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File 132983224185.jpg - (84.31KB , 1024x768 , HeavyMedic.jpg )
2454 No. 2454 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hello Cosplay people... I wish to make a heavy and a medic costume(Red or Blu, I don't care)

I have absolutely no cosplay experience whatsoever, my Medic is flying in from Sweden, and I have a fluctuating budget that will go between a few hundred bucks and next to nothing. I want to have something ready by PAX this august... is there any hope for me, at all?
>> No. 2458
There's definitely hope for you. I know from experience that you can made a pretty good medic cosplay with next to no money (I'm broke as shit 100% of the time.) Especially if the con isn't until August. As long as you're willing to make everything yourself, take your time, and stalk some thrift stores, you can totally pull it off. The supplies for making medic's props aren't very expensive. The boots will probably be the most pricey part, unless you can thrift them. I can't tell you much about Heavy, though I imagine it's much of the same philosophy.
>> No. 2459
Dang, this is way easier then I thought thus far... I already have 75% of the heavy costume done. Your thrift store suggestion helped a TON. thanks Noni!

File 132809612283.png - (8.16KB , 150x112 , klogolg.png )
2440 No. 2440 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone else heading to Katsucon? I don't really feel like setting up a photoshoot for this con, but I will be there with my RED Engineer costume :)
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>> No. 2442
>> No. 2445
I can't fucking waiitttttt :D
>> No. 2447
I'll be going to Katsu-butts. I'm getting my artist alley shit together as I type this out.

File 132262802113.png - (313.67KB , 761x418 , ohayotf2.png )
2347 No. 2347 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Photoshoot - 5pm, Meet at the bottom of the large stairs

Who the fuck else is going?
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>> No. 2366
oh. YES. SATURDAY. Ha, forgot that part.
>> No. 2377
Hurp, figured since that's the 'big' day. :P Alright, I'll try to be there. Not entirely sure if I'll cosplay or not though, if I do I might not bring the whole shebang just because it's a hassle to wear and I always look terrible. Might just stick to taking pics like Matsuricon.
>> No. 2433
Thought I'd bump this seeing as this con is coming up soonish.....

File 132512763262.jpg - (488.83KB , 747x1024 , pyro_back.jpg )
2389 No. 2389 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
so i'm going to be cosplaying pyro at a con in a couple of weeks and i'm getting down to the last touches
i'm having issues getting a vector of that little logo on the smaller oxygen tank on pyro's back, i was wondering if anyone here could help me out?
>> No. 2402
File 132555644131.png - (270.53KB , 335x471 , tank2.png )
It would be easy enough to make the vector on Paint.

File 132512346954.gif - (4.40KB , 334x64 , logo.gif )
2388 No. 2388 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone else attending? Dressing up?
>> No. 2395
I'll definitely be bringing my Cave Johnson costume there. I kinda want to bring Demopan too, but something tells me that all the arcade machines are going to be hard to play with a Chargin' Targe strapped to my forearm.

File 132514794511.gif - (356.20KB , 332x148 )
2391 No. 2391 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
what do you guys think about my costumes the past three years?
http://youtu.be/JGeBzTemjxQ Scout '09
http://youtu.be/c7OT1aSm5p4 hunter '10
http://youtu.be/jc-03-AYKeY chell '11
Last time i tried to share i got banned because THEN i was 15. not 15 anymore. just want critique
pic not really related
>> No. 2392
plan to go to Kawaii-Kon 2012 in oahu in march

File 131267297143.jpg - (157.45KB , 1495x1048 , gg 038.jpg )
1992 No. 1992 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Lol I dunno, my first time posting.

(It is also your last time posting)
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>> No. 2364
File 132393824537.png - (123.41KB , 297x310 , 1310419735269.png )
>> No. 2373
why is this:

1) stuck at the fucking top
2) not deleted
>> No. 2374
I'll lock it so it can die appropriately. This thread will serve as a reminder of the kind of shit we do not tolerate here. I'll leave it up to the admin as to whether this thread should be deleted.

File 132397760293.jpg - (30.29KB , 420x324 , pyro.jpg )
2367 No. 2367 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
bad news is its $379.95 http://www.armygasmasks.com/Unissued-Avon-S10-Gas-Mask-Respirator-p/aaagas-91.htm
>> No. 2368
you'd be a fool to pay that much for ex-milita. that looks nothing like pyros mask.

that's just some poor SAS type mask you can buy for £10
>> No. 2369
The Russian ones are more similar to Pyro's and they're often 1/10 the price.
And the S10 masks (like you posted) are only half-head (straps), and shouldn't cost that much either. This one's only 30 pounds.
You'll need a Nomex hood with it if you want to use it to play Pyro.

Can the mods move this to the Cosplay section?

File 129381861662.jpg - (77.75KB , 900x589 , Yoko_Sniper_by_chipuchipu.jpg )
588 No. 588 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, I have an idea for a cosplay. I would be yoko form gurren lagann, dressed as sniper from TF2. I could even make a 5-7 foot version of his gun.

Do you think people would recognize me/ get the joke?
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>> No. 1209
>I think yokos boots would clash/ be hard to walk in.

Yeah, you got a point. It's a mash-up, but it still has to hang together.

It's does look pretty good so far.
>> No. 1334
Thanks I was just about to start asking around for a picture like this.
>> No. 2365
File 132393848199.jpg - (46.09KB , 800x600 , 1310503191374.jpg )
oh god.

File 130742500248.jpg - (192.10KB , 492x799 , 1.jpg )
1703 No. 1703 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Alright. The TF2 group and I planned to make swimsuit versions and pajama versions of all of our characters for Colossalcon 2011, because as some of you probably know, it's held in a waterpark (which had a swim-up bar oh yes oh yes). We got some amazing pictures and had tons of insane fun in these outfits. I'll post a couple of my favorites here directly but PLEASE look through the whole folder, at http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v59/voodooodolly/swim%20fortress/

Allow me to start with everyone's favorite sniper.
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>> No. 2308
File 132080898890.jpg - (85.95KB , 1024x768 , 129376625026.jpg )
>> No. 2328
>> No. 2363
File 132393800727.jpg - (10.84KB , 297x275 , 1310671996285.jpg )
I like it. I like it alot.

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