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File 132672386829.jpg - (95.38KB , 1280x600 , 2012-01-17_00005.jpg )
11257 No. 11257 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
wat. epic screenies gogogo. i'll start
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>> No. 11942
File 133409704632.jpg - (113.52KB , 1280x600 , 2012-02-09_00003.jpg )
Scout, no more baseball in the spawn room
>> No. 11943
File 133409714953.jpg - (53.03KB , 1280x600 , 2012-02-09_00001.jpg )
i accidentally my spycrab
>> No. 11944
File 133410379514.jpg - (113.54KB , 1152x864 , PL_THU~2.jpg )
Hi there.

File 133401712137.png - (30.34KB , 250x184 , 250px-Black_Rose_Mystery_and_True_Love.png )
11931 No. 11931 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Not sure who's seen this, but it's the new knife item for Spy: The Black Rose. Comes from a promotional deal with Alliance of Valiant Arms.

Now, the game itself, in my personal opinion, is boring. But I want this pretty pretty item so damn bad that I'm willing to play it until I get it. Also the item is untradeable, so it's my only avenue.

I remember doing the same thing with Spiral Knights, but the item was much less pretty.

How do you all feel about this new item? And how about Valve making it so you need to play other games in order to get Tf2 items?
>> No. 11935
I think it's great, especially for getting lesser-known games some deserved attention. Though I prefer when the games in question are free. I can't stand the pre-order bonuses on some games.

But I do admit AVA is pretty lackluster... even more so since it requires nProtect to run it.

>> No. 11936
Black rose looks nice, except the game isn't available in my country, and i hate gift wrapped dirty items (except HOUWAR and others which are expensive).
Its also exciting to play games and receive items as reward, eventhough if they are only reskins or ugly cosmetics. I wish there would be even harder games to get even better stuff than just regular items have, like play 1 match, receive Black Rose in TF2 or play your first game in Spiral sallet, get fancy hat as reward. I wish those would be more like this: Play New Vegas for 200 hours, receive awesome reskin for random weapon in TF2, which is based from weapon of New Vegas.

File 133383658319.png - (34.31KB , 329x259 , Dixie_hat.png )
11918 No. 11918 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Okay, Discussion has been rather inactive lately, so I thought I'd throw something up for you guys to play with until sonething better comes along.

Tell me what class-specific hat you would love to see on another/all characters. I personally want to see anyone in the dixie.
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>> No. 11929
File 133396838689.jpg - (56.17KB , 500x285 , e0024124_17193124.jpg )

I just want a monocle and cigarette holder for the Spy.

Don't know why it hasn't been done yet.
>> No. 11930
Ooh, I thought of another one: Foster's Facade on Scout. Then he won't talk too much.
>> No. 11934
Texas Ten-Gallon/Hat With No Name on Heavy, because a friend of mine has an adorable Texan Heavy OC.

Stockbroker's Scarf on Medic and Spy because a tie over a tie is redundant and redundant things are funny.

File 133350618334.jpg - (171.99KB , 1680x1022 , team_fortress_2_3.jpg )
11910 No. 11910 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What are some good servers you guys play on?

I'm fed up with the ones I've been playing on for the past 8 months, and I'm looking for a new home. Preferably one that's regularly populated and has a welcoming community.
>> No. 11913
I play on Aliento's Micspam Kingdom. If you like micspam, and the occasional mix of pubbies and Highlander-level players, and overall silliness and fun, then it's a good place for you.

>> No. 11914
Railbait. Most importantly, their servers are actually full from 1 pm to 3 am (eastern time) and they don't run trash like fake players or bots.
>> No. 11916
I can vouch for Aliento's as well. It's relaxed, there's always people online, and it's one of the few servers where I can frequently get Top 3, even with my shitty connection.

File 133275111147.jpg - (107.48KB , 1304x431 , AMIRIGHT.jpg )
11837 No. 11837 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 11857
Dat recoloring technique umpf
>> No. 11898
File 133327904878.jpg - (60.83KB , 320x320 , slowtaku3.jpg )
It's like I'm actually in 2008! Better call Vegas and bet some money on Obama winning!
>> No. 11907
yeah yeah, i just thought the new shticky commercial pose worked well. and im not terrible at photoshop. dont hate the playa, hate the game

File 133285071152.jpg - (145.00KB , 1280x1024 , fehufhw.jpg )
11862 No. 11862 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What is your opinion on the RED/BLU teams when it comes to characters?
Do you think they're the same person, clones, different characters, ...?

Valve always manages to confuse me, like for example, RED Soldier's roommate is Merasmus (the Halloween magician guy), but in the last smissmas comic, BLU Spy told miss Pauling BLU Soldier's roommate was a magician.
Same goes for both snipers, since they both have a scar from the cheek to the nose thanks to RED spy.

I can understand that characters look the same because that would mean they'd have to make different skins for each team, but sometimes I wonder if they make it on purpose or if they simply messed up?
>> No. 11875
A headcanon of mine is that all the mercs are different people, but look and act the same because the Mann brothers think that having a Russian Heavy Weapons guy or an Australian Sniper somehow gives them an advantage over the other brother.

As for both RED and BLU Soldier having a magician for a room mate, I think Merasmus just switched sides.
>> No. 11878
I think the world could, for all intensive purposes, be a very literal version of the palette swap idea.

Both teams are identical, to the point where both Scout's Moms look identical, there's two Merasmus-es, etc. And they both think they're the original one. It's a deconstruction of the whole idea, taken to a ridiculous extreme. Wouldn't be OOC of Valve to do a thing like that.

File 133169474166.jpg - (241.41KB , 785x1119 , newbocpreview (3).jpg )
11779 No. 11779 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Is there a place for "The Bureau of Communication" pieces in this respectable site? It's not fanfiction, it's not fanart, so I doubted if I could share with my fellow gentlemanly peers. I have a couple more...
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>> No. 11859
I don't know if you noticed, but where it says, "Please refrain from writing poetry", Pyro wrote a haiku. God, Pyro, pay attention to the rules!
>> No. 11860
That's bloody brilliant!
>> No. 11867
The art of haiku
Is not one that comes easy.
That shit's awesome, yo.

File 133235634754.png - (63.00KB , 225x207 , lämäri.png )
11815 No. 11815 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What? Valve gave a random guy who has cancer a community spine chilling skull, which was 154 level unusual skull sometime ago?
Okay, Valve is spoiling people who have cancer with fancy stuff.
I have cancer, so where is my f*****g Unusual Max Head with exploding supernova effect Gabe?
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>> No. 11849
>> No. 11850
File 133277142475.png - (22.81KB , 300x295 , Are-You-Fucking-Kidding-Me-Rage-Face-Meme-Template.png )
Jesus Christ people, get the fuck over it.


Really? Are you fucking kidding me? He's spoiled just because Valve treated him something nice while he was sick? And you want to benefit from your PARENTS dying?

Kilo, lock this thread. It's turning into a massive bitchfest that doesn't need to happen.
>> No. 11853
I was hoping for some maturity, but obviously that's wishful thinking. Next time I'm sticking to my gut and locking any thread with overt bitchiness without waiting to see how you handle yourselves.

File 132287372126.png - (269.21KB , 465x746 , Itsy_Bitsy_Spyder.png )
10550 No. 10550 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hats that, no matter how much you dont (or do) like hats, you feel like you just absolutely and entirely need.

Pic related. I love voodoo related items.
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>> No. 11782
I like the fact that Sarcas deliberately made both the Pocket Heavy and Pocket Soldier simultaneously equippable. I'm totally doing that if I can.
>> No. 11818

>> No. 11834
There are a few scout hoodies floating around, but these two are my favorite. They would go perfect with my tossle cap and some earbuds.

File 133066115478.jpg - (91.97KB , 512x512 , cowboyboots_thumb.jpg )
11718 No. 11718 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Valve's been reading my dream diary.
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>> No. 11729
I'm all for your Gmodding and art, Furie, but seriously. When you're not on the art boards, PLEASE spoiler-image dat shit!
>> No. 11770
It can still be changed. Like Private Eye, which was Spy only hat when it came out.
>> No. 11778
File 133168305016.png - (228.79KB , 384x711 , tumblr_m0put0Cdzf1rrtgbwo1_500.png )

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