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File 131475879630.gif - (23.26KB , 631x169 , header_2011.gif )
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Who the hell's going?
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>> No. 2202
Ok, that's odd. I guess the page replaced DA with whatever the heck that is. (deviant art. HA!)
>> No. 2361
how did you get that blue bonk boy mask? that looks really cool!
>> No. 2523
File 133350618852.jpg - (385.06KB , 1904x1424 , IMG-20120403-00134.jpg )
I made it out of craft foam and such

File 133018713192.png - (50.99KB , 230x135 , Picture 1.png )
2460 No. 2460 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone going to Anime Boston? Haven't been in years and it'd be cool to hang with some tf2 people. Hoping to get my femgie costume done by then.
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>> No. 2496
We should set up a meeting place. For Friday?
>> No. 2498
Yeah we should. I don't really remember the convention are well, though. Where would you suggest?
>> No. 2515
Looks like people are planning on meeting at Au Bon Pain at 2pm on Friday and 11 am on Saturday so far

File 133299293813.jpg - (388.29KB , 1976x475 , back14.jpg )
2509 No. 2509 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone here going to Anime Matsuri? I'll be going as a BLU Engineer with Teddy Roosevelt included.

File 133283586892.jpg - (22.43KB , 400x335 , Australia and flag.jpg )
2503 No. 2503 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
since Aussie cons are no where near on the scale of American ones, this thread is for all of them.

Supernova, Ozcomicion, Avcon, Manifest, Armegeddon and what have you.

i know i'll be at the first three at least
>> No. 2505
I'll be going to Supanova too - only the Sydney one though (I'll also be at Smash). I went to Armageddon once but it was really empty and very, very hot (especially in cosplay).

Oh! And I'll be dressed as BLU fem Medic or RED Soldier.

File 133279175631.jpg - (32.05KB , 660x340 , paxeast.jpg )
2502 No. 2502 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is anyone going to PAX East this year? I'm going as a BLU femgie with a lunchbox-sized sentry. A meetup would be awesome.

File 133224878454.png - (105.30KB , 351x689 , theredspy.png )
2485 No. 2485 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I'll just leave this here.
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>> No. 2495
No pictures? Over $2000? Well, I'm sure it'll sell.
>> No. 2497
>> No. 2499
haha! WHAT the fuck is this? I'll just stick to painting my own pin stripes or tailoring my own suit in the future...

File 133106777576.png - (169.34KB , 584x584 , Pyrotaunt2.png )
2472 No. 2472 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Not sure if this is asked often, but I'm going to a convention soon, and I was wondering what would be a good suit to purchase for my Pyro cosplay? RED or BLU doesn't matter, though I'm a little partial towards RED. Thanks!
>> No. 2481
You can buy boilersuits on eBay for £15, which is what I did. Although it is a bit too dark.

File 132940732420.gif - (46.85KB , 500x550 , tumblr_lyixsjpkoy1r4pz6to1_500.gif )
2449 No. 2449 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hi /cosplay/ I am planing to cosplay as BLU Spy for the mcm expo in may,
I'm just having a little trouble with some of the props
(Knife,Pistol,Sapper,Watch) So any advice on how to make/find these?
I am from the UK so any stores or places outside I might not be familar with.
Any help will be very appreciated.
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>> No. 2456
I've seen toy guys in poundland, that could be painted to look decent, so it's worth a look OP.
>> No. 2471
For the knife, popsicle sticks work surprisingly well. You don't even have to shape one end into a point because from far away it looks like the real thing.
>> No. 2477
File 133148353322.jpg - (151.62KB , 1024x768 , 2qxs26r.jpg )
For my knife, I made it out of textured paper (which requires no coloring and has some good thickness to it), using a video I found on making a paper balisong. Other than that I added black electrical tape and used cotter pins to make it functional. Took me all of an afternoon to make once I managed to find the right materials (that paper being the biggest find).

The paper used was Strathmore's chrome paper, both black and silver.

File 132528396324.jpg - (330.32KB , 1200x800 , hotel.jpg )
2397 No. 2397 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I hate to get rid of any threads, but I want to know if anyone is going to DESTINation Anime in Destin on the 7th and 8th? I'm going as the Engineer so it'd be nice to see some fellow TF2 fans. (By the way the picture is the Hilton San Destin where the convention will take place.)
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>> No. 2417
Aww shucks it ain't nothin'. Did you guys post the soldier's vlog?
>> No. 2468
I used to live out here, how long has this con been going?
>> No. 2476
Wow, how about I just ignore everyone ever.

No, it never got posted. There's no good reason why either, I just never did. If you'd still like to see it, I'll get it up asap.

This is the first time the Sukoshi crew has been to Destin, but it's Anime South's old stomping grounds. They've been rumored to start up again, but it's been just that, rumors.

File 131136624891.jpg - (71.54KB , 400x120 , megacon_logo.jpg )
1903 No. 1903 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Megacon 2012, Orlando Florida.
Who's going as what?
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>> No. 2457
Red Scoot and Monsiuer BroCrab here, reporting that I had an excellent time derping around with y'all!
>> No. 2462
I was the female hunter that sneaked up on you guys! I had my plushie :3

If anyone still has the pictures they took of me, feel free to send them to my email. It's linked to my name.
>> No. 2469
I was the RED Sniper with the Jarate on Saturday, if y'all remember me

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