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File 128922190677.png - (8.21KB , 102x61 , animenorth.png )
13 No. 13
Yes, Canfags (and northern-Americanfags) that's right, this is the official Anime North thread for AN 2011.
It's May 27-29, at the Toronto Congress Center, in Toronto, Ontario.
Also, this is the new thread for the tf2 panel @ Anime North too I guess. Can we get an up to date cast list, if anyone's got one?
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>> No. 31
Awesome, I figured one of these would pop up sooner or later. I shall be there as a RED soldier for a day and a BLU Heavy for another, also I'm a part of the cast as the Heavy. You'll have to ask 8D for the cast list.
>> No. 33
I'm going as BLUgineer-- I might get a table, too, if I can actually get the resources together in time.

idk about anything else, I'm pretty new to this TF2 business.
>> No. 94
>> No. 99
Hey, I'm here!
Never hurst to get prepared early (I say as I glance over to my freshly dyed BLU Medic coat).
As well as Medic, I'll also be doing BLU Sniper with Ol Snaggletooth and Darwin Danger Shield (and, unrelatedly, Joan from Clone High)

As far as the panel goes, I won't be hearing anything until January at the earliest.

As for who's on the panel, I hadn't expected to lose the thread so I didn't have it written down anywhere else. What I do remember is that we still need:
Every other class is on already.
Busted-PC - Heavy
Myself - Medic
The Goddamn Francis - Pyro
Stubs - I do believe you volunteered to be Engie, but I could be wrong
Clarr - Sniper

I don't recall who claimed Soldier and Spy isn't on the chan.

If someone does a good ScoutMama/Announcer/Saxton Hale, they will be welcome.

Also, mein Heavy and I will be performing in the masquerade.
>> No. 100
File 128941510945.jpg - (483.47KB , 960x1280 , Hur.jpg )
Hurp, durp, I only just remembered
This is the Soldier we've got for the panel
>> No. 101
File 128941528477.jpg - (435.90KB , 960x1280 , Mentlegen.jpg )
and this Spy
>> No. 104
we don't have a scout yet? that's crazy.

and yes I did call Engie. Really really looking forward to AN this year. :D
>> No. 105
No kidding, seeing as how there are always +9000 Scouts.
Excellent, I got it right and I am terribly excited too if it wasn't totally obvious
>> No. 106
File 128943188143.jpg - (479.29KB , 1280x960 , Rainbows.jpg )
Also, it's been driving me crazy
Is this Engie you?
>> No. 110
Lol, yeah. That's me. Do you have any other pictures of me? My hand drive blew up and I lost them all. :T
>> No. 118
I don't, sadly, but you do feature in
>> No. 129
>and northern-Americanfags
Fuck yea
>> No. 223
>> No. 224
Just checking in to say I'm going as a Demoman and I can't wait for May.

Are you serious? Oh god, this thread keeps getting better and better.
>> No. 227
FUCK YEAH :D this year's gonna be so effing sweet man.
A Demoman you say... according to our list you're one of the two classes we're missing for the panel...
>> No. 230
I'm tentative. Why did you guys ask me to be The Announcer, though? I thought I was okay to be Sniper.

Moe didn't explain to me anything we were doing about the panel. Ask-the-Team or just a general discussion panel? I am so confused
>> No. 231
Oh shi-
Well, it sounds like a party and a half, but I have the same concerns as Clarr (>>230). I would love to go and participate in the panel, but what are we going to do? An Ask-The-Team? Discuss gameplay, weapons, updates, etc.?
>> No. 235
Wat, Moe didn't tell me who he asked, the choice is up to you.

VONDERBAR, who were you last AN?

It's a Q&A panel, the audience will ask us questions about anything related to the game (including fandom) and we'll prep stuff to talk about in case people run out of questions
>> No. 236
Sweet, well my questions have been answered and I'd love to be part of the panel, if you guys will have me.
Last AN I went in a very terrible Spy costume with a very nice Ambassador (I'd like to think so anyway).
>> No. 238
You're on, and I'm sure your costume wasn't that bad, post a pic
>> No. 240

Yeah uh. I'd rather be the Sniper for now, I'm not sure I'll have enough money to get that wig.
>> No. 246
Fine by me, Sniper is more crucial than Announcer anyway
>> No. 248
File 129013850161.jpg - (100.79KB , 720x540 , 99.jpg )
Derp, I really can't find any good pics, so have this retarted one with the only Pyro that year.
I don't want to sound like a creep, but I think the Blue helmet on the left is you. You were a Soldier, right? :/
>> No. 249
It's a decent pic, and yes that's me. You also got Busted-Pc in the shot (the Demo with Blue pants and no nades)
>> No. 251
AussieAmmo's in there too. RED Sniper to the far left. I'm sure there's others, but that's who I recognize lol.
Also, this was at the VALVe shoot on Saturday, right?
>> No. 253
Yeah, I was going to mention her, but once again, chan names slip my mind. I know the Medic in behind Busted has been on here a few times, but is an Anon (I'm pretty sure) and that Fem Scout is probably the one we're going to end up with for the panel if no one else comes forward.
And yeah, that was part of the class shoots on Saturday
>> No. 257
D: I was upset I didn't go to that. It looked like a lot of fun.
>> No. 258
It was ridiculous, here's the video if you didn't see it earlier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy11tcfOb2g
>> No. 259
Man, tons of channers in my pictures! I think I know the Fem-Scoot.

I see myself. I wan't there on Sunday, but I think there's a video of the little gathering. You're probably in that one.

Is there anything else to really discuss for AN at the moment? I wish it was closer to May already.
>> No. 260
>closer to May
I don't. I have a Gunslinger that's only just started.
>> No. 264
>anything else to discuss
bombard the thread with ideas for things to talk about during the panel. They don't have to be serious ideas (in nature or suggestion)
>> No. 266
Anyone who went last year should remember the Bonk Intervention...
>> No. 268
And if you don't:

Which Scoot? I see two.
>> No. 270
The one with the blue down his face
>> No. 272
Took part in it, and I think I want to hump you for bringing me this news. I love that man and am looking forward to seeing him again.
I shall get my post-update revenge.

As for the panel, I think we should discuss the nature of a lot of popular pairings. Like how the given characters feel about it.
Does Medic think Heavy/Medic porn is embarassing or does he have nothing to hide?
Does Sniper try to coax Spy into a crocodile costume, damn scalefag he is?
Does Spy know about the relationships of every person on his team and has pictures as proof?
Soldier seems to be the type to object to becoming prison gay. What is his opinion on Helmet Party and Mad Bromance between him and Demo?

That sort of thing.
>> No. 273

It's simple: everyone is gay always.
>> No. 274
Excellent start, I'm sure it'll get totally silly and lead to more ridiculous topics
>> No. 279
And an hour later I realise that that could be interpreted as humping at the panel could get very silly and lead to ridiculous topics
>> No. 280
I saw that Helmet Party .gif from last year, I wouldn't doubt it.


I can see this leading to humping.
>> No. 281
Is he alright?
>> No. 286
That wasn't so much a helmet party as a sponatnious orgy

Is who alright?
>> No. 289

The drunk scout.
>> No. 290
He wasn't drunk, that's just how he acts when he's very happy
>> No. 301
Really? Fuck i want to chill with him when he's happy then. Can't wait for an now!
>> No. 305
He'll be at DTAC next month, as will most people here I do believe
>> No. 307
Best part of the video for me was either the vanilla chocolate swirl bit, or when he said 'Have many of you have ever heard of yaoi?' Big smiley face.
I definitely prefer him to some of the really obnoxious Scouts I met. No-one from here, but on Saturday morning right when I got to the con, before the bloody thing opened I got attacked by a Scout who spewed off domination lines at an alarming rate and bonked me repeatedly on the head and kneecaps. Sure, I was wearing a hardhat and kneepads, but I had a headache all goddamn day.
Sure, it was prolly because I was hungry and it was really hot in my costume and a million other things, but I want to blame it on that Scout so I am.
>> No. 313
That bit was hilarious, and he brought up ya-oi because of something that he'd done the night before
And even though obnoxious is in the job description, that is a bit much to go whacking someone about the head that's not just for the lolz
>> No. 321
Derp, on this note who will be going to DTAC? I'll be there in the evening as Nick from L4D2, because my Demo cosplay is far from done.
>> No. 323
Wait, you're going as Nick? That's awesome, I'm doing the same thing.
>> No. 328
Nicks, Nicks everywhere
>> No. 329
Just look for a Nick that's not a man. That's me.

8D, are you going? I want to legitimately meet you, not just point you out in pictures or stand next you you when you're spinning your Minigun. :/
>> No. 337
Oh I'll be there alright, no minigun this time. I look forward to dorking around with you
>> No. 346
My medic bailed, so I'll be the one with the trenchcoat and wings
>> No. 348

Can we... not? Go heavy on the pairing stuff, I mean?
It's just because the attendance to the panel is not all going to be channers, I think the bulk of people attending are more likely to be people who just play the game and are interested, not necessarily people who take part in the fandom. This isn't Hetalia, kids.
>> No. 349

And I'm sorryyyyyy.
School raped me in the ass and I couldn't finish sewing my coat. SOB
>> No. 350
Just do what I did, put off everything until the last minute and almost never study for any tests.

Though that may explain why it took me 6 years to get my Bachelors degree...
>> No. 351
No worries, those are the joke suggestions, we're all sensible people here.
It's okay, I already know you weren't going Medic, Bon told me last night that she pulled out her Medic stuff and it was mostly wrecked so she's going with an easier alternative.
Long story short, I'm an angel because my Medic turned into a zombie
>> No. 461
File 129221260710.jpg - (131.88KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2010-12-12 at 21_19 #6.jpg )
Bumping for great justice and a quick DTAC post because it's really not worth making a new thread for. Just wanted to say it was fantastic to meet all you guys finally and I had a awesome time, even though I was only there for the end of the con.
Pic related, the only thing missing is a tin of cookies. THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU ALL AND I WILL GET YOU SOMETHING FOR NEXT CON. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
>> No. 463
Just a start. There's only so far I think we can get away with talking about pairings, anyways. And like you said, we're all mature adults, and we know there's more to the game than pairings.

I'm shootin' wild!
...but really, derpy suggestions but aw well.
>> No. 485
I ruv you too, SO MANY COOKIES
I didn't see you at DTAC, and not only was I dissapoint, but you didn't get your present either
>> No. 499
I have no money at this time of year. You guys were talking about it, and I totally wish I could have gone. AND I HAD A PRESENT? This is news to me D:
>> No. 505
You'll get it at AN or MTAC if we both should happen to go
>> No. 511
When's MTAC? I assume it's in March, and if it is it's prolly a no-go because I don't start getting paid decently until the end of March. Anime North I will definitely be at though.
>> No. 512
I have no clue, I'll find out later I suppose
>> No. 523
The internets say MTAC is March 19-20, 2011. So the second last weekend of March. I hope everyone can go!
>> No. 527
Fine by me :D
>> No. 528
I can do that provided my job gets really awesome really quickly. Thing is, I'm going to see Lady Gaga in Ottawa two weeks before that so money might be tight. We'll have to see I guess.
>> No. 530
Ah, just wondering... Are you guys missing anyone? And I mean anyone. Announcer, Scoot's mum, any classes?

I'm kinda wondering if I should join up. -shrug-
>> No. 532
I think we have all the classes, but a Mama Scoot or Announcer would be good. Saxton Hale as well.
>> No. 533
As much as I'd love to do Saxton Hale... haha, that's not going to happen.

But yeah, if you guys need anyone, I'd be willing to give it a shot.
>> No. 534
Excellent, I was going to recruit you, but the positions filled up faster than I'd expected and I didn't know if you'd be up for/actually wanted to do anyone else
If you can come up with a good costume, you're on
>> No. 535
Alright, put me down as the Admin.
Now to get a good wig.
>> No. 537

>> No. 548
I did say the other thread before the crash that I would love to be a Scout Mom. Thing is, since I'm jobless and I don't know how long it will last I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend. Hopefully yes. But yeah I would love to join the shenanigans.
>> No. 552
Seriously, all we're missing now is Miss Pauling and Saxton Hale. IT'S ALL SO PERFECT. And so getting in on that facebook business.
I love you guys.
>> No. 553
Well we all hope you can make it (and send me those How To Train your Dragon files, dammit)

We love you too :D
>> No. 618
>> No. 653
>> No. 657
So wait, I know the con starts on Friday, but is panel on the Friday to?
>> No. 667
>> No. 668
>> No. 670
>> No. 688

Changed on the Facebonk page.
>> No. 1084

I knew this page still existed.

In a huge twist of faith I stumbled on a trade with the alcoholic scout from last years AN! The guy who works for valve and had a fuckload of swag! Was checkin out his page and confirmed it because he has a list of cosplays he does.

I started chatting about the panel and how fucking awesome it will be, and he said he's likely NOT GOING AT ALL, but he wouldn't tell me why and I didnt want to piss him off.


ADD HIM : https://steamcommunity.com/id/rainbowandras
>> No. 1085
Yea, Andras is a good friend of mine. I really hope he's able to come this year. I miss him. Why must I be stuck in America while all the cool people are in Canada?
>> No. 1086
Thanks for the bump, we could really use it.
He's a good friend of mine too and Lol, he's not alcoholic. Bonkaholic, that's another story...
>> No. 1087
Also, I just remembered something extremely important. Will one of you Canadians please marry me? I want to move up to Canada as soon as I can, and this seems like the easiest way. While I prefer females, beggars can't be choosers.
>> No. 1089
Fuckin awesome, you 2 know him.

Why isn't he going then?

Oh yeah goddamfrancis, he said he's probably leaving soon, maybe tto the states? :D

And if he's not a alcoholic holy fuck he did that well
>> No. 1093

Andras is a good buddy of mine <3


I could use a roommate(s).
>> No. 1095
It's a very long story.
And what do you mean when you say he's leaving? (just curious)
If I get into Ryerson, I'll take you up on that
>> No. 1096

Dunno exactly now but I was asking him why a bunch of times, I think I was pissing him off and he said something like "well I'm probably leaving soon / who gives a shit

Then he started apologizing a lot I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP

But what is it? We can chip in for his ticket :)
>> No. 1099
Like what >>1095 said, it's a long and personal story. A place like this isn't the best place to talk about this. If you have any questions, you can talk to me on msn messenger. E-mail is up above.
>> No. 1101
>> No. 1103
Yeah, I brought this up on the Facebonk page, but I /might/ not be able to attend as the Administrator... It all depends on what day it is... If it's immovably on Saturday... I /guess/ I could scrap my plans... but if it's on Sunday, I can't. I'll be babysitting that day.

Bottom line : If it's:
Friday, Lovelovelove.
Saturday, HRNGH... I can try.
Sunday, No.
>> No. 1104

No panel has even been confirmed yet. No clue if it is Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
>> No. 1105
Sadly they've not gotten back to me yet. Perhaps I should re-submit?
>> No. 1128
If Anyone is looking for a room still, I might be able to offer something. I'd have to check with my friend who's friend has the room booked, but as far as I know we're still looking for a few more people to split the cost. We've got 4, but with 6 the room would be $84 each for both night I guess. We're at the Radisson right beside the TCC so it's a great deal. Email me if you're interested and I'll see what can be cooked up.
>> No. 1149
Get everyone to sign up in the database at anpanels dot com. Make sure they use the same title.
You have two people signed in to 2 diffeent titles that seem to be TF related.
Hang, I'll merge them.

Kinda wondering what that's got to do with Japanese cartoons, but we do have a quota for gaming stuff...

Done. Get your peeps over there pronto.
>> No. 1152

PanelGuru seemed to be pissed that you were running an in-character TF2 cosplay panel. You should talk to him about it.

I wanted to run a plain old discussion panel, I submitted an app for that.
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