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File 133340359411.png - (182.26KB , 304x659 , spy.png )
2521 No. 2521
So I'm trying to to assemble a costume for the Team Fortress 2 Blue Spy.
I found this nice 2 piece navy blue suit from a thrift shop and I want to do some color correction.

In game render:

close color comparison to what I have at home:

I was hoping someone could offer me some advice or techniques on how to lighten the suit. Obviously there's a big difference in the shades. Easier techniques preferred.

I had thought of using bleach, but... Well I heard it is very hard to use. Not only could it eat the fabric, but certain spots will brighten up faster than others.

Someone else had suggested leaving it in the sun for it to fade naturally... but in comes consistency issues again.

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>> No. 2522
There is no consistent way to lighten fabric. Heck, even darkening fabric is kind of scary because of how black dye works.

What you need to do is tear apart that suit you just got, use the pieces as a pattern, and sew a new suit using the right color fabric.

Also both your links are broken.
>> No. 2546

not op just spending some time looking for a suit that might do the trick. opinions?
>> No. 2547
Too shiny, not the right cut, too thin of pinstripes, and his pinstripes are lighter than the base color, not darker. Also fucking expensive.
>> No. 2573
File 133622296943.jpg - (42.13KB , 620x326 , 132295-spy.jpg )
I'm with Drill on this one.

I have been trying for over a year now to find the 'perfect suit' for my spy costume and have not come across anything. Also, as he has said there is no way to lighten a suit.

If you want to play with colors, your best option is to find a white suit, but even then you will still come across issues with the cut and make that do not look spy-ish. His suit tailored odd and his proportions are odd. The only real way to make it right is to get one custom tailored which will run you 300+ or make it yourself.

It's best to get as close as you can get with what you find, and make alterations the best you can. Stack up on details you know you can get right(( I.E. the mask, gloves, shoes and tie)) and you will be a step above many of the spy cosplayers out there.
>> No. 2575

I agree with Drillbot and LittleMeesh.

But I guess you could start off with being a Vest!Spy; it seems like it would be just slightly easier and another good way to start. You could find an old vest and copy the pattern down and tailor it to your size.

Pic related, by the way.
>> No. 2576
File 133631627563.jpg - (54.42KB , 534x685 , Vest Spy.jpg )

Derp, forgot the picture. I apologize.
>> No. 2610
File 133888579577.png - (435.47KB , 500x498 , tumblr_lnp0u69w7S1qk9hrqo1_500.png )
If I could at least track something like this down I'd be happy

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