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File 128919246366.png - (107.76KB , 500x867 , 128877931257.png )
8 No. 8
Enough with the vague pyro tutorials and insane amount of cash that you would have to pay others to make the costume for you. It's cheap pyro makin' time with LADY! There will be no measurements and crap here! a real man uses his bare ARM to measure out length and his TEETH to cut the fabric, MAGGOTS. So I'll included prices and links/stores of places where I bought my crap because I am nice.

Also, Radio can post in here with her remake of her bluro costume. We're going as a red and blu pyro for Acen next year. Super pyro Bros. forever!

pic by Radio is related cause I let her wear my engiebee helmet last year and got an adorable pic of her.
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>> No. 1308
The gasmask is a bit tight and heat stroke is one of my major concerns for this outfit. I came up with several ideas of rigging several frozen water bottles to a harness under the suit to try to keep the temp down. Pyro's suit also for anyone to easily rig this up but I have yet to come down with a solid battle plan. I'm too focused on how I'm gonna get the flamethrower put together since that's pretty much in its final stages.

Any previous pyros wanna pitch in their cooling techniques?
>> No. 1309
>>1302, I would disagree with this tactic. IMHO, I can see a kickass Pyro cosplay ruined by doing the balaclava-halfheadgasmask combo.

>>1301, go for the GP-5, just don't be silly with it. Take regular breaks. Wear sweat-shucking clothes underneath your jumpsuit. Drink lots of water. You'll be fine.
>> No. 1310
Weird question, but will you be folding the tops of your boots down to look closer to the actual ones?

Ive always wondered what sort of boots the Pyro has on, but Ive never been assed enough to look it up.
>> No. 1317
I'm personally not gonna do that with my costume because of the possible constriction of blood flow to my legs.
>> No. 1321
Flamethrower is complete! I had to trim it down some so that it fell to regulation size for ACEN. But now I need my costume hemmed down 10 sizes and have a zipper added to complete the suit portion.
>> No. 1323
File 130358377044.jpg - (23.44KB , 810x220 , IMG_0906.jpg )
Flamethrower Beta pictures! the structure still needs more support and a bit of a paint job but is coming along nicely. note the duck/gorilla tape everywhere.
>> No. 1324
File 130358379839.jpg - (65.62KB , 816x612 , IMG_0907.jpg )
angle 2!
>> No. 1325
File 130358391096.jpg - (83.74KB , 816x612 , IMG_0910.jpg )
Now I need a bit of assistance here, channers. I wanna put something over the cover so you dont see my face but I want it to provide enough fresh airflow to reduce the heat in the mask. what do?
>> No. 1326
Thin black fabric?
Find & cut black pantyhose or something. Stretch over desired areas for airflow and some cover.
For the mouth piece I can see this looking and working O.K. but I can't imagine it looking as good as just using dark plastic for the lenses though.
>> No. 1328
The lenses have window tint on them and look just fine. Thank you for your suggestion. If anyone wants to give some suggestions on how to improve the flamethrower, I'm open to it.
>> No. 1338
File 130378009771.jpg - (146.45KB , 500x375 , 2819026747_0fdacd0aeb.jpg )
I was planning a pyro costume pretty soon, but this thread has really got me worrying about the heat of the mask, especially if I'm going to be walking around all day...

Anyone know of a way to make a fake GP-5? maybe a pattern or something? Something that looks a little better than the half-mask with zentai?

The only Idea I have right now is to cut the top of a GP-5 completely off for the sake of ventilation and attaching one of the pyro hats to cover the hole
>> No. 1342
Unfortunately the GP-5 is the route most pyro cosplayers take for the mask. No fabric pattern would be able to pull it off properly like a balaclava pattern for Spy. Just make sure to take frequent breaks and drink lots of water at the con or rig up something to cool down your core temperature.

Anymore tips, pyros?
>> No. 1372
File 130389549688.jpg - (98.33KB , 600x800 , IMG_0539.jpg )
actually, i woodcrafted mine! other than that, i'm not sure how you could go about it. i had contemplated modifying a toy pistol with some pvc & sculpey (or giftwrap tubing & duct tape). apologies for the lack of actual flare gun photos, but you can see it pretty well in this one.

(& lady, i don't have a costume for this year. mine was wrecked in the move & i do not have the time to make a new chem suit :C)
>> No. 1374
I thought you were going as Sleepy pyro? :O
>> No. 1396
Bros, listen up! I think I have the solution to our body heat problems with the suits. there's a product called "Forevercool" that is pretty much a cooling pad that works against your body heat to produce a cooling effect! The product isn't out yet but you bet I'll nab one to test it out for you guys. Hopefully it'll come out within the next two weeks.
>> No. 1398
File 130436073280.jpg - (106.70KB , 1130x900 , THAT CARLS A SPAH.jpg )
I'm not as terribly worried about overall body heat (I can just make the suit from a breathable material) as I am about my head getting drenched with sweat because of the rubber mask.
>> No. 1399
Well there's nothing that you can do but wear a thin balaclava under the mask to absorb the sweat.
>> No. 1402
This one actually isn't that bad of an idea... lots more ventilation that way, especially if you wanted to do the beanie or the Sombrero
>> No. 1415
oh god I can't unsee someone cutting a ponytail hole for a pyro cosplay.
>> No. 1547
I wrote a pretty detailed how-to a while ago for my costume. Ive had it at Geekkon 2010, Anime Detour 2011, and ACEN 2011.

Probably going to re-do the grenades, maybe mod the gas mask, and perhaps make a de-greaser...

>> No. 1590
I've been thinking about your axesinguisher. It's been hard to find a regular fireman axe for my American psycho cosplay. I feel like you will have to buy a few axes, put then together, and then find fake barb wire. Make sure to get some of that expanding foam from home depot to fill in the hollow parts, the stuff is super easy to cut as well. You might have to go buy a real axe for the shaft. Just a cupola thoughts on the project. :D
>> No. 1620
Does anyone already owning a GP-5 gas mask have any suggestions about sizing? I have the misfortune of having a small head and I found hate to make a $20 investment only to find out it can't be returned.
>> No. 1622
Hey there!

The GP-5 has 3 sizes it was originally released in, going from 1y to 3y (I don't know what y stands for, something in Russian I'm assuming). I've got a big ol' head so I went with the 3Y and it actually fits me pretty well. The rubber material is similar to a latex swim cap and stretches pretty well over my melon and a balaclava. I think the smallest size would work for you, or, to be safe, maybe the 2Y and wear a balaclava underneath for sweat purposes.

I also reccommend buying ONLY from sellers with pictures. There are 2 colors that this comes in - gray and black - and it's a HUGE bitch to paint on rubber, so do yourself a favor and get the black one.

Good luck!
>> No. 1625
Plasti-dip worked fine with the mask.
>> No. 1854
File 130994238426.jpg - (33.02KB , 400x400 , image_id10888w0h0_Russian_Military_Gas_mask_ShM_Si.jpg )
Most Russian gas masks come in five sizes, 0 to 4
>> No. 1945
Uhm I was wondering what pattern everyone's been using for the chem suit? I went to JoAnn's today and figured I could use this pattern for clown suits since it's a loose one-piece costume


>> No. 1953
I accidentally found a way to keep semi-cool in a pyro suit. I got one of those camel-pack backpacks to wear under the suit, but I didn't have the tube-to-bag connection fully tightened, so it slowly leaked all day. Thankfully the fabric was dark enough for it to not be very noticable. Got everything in my pockets wet though. Not exactly the best solution, but it kind of worked.
>> No. 2159
As for the suit, is the only way to do it to get a $60 boilers suit/coveralls? Which site would you suggest? ('Cause I've seen a million different places with coveralls, it's hard to find the most pyro-like ones..)
>> No. 2473
Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

I'd like to mention that for those who are wanting to be blu, this suit is cheap and rather pyroish. http://approvedgasmasks.com/suit-cpf1.htm

It's the only chem suit I can find that is pyroy, I'd love a red one to save sewing. But hey.
>> No. 2518
I still can't believe this thread is not dead after I left the Chan a year ago. I'm ripping my flamethrower apart and doing alterations to my suit this month before Anime Central. I'll post pictures as always.
>> No. 2520
Oh, please do. I can't get enough of TF2 cosplay
>> No. 2525
Okay, I need some criticism here.
I've come extremely close to finishing my Pyro costume, and have managed to start building the flamethrower. The problem is, I had to settle for an orange suit, since the store was completely out of red suits. And it's not a subtle orange, either. I like it, despite the color, but should I try to dye it or something?
>> No. 2526
Got any pics? The jumpsuit in-game is rather light, you may be able to get away with it.
>> No. 2527
File 133398941510.jpg - (682.50KB , 1560x2610 , IMAG0044-1.jpg )
Here it is. Like I said; not a subtle orange. It is a perfect fit for me, at least. Also, I'm sorry for the crappy camera.
>> No. 2529
File 133403490935.png - (212.55KB , 357x672 , Pyro Reference.png )
I'll be honest, I think it looks fine. Maybe if you just 'dirtied' the bottom half like Pyro? I'm not sure how easy it would be to modify the colours, though.
>> No. 2530
I'll try to 'dirty' the bottom half and see if I should leave it at that.
>> No. 2846
I knew this thread was still somewhere!

Necrobump is necro, but it is for great justice, I promise.

For Ohayocon, I am planning on going as a sparkle party Pyro, and dear god the mask. I have glasses, but I found a solution for that. My question in, to properly mod the inside of the mask, what are the best steps? My mask is already black, but the eye vents are hell, and it is a bit too tight. Since I am going to wear a hood with it (Hotties Hoodie), I am willing to make cuts in the back. Any opinions?
>> No. 2847
What kind of gas mask do you have? Some masks have inserts available for corrective lenses that you could adapt to your mask, or you could make your own.

>> No. 2848
What kind of gas mask do you have? Some masks have inserts available for corrective lenses that you could adapt to your mask, or you could make your own.

>> No. 2849

I have the GR-5 Russian mask, like in the tutorial of this thread, only mine is black.
>> No. 2850
No off the shelf corrective lenses exist for the GP-5 that I know of.

If you have a spare pair of glasses you might be able to try something like this:



>> No. 2851
File 141175423122.png - (490.93KB , 762x743 , Graybanns_Pyro.png )
I have a friend who has cosplayed Pyro for a number of years and wears glasses. He just put his glasses on outside his mask. Not sure how well it works/feels for him in there, but as an onlooker, when you do notice they're there, it's kind of cute/goofy. Pyro wearing glasses. (pic related)

Some cosplay pics from Otakon '13 by spiceinthecoffee:
I'll let you spot him and his glasses yourself and not point it out

Not sure if you're into that idea, but just dropping this here to note it's a possibility.
>> No. 2852
I am going to make a set of Pyrovision goggles to wear over my mask and glasses, but I'm still eh on how to really making this mask more cosplay friendly.
>> No. 2853
File 141251893598.jpg - (1.15MB , 1836x3264 , IMG_20141005_101430_552.jpg )
I tried getting mine to stay on but they just kept falling off.

Sorry for double posting, but here's my shitty progress. The goggles were gonna help with my glasses but that's a no go. I gotta take the copped bit off two and make the mask a little looser. I'm feeling a bit light headed just after wearing it for 20 minutes.
>> No. 2854
File 141254100883.jpg - (306.72KB , 1500x1058 , $(KGrHqJHJEEFGviDgnBkBRwHZKmr9!~~60_57.jpg )
It looks like you're wearing the wrong size to me.
>> No. 2855
File 141254108153.jpg - (147.05KB , 499x686 , mariia7777crop.jpg )
The size is molded onto the cheek of the mask.
>> No. 2913
File 144351505366.jpg - (58.11KB , 338x600 , image.jpg )
I put a fan in my mask
>> No. 2914
File 144351512886.jpg - (118.81KB , 639x615 , image.jpg )
>> No. 2916
File 144351555068.jpg - (474.15KB , 2048x2048 , image.jpg )
Also bills hat, got the patch at a Gun Show and the beret at an army surplus
>> No. 2918
File 144351579756.jpg - (434.42KB , 2048x1793 , image.jpg )
The nose is a bit long but it's made to keep me cool since I'm in Southern California and people can't believe I would wear such a thing in the hot sun

And yes I made the flamethrower myself, I started working on it a few years back and lost the progress pics on my old phone
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