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File 129219436089.jpg - (203.10KB , 1600x1600 , Spy in a Photobooth_1.jpg )
444 No. 444
Going to repost my costumes cause of the crash. I am most known for my props, I take pride in them, but I sew my costumes too. I'll gladly answer any questions to help others. Rock on TF2 costumers!
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>> No. 445
File 129219472741.jpg - (177.13KB , 822x771 , Ikkicon_TF2Shoot_Medic_closeup.jpg )
Taken at Ikkicon 2010
>> No. 446
File 129219504312.jpg - (256.78KB , 1279x637 , Sniper Vest Commission.jpg )
Commission Sniper Vest done for a friend
>> No. 447
File 129219511192.jpg - (587.44KB , 1550x1500 , Casting and Moldmaking a blade.jpg )
Casting my balisong blade (I still need to cast the handle...but this is not a bad start)
>> No. 448
File 129219515092.jpg - (320.26KB , 1191x1548 , Balisong Painted with foamcore handles.jpg )
Final Balisong prop
>> No. 449
File 129219522497.jpg - (425.80KB , 1004x1535 , BLU_Medic_Medigun_prop_process_by_NyssaBenthin.jpg )
A few pics from the making of my Medigun
>> No. 450
File 12921954848.jpg - (166.35KB , 739x976 , Medigun_DONE3.jpg )
Pics of the finished medigun
>> No. 451
File 129219564545.jpg - (641.89KB , 1120x1980 , Medigun_Final_Various pics.jpg )
Some more pictures.

The 'messy' wires (from the design of the actual gun model ) and that switch are real in fact - that is the switch that controls the on/off for the light. The light is a single diode uplight, powered by AAA batteries. The blue color comes from blue cellophane stuffed in the barrel. It even makes a decent flashlight at night, haha!

Also collapsible - the top handle can still unscrew and come off (there is an all thread bolt through the middle all the way through) and the barrel can unscrew on that electrical piping used there. Good for transit!

It can even stand up on the front of the barrel, and balance easily - Makes it good for putting it down while standing up and adjusting gloves or something. The gun is only 4.3 pounds and made using mostly pink insulation foam, wood, and cardboard.

I only used plastic piping for the back part where the hose press fits into, and the screw step down on the barrel end where the wooden handle embeds up into. This helped make it so light.
>> No. 452
File 129219593260.jpg - (261.56KB , 1484x1024 , Sniper Quiver - Commission.jpg )
Almost for the quiver I made for my friend too! Foamcore covered in vinyl, it's just hot melt glued over it, I sewed some parts for visual interest, but the sewing really has no structural value.
>> No. 453
File 129219608938.jpg - (294.78KB , 1394x1041 , Cloak and Dagger_cosplay prop.jpg )
Working Cloak and Dagger. (well, visually at least, I don't think it'll make me invisible any time soon!) Also my unlined, super thin kidskin leather gloves from a flea market.

It's made from a really old, picture viewer light up keychain. It has a series of pics loaded onto it that are the bars on the cloak and dagger, so they cycle through and appear to do down, just like in the game. The effect irl is quite good. And I even threw it together the MORNING before leaving for a con. I had the thing loaded with the pics for months and forgot about it, then the morning of I was like, "You know, I could finish this..."

I sculpted mighty putty around the thing to add the tongs for wire that the strap attaches to. The strap is Velcro attach. Though one tong had to be removable as one end has the charging port.
>> No. 454
File 129219629874.jpg - (134.46KB , 1108x803 , Spy Revolver.jpg )
Revolver prop. I got this from a flea market too, but I had to paint it black and white, and add the double barrel. It's a cap gun, and is the perfect model to match Spy's revolver. I got lazy and did not add the top fins (they'd be easy to break off anyway), I figured it was 95% there so I'll just leave it.
>> No. 455
File 129219648610.jpg - (250.53KB , 1280x922 , Bonesaw Making pics.jpg )
Making my bonesaw, which I did in a morning too. Made with plexiglass (hard plastic) and foamcore.
>> No. 456
File 129219651276.jpg - (250.69KB , 1493x1087 , Bonesaw.jpg )
Final bonesaw
>> No. 457
File 129219660973.jpg - (207.01KB , 1280x826 , Spy Arm Bands mix.jpg )
Sewn Betaspy armbands, the dagger is just cut out fabric, fray-checked and fabric glued on. The yellow part is painted Ultrasuede, sewn to the armband.
>> No. 458
File 129219669426.jpg - (395.94KB , 1500x1083 , BLU_Medic_Medipack_by_Lithe_Fider.jpg )
Pics of the Medipack...since this I've added the valve on the tank and painted the bottom better (this was right after I rush jobbed it right before flying to Houston for Ikkicon)
>> No. 459
File 129219680511.jpg - (189.04KB , 1500x1161 , Sandman_done_2.jpg )
Sandman prop - made for DigitalDuckie. Letters are woodburned, nick actually cut into it too - made out of an old used bat bought from a flea market.
>> No. 460
File 129219685470.jpg - (109.70KB , 1000x750 , Sandman_done_end.jpg )
Closeup of the 'damaged' section (I used a dremel cutting disc to do that).
>> No. 488
Your sewing and prop work is simply astounding. Really, I don't have anything else to say other than that you do wonderful work.
>> No. 1299
File 130301302153.gif - (749.12KB , 350x355 , Spy-chair-spin-large.gif )
http://lithefider.Hipstr.com/post/4314524904/this-is-me-showing-my-balisong-skills-im-just#notes Bumping my thread, and showing off some of my Balisong flipping. Second half of the linked video is me with my new Spy knife prop (still needs a paint job) which is actually able to flip a bit. Won't be perfect but hey, not bad for resin and wood!

Attached GIF was very popular on Hipstr...me being a way too happy spy at Zenkaikon. I got the RED intel, what do you expect?! http://lithefider.Hipstr.com/post/4410298609/this-is-a-productive-evening#notes

Coming up I'll be at Anime Boston next week! Say hi to me there!
>> No. 1300
File 130301319315.jpg - (151.63KB , 680x1024 , Zenkaikon_2139 small.jpg )
Okay well with the new word filter (apparently t u m b l r is 'hipster') just change that to get to the vid link above.
>> No. 1426
I have to ask, how did you make the mouth and eye holes on your spy mask. The technique continues to elude me.
>> No. 1530
I just got the uncontrollable giggles. Thanks.
>> No. 1591
Did you make any masks of other classes? Of awesome faces, traditional classes, or maybe just a face from an anime character to jump into pictures? If you did, do you have any specific tips for it? Thanks.
>> No. 1607
This just looks fantastic, I wish I had your sewing skills.
>> No. 1790
File 130869531575.jpg - (178.83KB , 1000x828 , Vintage Tyrolean Done2.jpg )
Cause the recover killed my new stuff here it is again.

My White Vintage Vintage Tyrolean! Made from a $12 fedora, and some foamies/sculpey additions.
>> No. 1791
File 130869557647.jpg - (340.25KB , 1195x1195 , Spy Mask mini tutorial.jpg )
Mini simple Spy mask tutorial. Use 2 way stretch swimsuit material (can get at Joanns Fabric). If you got any questions just ask.

To wear it, use some doublestick tape to hold it to your nose, chin, sides of face, and forehead, then it won't slide and will be great all day. You especially need the tape to hold it to your chin where it points up there.

I really love this mask, it's comfy and I can wear it all day, only hurts my nose with the nose piece after half the day, then I ditch the nose piece and keep going haha.
>> No. 1792
File 13086958003.jpg - (357.92KB , 1042x782 , Sock Garters 2.jpg )
Oh yea I made some sock garters too. Hon hon hon.
>> No. 1819

Oh sweet, I've been wanting this kind of mask for ages, and here's a tut for making one!
Of course, I have hair down to my butt, so it's probably impossible for me to wear it...

Your props are awesome. Thank you for sharing.
>> No. 1856
File 130998909999.jpg - (130.86KB , 480x720 , Lithe_SpyCrab.jpg )
Have some spam of my Spy at Animenext (Now with 100% more man stubble and new mask)
>> No. 1857
File 130998919991.jpg - (114.45KB , 617x924 , Spy edit small.jpg )
Photo by my friend Kat
I want her fancy camera afasfgada
>> No. 1858
File 130998931780.jpg - (152.94KB , 768x1024 , webbed gloves 1.jpg )
Speaking of Spy, guess what else Spy related I'm working on...
>> No. 1859
Ohg snap, I HAVE to see this when it's done!
>> No. 1860
Oh mah lawd that is awesome. Any details on the make you can share?
>> No. 1862

Dear lord that looks incredible! The material looks like it's some sort of combination of both latex and nylon. I eagerly wait to see its finished form.
>> No. 1866
Everything you've done fills me with awe and the drive to do something with my life-- not something "productive", but something cosplay-ish. Like going to an art museum and then feeling like you have to draw or you'll die...

Then, of course, there's that teaser pic of your next project, which has me lining up to hand over my unborn young or some such thing. I can't wait to see more, I am preemptively crowning you Emperor For Life of Awesome.
>> No. 1884
File 131079109782.jpg - (137.09KB , 768x1024 , webbed gloves 4.jpg )
Webbed gloves are actually REALLY easy to make. I bought some nice, thick swimsuit material in NYC, it's matte on one side. You trace your hand/arm, fingers spread out, on a piece of paper. Then draw on where webbing would be, and cut it out (silhouette WITH the webbing). Trace that on your material, and cut it out leaving about half an inch all around the lines (at least). Sew (stretch stitch) about ON the lines you drew (being more generous on your arm). Cut the seams down to 1/4" around fingers. Invert. Then you should have a webbed glove minus finger channels.

Cut the webbing from your pattern, and trace where your fingers are onto the outside of the glove. Sew on these lines (again, being maybe a millimeter or two generous) and you're done! The material is so stretchy it accommodates. (The frill on the arm is just sewn into the arm seam too).

After airbrushing they will be dark like Spy's gloves,but lighter on the webbing, and blend up my arm into the skin color.
>> No. 1885
File 131079125268.jpg - (154.80KB , 1042x782 , tentacles 2.jpg )
To be a cosplay inspiration for productivity is such a compliment! Ffttt thank you.

I am super pumped that people seemed so intrigued by just the teaser . I come bearing tentacle progress now, prepare for pic spam.
>> No. 1886
File 131079143122.jpg - (153.03KB , 1155x623 , tentacles 4.jpg )
On the one tentacle you can see me planning out sucker size / placement (they will be in pairs when put on in foam of course).

I ran out of tulle so there are only 5 stuffed at the moment (Tulle is that fluffy ‘tutu’ netting, what I’m using to to stuff them as it’s light, flexible with bounce, and waterproof. I’m helping fill out the larger parts with Styrofoam pellets I broke apart). I’ve already gone through 70 yards(!!), it takes about 15 yards per tentacle. With a coupon it’s only like 75 cents a yard so it’s not so terrible (and 25 years of it were gifted / scrounged). But when all is said and done I’ll have spent $40 on tulle.

The last 1/3 of each tentacle has a stainless steel wire inside so it can be posed / curled up so they don’t look so dead. After suckers and airbrushing they will really come alive! The suckers will be thin high density foam.
>> No. 1887
File 131079162862.jpg - (236.04KB , 899x834 , tentacles 3.jpg )
Temporarily clipped 3 to my pants to show scale / drape (you can see how my legs will disappear once they are inside tentacles themselves and taper off my toes). I also plan to add some mantle with more see through mesh swimsuit. This will hide the connection for my legs a little.
>> No. 1890
Mmm, tentacles and webbed glove progress... Is good day.

I do love how they look 'alive' with the steel wire-- they definitely don't just hang down listlessly. Though I nearly described them as having 'perky tips', and then my brain took that a few places...
>> No. 1897
File 131111829797.jpg - (221.76KB , 1155x802 , Painted gloves snapshots.jpg )
speaking of gloves, I airbrushed them (and added claws)! I wanted them to look like how I draw my tentaspy (Dominique's) hands. Basically a similar color to dark leather like Spy gloves, which is kinda the look I was going for as he can't WEAR gloves with webbed hands. (These are some quick Ipod snaps so sorry about the pic quality.)
>> No. 1898
Oh so awesome. My brother concurs-- he's into prop making and octopi, so I had to show him some of your progress pics while I had him around.
>> No. 1910
File 131156530919.jpg - (165.23KB , 729x915 , tentacles top sewn - 3.jpg )
I hand sewed the tops on (through folded double layer spandex AND the jeans shorts under it so it’s strong) with button thread. I still gotta sew the under parts (pinned ‘in the round’ so when lifted the tentacles don’t look flat connected.) then glue on gazillon suckers and airbrushing of course.

But I’m really pleased with the overall look so far! With the actual blue vest I made for this (which is longer) and my jacket it’ll hide the connection better.

More pics at (remove spaces) -

http://lithefider.t u m blr.com/post/8025765546/makin-bacon-and-by-bacon-i-mean-tentacles
>> No. 2118
File 131517756845.jpg - (259.48KB , 1257x1223 , Archimedes mix plush.jpg )
DURP should probably bump my thread with my new photos / props

Here is my made-the-day-before-Otakon Archimedes I wore with my Medic costume, also RobotLyra wore it with her RED Medic on Saturday at Otakon (as pictured). Made the pattern from scratch too, he's made with cotton and fleece with painted on blood and wired legs for posing and stuff.
>> No. 2119
File 131517836782.jpg - (158.22KB , 536x800 , 1312341329503.jpg )
And if you hadn't seen it plastered across tumbl-r already, here is my finnished tentaspy costume! I have a lot of photos, but I don't want to spam. I'll just post some favs. More pics are available here: http://www.cosplay.com/costume/351710/

There are also one or two small video clips of me in my Otakon mix video (all I got) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pURg-k39kP4&feature=channel_video_title . Also I have a short but epic shot in one of Ackson's videos: (which I still am reeling over being shot/chosen for) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCBkZHkH-T8&feature=player_detailpage#t=162s
>> No. 2120
File 131517859772.jpg - (658.78KB , 1040x1998 , Zo_Tentacles Everywhere.jpg )
This was me trying to sit down in front of the TF2 shoot, I really loved how dynamic/alive the tentacles looked in these stills, not to mention them slowly eating my friends, har har. Photos by Zo and her sister!
>> No. 2358
great work on the tentaspy. i really like it! (and i dont like most of them)
>> No. 3086
Jeg elsker tf2

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