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File 128925150615.png - (15.70KB , 256x256 , 128875343552.png )
29 No. 29
Shame that we lost the old cosplay supplies thread. Oh well, we can do it again guys!

Post all your requests/recommendations for gathering cosplay items here.
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>> No. 30
I'd like some recommendations for BLU Pyro, such as suspenders/belt combo, and all that.

Since ApprovedGasMasks.com told me that they're Chem. Suit is backordered, I found this, is it a good replacement? http://bit.ly/aPzd9H

Lastly, where could I get a Heavy Vest?
>> No. 34
I'm making my suit out of stretch latex with assistance by my fashion friend. You CAN sew it, it's just one of the many options.
>> No. 37
File 128926105718.jpg - (520.91KB , 800x599 , Image3.jpg )

i made my suspenders & belts from backpack strap webbing & overall clips from joanne's/hobby lobby.

& i've heard that that particular suit is like wearing a garbage bag, it's so thin. if you don't mind that then i'd say go for it. but if you can i'd really suggest making your own, jumpsuit patterns are a dime a dozen.
>> No. 122
Anyone got an idea where to get a proper Soldier shovel that's still compatible with cons?

Also requesting this to be a sticky.
>> No. 123
File 128951136919.jpg - (74.60KB , 720x540 , 73292_121275654600331_114690978592132_131210_49900.jpg )
It's not completely accurate as it has a zip (though it is covered), but Adidas do a decent bdoywarmer in both men's and women's sizes that can be modded into a decent vest. Pic related, it's my Hooby vest.
>> No. 133
File 12895435819.jpg - (425.73KB , 1020x760 , scoutbag.jpg )
Reposting tutorials.
>> No. 164
What would be a good cigarette case for Spy's disguise kit or radio for the sapper?
>> No. 200
File 128984449863.jpg - (148.46KB , 1024x768 , SpyTron.jpg )
I just went to a local cigar shop and saw what they had to offer. There were a few possibilities when I was looking around online (froogle silver cigarette case), but the ones that caught my interest were largely sold out and I really didn't have time to wait around for one to become available.
>> No. 215
Anyone have a recommendation for Medic boots? Equestrian seems to fit best, but does anyone know of where/how to get them for cheap?
>> No. 218
Regular riding boots fit pretty nicely too. You can get them on ebay for a good price.
>> No. 241
Also, black wellington boots. Might well be cheaper than riding boots, and look legit from a distance.
>> No. 250
File 129015659928.png - (295.74KB , 620x574 , hellonurse.png )
I want to cosplay as Makani's fabulous female Medic sometime in the near future.
I'd love some advice on just about anything... For starters, any recommendations on the coat cut/materials needed to achieve that silhouette?
>> No. 256
File 129021136422.jpg - (119.34KB , 1173x613 , tumblr_lc4qzskKZb1qdsves.jpg )
Did you see Makani's finalized uniform on tumblr?

>> No. 275
Hey, I need some reference for Medic's coat.
Preferably something with his arms down, so you can see it.

I know there used to be an awesome reference picture of him from the front and back, but it was lost when the chan exploded.
>> No. 277
File 129039251997.jpg - (113.44KB , 1024x768 , arena_offblast_final0000.jpg )
>> No. 283

Thanks a lot!
>> No. 285
Not a problem, I'm just glad I kept this after finishing mine
>> No. 295
Oh my god that is an amazing costume aaaaaaaa
>> No. 303
I’m planning on making a soldier jacket from scratch. Does anyone know of a good pattern for it?
>> No. 318
I wanna make a Medic costume. Anyone know of any good patterns (or good ways of altering a lab coat) for the coat?
>> No. 319
This pattern with slight modification is really good for a medic coat. http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/patterns/sewingpatterns.pl?patternid=574
>> No. 331
Making a Femgineer! (just an engineer with tits)

Anyone know good places to get dungarees? Also are they blue or brown? Seen so many different colours.

ALSO - the class patch - best way to put it on? Is it stencil+yellow fabric paint time, or top transfer from computer, or make it yourself out of yellow fabric?
>> No. 357
Evenin' all! Plotting a fem!Demo (Demolass?) for next year, any recommendations re: boiler suit? I'm unsure whether to buy one or sew one.
>> No. 375
Though they might not look exactly perfect, it would probably be easier to buy them. A quick search let me find some in the less than $30 range.

Also, I prefer the term Femoman.
>> No. 377
cheap, light, matching and produce excellent results
>> No. 378
1) References:
For those of you who don't want to shell out $10 for Garry's Mod: If you have any game in the Orange Box (Half Life, Portal, Team Fortress 2), you can download the Source SDK for free. It has a model viewer which allows you to rotate, zoom, and pan said model in 3D space with game-accurate colors, AND includes all of the in-game animations (plus a few interesting Easter eggs). Plus it updates as the game updates, including unlockable weapons and hats.

There's also two threads on the chan, http://tf2chan.net/workshop/res/22.html and http://tf2chan.net/offtopic/res/1549.html, and the Team Fortress Wiki http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Main_Page

2) Class patches:
Iron-on transfers and stencil+paint are alright in a pinch, but I'd definitely suggest at least doing the yellow parts in thick cloth so you have a distinctive shape. (Or, if you're feeling REALLY ambitious, embroider one yourself! Or see if you can find someone with a programmable embroidery machine.)

3) Props
Here's where you get to be really creative. Play with various materials (so far, I've found foam core to handle much better than cardboard) and look at everything through the eyes of "could I make a prop out of this"? Team Fortress 2 is awesome in that you could pick up a lot of stuff right out of the hardware store, though obviously you'd have to check with your con to see if it'd be allowable.

If you don't mind shelling out a few more bucks, take a walk through a toy store. At least in the States, toy guns are required to obviously look as such. BB guns would probably not be allowed at most guns, but Nerf ones (i.e., firing foam bullets) might, though even those would most likely be modded not to fire.

The next level up from this would be to buy from the same places the movie-makers do for props. These tend to be "you WILL get shot holding one of these in public" realistic, so it's definitely advisable that you mod it yourself after you buy one. Check out www.inertproducts.com for one such vendor, mention a friend of yours asked for a brochure at I/ITSEC 2010 and that you're looking for props for costuming. (They usually don't sell to the general public, but they are willing to make exceptions.)

For small props (say, no bigger than an average person's shoe) that you want to look EXACTLY like the actual thing, Google "rapid prototyping". These guys can use a 3D printer to make replicas. But these are hideously expensive?: one replica runs around a couple hundred bucks.
>> No. 381
Nerf guns work very well, can be found for just about every Tf2 model and have never given us any problems at weapons check
>> No. 385
I remember before the chan exploded, that there was this one website that some people said had really good medic gloves. They were shoulder-length, and you just had to cut them down. Does anyone still have that website link?
>> No. 386

The gloves only come in red. I've found you should turn them inside out after a day of wearing them, or they get moldy from sweat.
>> No. 396
File 129165340991.png - (33.56KB , 367x166 , huuuuh.png )
Hi ladies (and sometimes gents), I'm back again, I'm now interested in making my own suit for the Pyro, since I'm really desperate and the con is in 5 months, anyone know the supplies I would need and how much it would cost for all the supplies?
>> No. 400
Anyone know how to scale down models from SDK? I'm planning on making the vita-saw, but I don't know what dimensions to make it.
>> No. 401
File 129168205190.jpg - (46.26KB , 673x549 , vitasaw.jpg )
Fortunately, TF2 characters have mostly realistic proportions (except they all have big hands). I always just scaled it from the character holding the weapon. You use either the forearm or the head as a reference.
>> No. 414

I happened to find these gloves on Ebay:


Warning: THEY ARE X-BOX HUGE. I have to wear a pair of leather gloves underneath just to somewhat fill in the space between my tiny fingers and the material. I would suggest filling the gloves with something like pillow fluff to make it full.
>> No. 418
Where can I get a cheap bat to make a Sandman out of? I don't know a goddamn thing about customizing ;-;
>> No. 421
Where do I get and/or How do I make those pouch thingies that so many of the classes have on their waists?
>> No. 422
My friend made hers out of macaroni boxes, cloth, glue, and some velcro.
>> No. 435
Okay, Soldiers, just WHERE do you guys get your helmets and grenades?
I know this was answered in the previous thread before the chan exploded, but since then I haven't seen any of the links reposted.
Any and all help would just be dandy
>> No. 436
Most people make their grenades out of Softair pellet containers. They are perfectly shaped and light to boot.

Regarding the helmet, I got quite some compliments on mine - It was a lucky find pretty much. I got it used from a Paintball store for cheap. It looks just like the real deal, has dents in it and everything. So I REALLY REALLY recommend checking out Paintball/Gotcha stores, they often supply realistic looking helmets for a good price!
>> No. 438
On the offchance that you're from the UK, check Poundstretchers. They have some toy grenades in at the moment.
>> No. 439
OF COURSE! I had forgotten ALL about those little containers. It has also never occurred to me to check out paintball shops.
Ah, I'm from the US but thanks for the input.
>> No. 441
File 129215252237.png - (58.40KB , 256x256 , spy_fade.png )
I'm planning on cosplaying as the RED Spy, but I don't really know what to use for the mask. Does anyone have any suggestions?
>> No. 442
File 129216248386.jpg - (48.56KB , 583x420 , 2245846.jpg )
I custom dyed some cotton lycra
>> No. 484

I was planning on just making it from scratch. I guess I could use that stuff. I never worked with that material before though, any tips?
>> No. 489
File 129236285460.jpg - (34.17KB , 604x451 , 57721484954410925659460.jpg )
I got lucky and just found a foam bat at Wal-Mart that looked wooden. Making the crack in it is pretty easy. You may have to sand the logo or whatever off if it first, though.
>> No. 525
File 129280194629.png - (826.90KB , 1600x1600 , stickybomb.png )
What luck, I started putting together a Demoman costume just when they changed his class emblem to something much more complex. Anyway, I ended up making a high-resolution version of it, and thought I'd share it in case anybody else found it useful.
>> No. 526

FFUuuuuuuu...I had just gotten patches made with the old style....

Oh well...
>> No. 536
Aww hell yeah, thanks, babe! I sewed felt ones of the original design, but I think I might try fabric paint and this design.
>> No. 557
If you could get it in blue: http://bit.ly/gcw602
>> No. 585
I know this was talked to death in the last thread, but might a kind anon have any suggestions for making or buying a Sniper vest?
>> No. 586
Find a jacket that sort of matches and hack the sleeves off, I'll post pics
>> No. 617
I just made this tutorial on how to make gloves (properly): http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Gloves/

So if you want to make Engineer or Spy or Pyro gloves, that's one way you can do it. Also, it's entered into a contest, so if you like it and wouldn't mind, please vote for it! <:3c
>> No. 622
Oh, Scouts, what do you use for hand wraps and how do you get them to stay? The last thing I tried was gauze wrap and that did't last long with all those trips to the bathroom.
>> No. 628
I used 1" waterproof medical tape. They keep the white color and stick pretty well throughout the whole day. Only thing is that the edges got stuck with fibers from the fabric of my pants and shirt, but you can't notice it in photos.
>> No. 637
Can any of you point me in the direction of a good shot of Engie's beer bottle so I can replicate it? Gotta stay hydrated!
>> No. 638
File 129432940096.png - (182.08KB , 327x690 , redshed.png )
The entire Meet The Sandvich video is pretty much a close-up of a Red Shed bottle, if you're going to be a BLU Engineer.
>> No. 639
File 129433835035.jpg - (187.68KB , 600x450 , wraps2.jpg )
I actually use a gauze wrap with the given snag deal and they're holding up fairly well all things considered. I try to be careful about the things I handle and how when I'm wearing them and to be honest it doesn't take me too long to unwrap and rewrap them if I really need to. Though they do like to try and snag on things (like rough spots on my Sandman) and pick up dirt but in photos they don't look bad. Eventually I'll have to get new ones.

But I got mine while looking at muay thai fighting wraps and things along those lines even though they're just gauze and not the really nice wraps.
>> No. 641
oh jesus yeah, they do drink the opposite team's coloured beer don't they? thank you!
>> No. 782
could anyone tell me what kind of fucking pants the scout wears? i'm trying to find a decent pair but all i'm finding are shitty capris, cargo pants, etc that hardly resemble it.

also, his belt buckle? is it just a blank slab of metal or what?

a suggestion on the hat would be nice too, ffft. thanks.
>> No. 800
For the hat, look for a military cap at your local army/navy store. The pants, to me, at least, look almost like baseball pants. I got mine at a Dicks Sporting Goods store.
And I believe that he has a web belt.
>> No. 801
H&M has a Scout belt - the buckle's a little smaller than it should be, but it's pretty good for $6.
>> No. 808
If you want to make hats, there is a tutorial here: http://www.threadbanger.com/episode/THR_20090313

Supplier for hat bodies and what have you: http://www.hatsupply.com/

I could see using this method for a good percentage of all TF2 hats. Off the top of my head, the Vintage Tyrolean, Fancy Fedora, and pretty much any of the hats in that vein.

Now I need to remake my Sniper hat. :I
>> No. 836
Could someone please post some of the crossplay tutorial stuff that was floating around a few months ago. I believe someone posted a tutorial on how to do make-up to make you look manly as well as different ways to compress your chest. Also /r/ing different Scout-wrap techniques.
>> No. 841
File 129567767074.jpg - (320.75KB , 601x800 , sniper vest.jpg )
I made actual pattern pieces; if you want I can photograph them to give you a general idea. Basically what I did to make them is I copied pieces of collared shirts I had and made like 3 mockups.
>> No. 842
File 129567808438.jpg - (192.17KB , 1000x1750 , blu_streak_beer_by_borzou99-d2z9uxo.jpg )

Here is some preliminary work that I was doing. I never got to finish the bottle design, but maybe you can do something with it.

I also was working on the Red Shed: http://borzou99.deviantart.com/art/RED-Shed-180178995?q=in%3Ascraps%20sort%3Atime%20gallery%3Aborzou99&qo=1
>> No. 888
Uhm. So i wanna make a RedEngineercostume for the Leipziger Buchmesse. I have pretty much almost all parts together. But by his kneepads and his belt i haven´t really an idea how to make them. I have inline skates kneepads, can i somehow work them over, that they look like his a bit? Or has someone make them already and could give me some advice? It would be nice, if you could help me.
>> No. 895
Does anyone still have the step-by-step hardshell pouch tutorial pic(or progress pic?) that Wossname made for his medic outfit that was sturdy and fully fuctional? I want to cosplay heavy and would like to have a practical place to put my shit.

Also:Any heavy cosplayers have any idea what to make the vest out of without DYING in the Summer?(I'm thinking flannel, I've worn it in the summer before without too many problems,and it's still stiffer then most other fabrics...)
>> No. 925
What are those pouches on Soldier's belt called properly? I still need them but I have no idea what to enter into the search.
>> No. 926
I am trying to make a buff banner...but my problem is, where the hell do I begin...I need some tips.
>> No. 932
File 129678791192.jpg - (487.53KB , 1280x960 , DSCF0604.jpg )
Buff Banners are actually one of the easiest TF2 items to do.

Step 1: Cut two rectangular pieces of gold/mustard fabric
Step 2: Sew them together
Step 3: Cut out the dark brown shapes
Step 4: sew them on
Step 5: cut the sides to make it look ragged
Step 6: using thick white thread, make the 'patch job' lines (or if using a thinner thread, go over the area multiple times)
>> No. 935
File 12968264267.png - (329.36KB , 620x874 , Untitled-1.png )
I believe the person you're thinking of is Juego from cosplay.com - he didn't make any tutorials (that I'm aware of) but he did post pictures:

Also, I'm trying to decide between which gloves (for BLU Medic) I should purchase - the light blue ones seem more correct but they'd come about 2 inches below the elbow.
>> No. 954

In the description on the pictures he says how he made em. That's how I made mine too, for Sniper and Soldier. It's really easy, cardboard or plastic board and just cover it with fabric.

Also where can you buy those light blue gloves?
>> No. 955
I found an ideal pair at a costume shop labelled 'Superhero Gloves'
>> No. 956
You're welcome, by the way. Just don't tell Busted...he might get mad...
>> No. 958

Show meeee.

By the way, in that photo, what the HELL were we doing?
>> No. 959
They're 'Solvguard Blue Chemical' gloves but I'm getting them from an Australian website (so I can save a bagillion dollars in shipping).
>> No. 962
I've searched high and low and maybe I'm just stupid, but where do I get a toy wrench that's roughly the looks and size of Engie's? I'm stumped on this.
>> No. 968
I found the short blue denim overalls for my girly Femgineer at Macy's. T'was over the summer though, and I can't speak for their current selection.

Now I want to do the RED version and can't find a brown pair of overalls for the life of me.

Helpful hint to anyone making/buying a weapon. Check the weapons policy. Will save you time/ blood/ sweat/ tears once you get to the con. My mini-scout that came with me to A-kon couldn't take her bat in because like giant derps we used a real wooden bat.
>> No. 970
File 129717959131.png - (358.06KB , 568x761 , Tosslecap.png )
Any good sites for the tossle cap? Looking for a perfectly fitted beanie which is BLU.
>> No. 972
File 129719618559.jpg - (24.13KB , 249x300 , 359241.jpg )

This good?
>> No. 974
File 129720993569.jpg - (7.36KB , 117x200 , 459299853565588.jpg )
Toy wrenches are downsized from conventional tools - however, you could look for a plastic wrench (but I haven't been able to find any large adjustable ones)

This is a 18" foam wrench you could use (although I guess this is a 'if all else fails' option)

Guys, I'm sorry to talk about blue gloves again but I found a website that sells 42 cm light blue gloves - however the website only sells them in bulk (packs of 10).
My question is, if I brought these, would anyone want to buy a pair off me?
The website with the details is here:
>> No. 975
I'm having the most terrible time trying to find the RED Engineer's overalls, glove, and goggles.

Any suggestions on where to get any of them?
Ordering them online will be my last resort, so I'd rather go to the store.
>> No. 977
I'd buy a pair off of you.>>975

I got lucky and found the overalls and glove at an Army surplus store. Any type of surplus/outdoor store, or one that sells work clothes for blue collar jobs (mechanics, construction) should have them. The Glove you might be able to find at someplace like Wal-Mart. Look in the cleaning supplies aisle. Dish washer gloves might do the trick. The goggles you can find at someplace like Lowes or Home Depot.
>> No. 984
Not sure if it has been asked before, but where could I find a jacket that looks like Soldier's ? Specifically BLU.
>> No. 987
Thanks a lot for the link! I might as well buy that and paint it. It's not looking like I'm going to find a better one anytime soon.

Go look for blazer jackets. Worked like a charm for me and it looks close enough.
>> No. 1046
Where can I get boots that look like Solly's? I remember someone posted it before.
>> No. 1048

Vietnam Jungle Boots
>> No. 1059
planning to do a soldier cosplay, I dunno if the red version of this jacket is good enough. It looks okay from the picture however I think it might be a bit nylon-y (if that's a word). What do you guys think?

>> No. 1062
Looks fair enough. You obviously have to wear the collar up though. If I was you I would get something with a better fitting fabric though.
>> No. 1077
Does anyone have anything on the Medic's back pack? Before the chan exploded, there was a fantastic series of blueprints that had every single dimension and diameter and what have you.

Any ideas or a starting point at ALL would be fantastic.
>> No. 1078
GENTLEMEN! I am in need of some Spy cosplay advice. Ive been told countless times by my girlfriend that the mask is a balaclava, and not a red sk mask. I understand this, but I think it kind of looks more like a ski mask with a cut out section between the eyes (a ski mas/baaclava if you wish to call it) opinions?
>> No. 1079
For any sewfags who want to make the Medic and Soldier pouches here's a good guide on 'em:


Small cheap purses are easy to find too, I think Target had some around $10 though I think thrift shops might have way better deals.

I got tired of having to remake my box pouches (and inevitably destroying them during the con/at home).
>> No. 1083
Actually, I'm making mine out of ply (only because I'm planning on putting a leaf blower in it) and I also have those blueprints on my drive (which I will have to post later because I am on my phone...).
>> No. 1088
File 129921052051.png - (136.79KB , 1275x1650 , medipack01.png )
Here you go:


I'm really lazy, so I still don't have a proper tutorial on the top dongles or suspension, and my current project is a proper tank.


I made mine out of foamboard to keep it light. It is also very forgiving and easy to work with, assuming you have a nice sharp exacto knife.
>> No. 1091
I'm about to order this.
They look like a decent set of sniper glasses, especially for the price and free shipping.

Also, was wandering of someone could assist me in getting the blueprints you see when about to put down a building as engineer.
>> No. 1092
http://www.dealextreme.com/p/beer-helmet-drinking-hat-blue-43877 Blue bonk helm, just add the bonk.

http://www.dealextreme.com/p/unique-beer-drinking-hard-hat-red-30883 Red one.

There are also a few other colours if you want to give it the paintbukkit look.
>> No. 1094

What the spy wears is a balaclava, which is also known as a ski mask (headgear that covers the whole head, exposing only part of the face).

I found mine by looking for balaclavas rather than ski masks.

>> No. 1097
Most excellent! Thank you so much! This is the very one I had in mind, it's superb.

I've got some exacto knives, but I've never worked with foam board like this before. Would you recommend coating it with some sort of sealer to make it sturdier on the outside? I'm worried that someone at the con will run into it accidentally like in a group photo or something and the foam will smoosh :(
>> No. 1100
I covered the whole thing in kraft paper to hide the edges. I've never had a problem with it breaking and I've taken it to multiple cons; it seems sturdy enough for cosplay. You may want to make it removable if you want to sit in a chair with a back.
>> No. 1106
Ah, okay. Good to know.

Would you happen to have any ideas on how to make it removable, or how to even attach it to suspenders, by the way? Thanks for all your help so far
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