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File 128925150615.png - (15.70KB , 256x256 , 128875343552.png )
29 No. 29
Shame that we lost the old cosplay supplies thread. Oh well, we can do it again guys!

Post all your requests/recommendations for gathering cosplay items here.
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>> No. 2423
File 132673426139.jpg - (265.59KB , 1366x728 , q6oqhneo.jpg )
its in MM's when on pepakura.
and lined out whats what too

length /depth 200.6cm , thats pretty damn long.
75cm is a rough length/depth ideal size
Change that in the scale and the rest will follow to size.

measure starts from your shoulder to the tip of your middle/index finger
>> No. 2425
Wonderful! Thanks!

Give me a few days and I'll see if it ends up working. I have a few ideas as to how to assemble it (using some tricks I saw on Lithe's from-scratch Medigun), so I'll see how those go, too.
>> No. 2428
File 132737153522.jpg - (4.64KB , 225x225 , phlogistinator.jpg )
Hello TF2chan, I'm new here. I was hoping for some advice on my femme pyro cosplay for Anime Expo. I was thinking if i used a mini Newcastle keg for the fuel supply and maybe some duct tape for the rest? I can't find anyone who's tried to craft a phlogistinator in real life yet.
>> No. 2429
However if I had 5 thousand dollars laying around... Even the Manmelter is almost 700$
>> No. 2430
File 132746801723.png - (14.11KB , 900x536 , medigun.png )

I came up with 24 inches, using 3" PVC as a barrel.

Also, I looked at that model from the Halo cosplay forums. It isn't really that good.
>> No. 2431
File 132747638511.jpg - (329.08KB , 1552x2592 , IMAG0158.jpg )
Yeah, I figured; though as I look at it and the pieces it'll be better as a mockup or something to help me scale it.

By the way, I was assembling your Medipack and I'd pretty much done it to the point where the instructions end...did you ever finish the tutorial? Pic isn't how it looks right now, it's a little more polished; but it's close to it.
>> No. 2432
>Yeah, I figured; though as I look at it and the pieces it'll be better as a mockup or something to help me scale it.

Yeah, good idea. Mocking up is always a good idea. Just bear in mind that the handle should be bigger than shown in that model, which will affect the way you hold and the way it scales.

>did you ever finish the tutorial?

No, I've been meaning to, though. The short version is: tank is made out of pink insulation foam, the electrodes are card stock and paper mache, and I'm using a hook system to hold it on my back.
>> No. 2437
Okay, so I'm planning on cosplaying the RED pyro for a convention later in the year (just so I don't try to rush at the last minute), and I was wondering if there was something I could use for the suit. I already know where to find the gas mask and other stuff, but not for the red suit. Any ideas?
>> No. 2439
hello! hope this threads still going, but I need help finding a decent Wrench for the engineer, or at least a tutorial on how to build it. Any help would be welcomed greatly
>> No. 2444
Well, there's a few things you can do. If you or someone you know is a really good at making clothes and sewing, you could make the suit. You definitely want to remember to make belt loops, though, so that the suspenders don't keep raising your belt up.
The other think you could do is go online and see if you can find any kind of chemical or protective suits for sale in the right colors. I originally had one for my Pyro, but the place at the last minute informed me that they ran out of that color in my size. They can run anywhere between $20-$50 US.
>> No. 2448
Search 'red boilersuit' on Ebay and you may find something useful for Pyro.
>> No. 2465
no no no noooooo

none of snipers hats look anything like the military slouch hat
>> No. 2470
File 133105277534.jpg - (131.52KB , 538x542 , fireyfistofpain.jpg )
Want an iron-on embroidered class emblem? Now they (and a number of other nerdy memorabilia) are available from yours truly at http://www.etsy.com/shop/conceptspace

They are currently available in 2 sizes, 3" and 3.5" diameter. Supplies are currently limited because my sewing machine is being repaired, but hopefully in two weeks or so I'll be able to make new stock.
>> No. 2494
What would be appropriate for Pyro's boots? Having trouble finding anything appropriate. Should I just get some cheap combat boots?
>> No. 2501
File 133274876498.jpg - (20.58KB , 254x500 , aigle3000010652_p1_1-0_254x500.jpg )
Try thinner style rubber boots. They are cheap enough, common enough and with alittle spary paint and sandpaper (or if you get the fancy rubber-suited spraypaint, just that) you'll have some fancy pyro boots in no time.
>> No. 2504

Riding/Equestrian Apparel stores are a great place to look for this particular type of boot.
>> No. 2506
I'm from the UK, and by the looks of things, rubber boots are basically Wellingtons?
>> No. 2507

Wellington Boots have a very loose fit (they're very easy to slip on and are great for stomping around in a sheep paddock). Rubber equestrian boots however are fitted with and have a smooth sole (so when you fall out of the saddle, your foot can slide out of the stirrup and you won't risk breaking an ankle).

The reason that Sightseer probably suggested them is that because they are fitted around the ankle (Wellingtons on the other hand, aren't) much like Pyro's boots (this also helps to make is suit look baggier in comparison).

However, I've always found the shoes to be the most expensive part of a cosplay - so really look around for the best price (I'm not sure what England's like but in Australia you need to pay a ridiculous amount for anything due to shipping costs.)
>> No. 2508
OH, okay, I get you. Thanks a lot for clearing that up. I had thought about getting Wellingtons, but the grip issue was putting me off.

Going to see if eBay has anything suitable.
>> No. 2511
File 13331665594.jpg - (15.42KB , 400x400 , Ear Phones.jpg )
Okay, so I grabbed this exact pair of ear mufflers from my local Home Depot, so what kind of paint should I use to color it yellow? I tried enamel paint on glass before, but it just runs like crazy. Would I be better off using a spray paint?

Also, I'm having trouble finding a good pair of Scout pants. Any recommendations?
>> No. 2513
I'm sorry if this topic have already been up.

But I would like to hear how people made their coats for the medic.
>> No. 2516
What are they made of, hard plastic or some sort of glass-material?

If it's plastic, then you just need to use some sandpaper on them first, then the paint will stick.

I have no idea on how to make paint stick to glass, but I would just use paint-tape to cover them up, then paint them.
>> No. 2517

Hard plastic. So, about how much should I sand it before it's ready?
>> No. 2519
You can feel it.

When it's ready the surface won't feel smooth any more.
>> No. 2541
Hey guys, I need some advice. I really want cosplay sniper sometime next year (Also, Korra! Very good show, you should watch it.) but I have no idea what fabric I should make his pants. I'm also stumped on where to get his slick raybans.

Plus, I wear glasses, and am not sure if I can do contacts, so thats frustrating and creates a whole other problem.
>> No. 2565

I'm not sure if I can help you about your contacts problem however yellow lensed aviators should be pretty easy to find - I've seen them in very cheap market-type stores and military surplus stores. Amazon has a ton of them.

Cotton with a drill weave would probably work best considering it's applications:
Try and find something with a bit of weight (but not too heavy unless you want to be very toasty) so the fabric hangs correctly.

I hope that helps!
>> No. 2602
File 133788355792.png - (201.31KB , 520x647 , 4.png )
Hi, I'm making a life-sized (or close to) Dispenser for a friend's Engi cosplay, and I need a vector, or the name of the font style, of the Provisions logo. I've searched around a bit but I haven't found anything. Does anyone know where I could find either of those things? Thanks.
>> No. 2603
You might just have to res a good screen cap of it up and make a vector yourself in Illustrator or something. I'm not sure I've seen it posted up anywhere before. Of course if you're just using it to make a stencil to paint it on, you probably don't need a super nice vector anyway.
>> No. 2683
Can anybody recommend a "medic wig"?
>> No. 2693

The closest I can think of to recommend is look into some of the black color variants of "Harry Potter" styles, and then trim and style with styling gel for the curl in the front and maybe some color hair spray for the graying sideburns. Most people usually just dye their hair black (like me), or just make it an OC Medic or wear a hat.

Give that a try, hope this was helpful.
>> No. 2694
That is one sick gas mask. Might I ask where you got it or how you modded/made it?
>> No. 2697
File 134803002557.png - (52.11KB , 250x250 , administrator.png )
quick question! trying to cosplay administrator and I can't find a pattern for her coat. I wanna do her trench coat and skirt combo!
also!! any tips or tutorials for making the intelligence??? i was gonna buy my girlfriend some prints to put inside it for her birthday!
>> No. 2698
File 134803042486.jpg - (153.09KB , 900x786 , TF2_Demo_vest_blueprints_by_greenzaku.jpg )
saw someone talking about constructing a demovest.
>> No. 2699
That's a Soviet civilian gas mask called a GP-5, they come in black or gray, and have sizes 0-4.

>> No. 2701
File 134835991044.jpg - (11.18KB , 185x450 , Front.jpg )
The weirdest part of putting together my Scout costume was that I had the least trouble on the headset and bag and the most trouble on the pants. I'm still having trouble finding the right pants; they're like this weird length that's longer than shorts but shorter than jeans.
>> No. 2705
Actually that's not so hard; just stuff part of the pant legs into the socks, and leave some out to hang down over it so you don't see that part. I know there's probably pants that are supposed to be that length, but to me Scout's pants always looked like they were tucked into his socks anyway.
>> No. 2708
File 134879818510.jpg - (512.72KB , 600x3856 , Vocaloid_Headset_Tutorial_by_SailorAnime.jpg )
you can def modify this into scout earphones.
>> No. 2709
They are like capris but not quite.
You might be able to find an old pair of black slacks at a thrift shop and cut/hem them to the corrupt length.
>> No. 2711
Im currently making myself a Soldier cosplay for some up coming conventions, and i was curious how people made their bandolier and the belt-like strap that the soldier wears? like what material they used for it?
>> No. 2736
Anyone know any good boots that could substitute for Mantreds?
>> No. 2746
Ok so scout's pants are baseball pants! y'know, as keeping in with his whole baseball theme. Baseball pants can be found at pretty much any athletic store.
>> No. 2748
would anyone take a commission for a RED Medi pack and Medi gun?

Not exactly interested in buying ATM but I'd like a price range
>> No. 2751
It won't be all too accurate, but I've been planning on using just your average strap material. Like the kind they sell at craft stores by the foot.

On the topic of Solly, What would be good fabric/material for his jacket? And general sewing tips for it would be appreciated as well.
>> No. 2768
I'm putting together a Miss Pauling costume together and I'm having trouble finding her glasses, especially because I do not wear them myself.

Am I better off buying a pair of cheap reading glasses and popping out the lenses or make a pair of my own using wire?
>> No. 2770
I think that would depend on how good you are with wire, or how good the ones you find in the store are.

Question: Makeup. Now, I'm fairly familiar with stage makeup and such, but I have no idea where to buy cheap stuff. Trying to do things like zombie makeup, bruises, etc.
All of the eyeshadows and such around here are full of glitter and shit, and the only other stuff I can find is like Ben Nye, which I find rather expensive (more to ship than anything), and I've never worked with creme makeup before.

So, cheap, non-glittery, non-creme makeup that ships to Canada? Anyone?
>> No. 2776
I don't normally wear glasses either. I ordered my Medic glasses from zennioptical.com and was able to customize a lot of options from frame size to color to the power of the lenses (none) and more stuff I didn't choose, and they were less than $10. Now, checking the cateye glasses on Zenni, a lot of them are closer to $30 and don't even look that amazing. (There are a couple half that price, though.)

I did find this other site that sells clear fashion glasses which might be better suited and they go for closer to $10/pair: www.bleudame.com/Eyewear-274.aspx?catID=274&Attribs=84+122+102

Try shopping around. You might try using "fashion" or "clear" glasses as keywords to get some nonprescrip results (like, sites catering to that), though some other sites like Zenni might offer frames with the option of whatever power you want, including none, while primarily focusing on prescrips and you wouldn't know at a glance you could get plano. Heck, Amazon has some pretty cheap stuff; you might find something nice there.

Personally, I would not want to make glasses out of wire. I made some test "frames" (just the face part) for sizing, and even that, with simple circles, was kind of...annoying. I've seen it done before, though, with Medic glasses. I didn't notice at first glance they were made out of wire, but then I did, and they were really wobbly looking. I would think wire glasses would probably be less comfortable to wear as well, though that's just a guess. I just think it's so much more worth it to just buy some. It's less work for you and they'll look and probably feel better.
>> No. 2778
Did I hear someone say makeup? Cheap, non-creme, non-sparkly makeup?

Check out Everyday Minerals: http://www.everydayminerals.com/

They ship anywhere in the world, provide you 7 samples for free with any order, full-priced items are still super cheap, and they're organic, vegan and eco-friendly. I sound like a sales rep, lol
>> No. 2779
Holy fuck.

Marry me.
>> No. 2794
This maaaay have been asked once or twice before but I'm trying to find good gloves that I can use for my engineer cosplay. I have some cleaning gloves that I plan on painting if I get desperate but they feel not loose enough or bulky enough like a work glove might be.

Any good gloves that people get or one that is relatively similar to Engi's style?
>> No. 2815
Howdy! I'm getting together a Soldier cosplay and I can't find any grenades or helmets. THere aren't really any surplus stores near me, and I live in England.

Anyone know a good helmet/fake grenade supplier that can ship to England?
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