (725.79KB , 2048x1536 , ausa_2011___tf2_2_by_hakkari-d4gw805.jpg )
2531 No. 2531 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
any tips? im the red scout in middle?
>> No. 2533
Roll up your sleeves.
Get dog-tags.
Get a more accurate hat.
Get longer socks.
Get a belt.
Get more accurate shoes.
Paint your headset orange.
Get a pair of pants in a lighter shade of brown.
Get a tighter-fitting shirt.
Get a longer bat, and add the Sandman symbol.
Put your bag over the other shoulder.
Wrap up to the first knuckle of your thumb, but not around any of the other fingers.

and then give me the contact info of that Soldier behind you because that Black Box is kickass.
>> No. 2534
At the absolute least, yes, roll up your sleeves please. You can safety pin them so they don't come undone or you can glue yours in place with fabri-tack like I did. Works like a charm and doesn't even wash out.

Next tip is to get yourself a pair of dogtags which you can do cheap and easy at a lot of places. I even got mine custom made for something like $8 off ebay.

And as Drill said, flip the bag. Though if it's a messenger bag, I highly recommend getting or making a sling pack. And if you can't, then adjust the strap of the messenger bag to make it sit as close to on your back rather than down at your hip as you possibly can.

I can't actually see your headset too well from that angle and I know the headset can be something of a pain to get remotely accurate if you don't know what you're doing to mod one or make one from scratch. Though honestly it is pretty easy nearly regardless of what headset or mufflers you're using as a base. So give it a shot if you've got the time.

Those are probably the absolute most basic things you can do with relative ease and affordability. After that it starts to get down to nitty-gritty details. Though to be honest, those are the sort of things that make a good Scout cosplay a great Scout cosplay because just about anyone can find a red or blue tshirt and a black cap in their closet.

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