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File 132287372126.png - (269.21KB , 465x746 , Itsy_Bitsy_Spyder.png )
10550 No. 10550 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hats that, no matter how much you dont (or do) like hats, you feel like you just absolutely and entirely need.

Pic related. I love voodoo related items.
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>> No. 11782
I like the fact that Sarcas deliberately made both the Pocket Heavy and Pocket Soldier simultaneously equippable. I'm totally doing that if I can.
>> No. 11818

>> No. 11834
There are a few scout hoodies floating around, but these two are my favorite. They would go perfect with my tossle cap and some earbuds.

File 133066115478.jpg - (91.97KB , 512x512 , cowboyboots_thumb.jpg )
11718 No. 11718 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Valve's been reading my dream diary.
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>> No. 11729
I'm all for your Gmodding and art, Furie, but seriously. When you're not on the art boards, PLEASE spoiler-image dat shit!
>> No. 11770
It can still be changed. Like Private Eye, which was Spy only hat when it came out.
>> No. 11778
File 133168305016.png - (228.79KB , 384x711 , tumblr_m0put0Cdzf1rrtgbwo1_500.png )

File 128953301824.jpg - (92.01KB , 640x477 , nicegoingdeutschbag.jpg )
258 No. 258 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Guy in Connecticut gets shot, pauses to eat sandwich before going to hospital:


There's also this, which is from some Canadian restaurant. Apparently you buy a bag of Doritos and they'll dump meat and pickles and cheese and stuff on it.
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>> No. 12509
I swear Spy wrote the new Johnsonville Brats commercial.

It goes something like "Your mom knows when you're faking- [sound effect of kid coughing] so she knows when she's eating fake sausage. Try Johnsonville Brats."
>> No. 13083
Sorry if bumping this is not okay, but I wanted to share this story.

Today in my English class, our teacher asked me how many kinds of hats I knew.

I could name at least 20, all more or less because of the hats in this game.

Now my teacher thinks I'm some sort of hat nerd ...
>> No. 13240

Shame it's not a brown eye, or I'd be tempted to make a Merasmus joke. People have also said it looks like Wheatley, which I can totally see too.

File 133053324367.png - (196.85KB , 900x900 , zEzX5.png )
11699 No. 11699 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I spent a good thirty minutes trying to figure out where to put this and couldn't figure it out, so it's going here and I hope that's just swell with you guys. (It kind of belongs on Fanfic, but that's a text board only so ~whatever~.)

Regardless! A gaggle of long-time TF2 fans, myself one of them, have teamed up to create a new radio show on Pratt Internet Radio (radio.pratt.edu) called F*cked Up Fanfic, and we're podcasting it now. The gist is that we do dramatic readings of fic, generally bad!fic but not always, and the goal is to make everyone in the room very uncomfortable. We just released a reading of Roxal's TF2 beauty "Voyeur Scout" and it's up for download right here on our Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/fckedupfanfic/webexclusivetf2

I promise you that your day is not complete until you've heard one guy do horribly, comedically accurate impersonations Medic, Heavy, and Scout in an orgy.

Boink bonk, baby.
>> No. 11715
I listed to this and it was pretty good. It was hard to keep myself from laughing in the middle of class.

If you do requests, you should do the classic "King of My Hill"

File 133053913992.png - (387.37KB , 776x608 , 1272940287737.png )
11700 No. 11700 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

I've been having a strange issue involving TF2. Whenever I bring up the scoreboard, a minimal amount of avatars are shown next to the connected players, plus when new players connect their avatars will refuse to show. Quite literally, nothing shows, just the blank background of the scoreboard.

Does anybody know how to resolve this? Thanks in advance.
>> No. 11702
It's a steam community issue, I believe. Many people have been having the same problem for a while now. There's also another bug where it shows the same avatar for everyone.

File 132965753292.jpg - (79.90KB , 448x473 , Wot.jpg )
11541 No. 11541 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've been thinking - why does everyone assume that Sniper's name is actually Mundy?

Couldn't it be a fake name, like soldier's?
Maybe he got it after saying "monday" with his australian accent and everyone just started calling him "Mundy"?
I just don't think he'd be that careless to tell everyone his real name; besides Mundy is actually an Irish name.

Well just a thought I wanted to share with you guys.
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>> No. 11685
File 133038165914.jpg - (107.95KB , 600x654 , spy ming.jpg )
What's this about Spyper fanfiction anyway? It's not yet another of those crappy torrid romance novel-type fanfictions that always crop up when I'm looking for Spy/Sniper stuff, is it?

Because if it's about Minifett's Spyper, then /r/ links.
>> No. 11686

Refer to the post I was referring to.
>> No. 11696
File 133048356663.jpg - (291.51KB , 859x797 , BlindSnipes.jpg )
Well, yes. 'Kelly' is also a name of Irish origin (as in Ned Kelly, famous IRL Australian outlaw).

In fact about 95% of white Australians are descended from the English, Irish and Scottish (these days, anyway- back in the 50's-60's you just about couldn't find a white Aussie who wasn't descended from there)

I'm Australian, my last name is Chrisp. It's Scottish.

File 133022713283.png - (53.14KB , 300x314 , Pyro.png )
11651 No. 11651 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I just want to suck the pyro's rubber fingers for some reason. Kiss his gasmask too. But, especially finger all over that suit for some reason.

I think the pyro gave me a fetish for rubber suits and gasmasks.
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>> No. 11682
I developed a kink of loving, tender, passionate relationships developing between hardened mercenaries amidst strife and turmoil.

Does that count?

If not, then invisible sex. Cloaked sex. Whatever you wanna call it. The idea of feeling sexual pleasure, but being unable to see the one giving it- godDAMN that is arousing.
>> No. 11687
You must be me and I must be you.

Im glad Im not the only one who gained a rubber/gasmask kink from TF2.
>> No. 11688
The "kink" of dominating several people at once and laughing maniacally as they all try to chase my down.
Im lookin at you Nyx.

File 133027957858.jpg - (46.57KB , 502x377 , Computer.jpg )
11662 No. 11662 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Figured this is the place to ask about this kind of thing. TL;DR ahead

So, my new computer decided to ultimately ragequit life a while ago. Now I'm stuck with my old comp from 2003.

TF2 runs on it, though I have everything set to low (except the model detail is set to medium for some reason).

My question is, are there any ways to let me enjoy TF2 on this 2003 piece of shit without my framerate dropping to 5 to 10 frames per second as soon as a huge clusterfuck of players and projectiles happen?

I also don't know how to computer in the least.

Here are the specs of this old thing:

Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 11663
Forgot to add

Resolution of tf2 is at 1152 x 864, window mode.
>> No. 11667
The CPU is horribad. You could try a config that improves fps by removing all unnecessary crap (such as Chris' maxframes or highframes) but you will probably still get fps drops. FB is having issues at the moment so I dumped maxframes from my cfg folder at http://pastebin.com/TCAs4NVt. Keep in mind that if you don't modify it, it will disable sprays, eyes and ragdolls/gibs. Here's an installation guide if you're not sure how to do it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQfvyjGjhMg

File 129995211788.jpg - (57.57KB , 458x678 , Pot.jpg )
3961 No. 3961 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Post your first hat and your reaction.

Me: Pot - Happy!
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>> No. 11209
First hat: Tyrant's Helm
... At a net cafe.
>> No. 11665
I had the gibus as my first hat of course but...

I just got my first drop hat, the Surgeon's Stahlhelm after 157 hours of play time. I sat in my chair then proceeded to flail like an adolescent in pure happiness.
>> No. 11666
First hat drop: Industrial festiviser. I was so psyched at this, because it was exactly what I wanted.

First craft: Uhh...It was the hat that goes with Demo's desert set or whatever. I didn't like it, and I'm too lazy to look it up.

First hat buy: Geisha boy. Worth every penny.

File 132821634972.png - (111.48KB , 400x240 , blog_nowfeaturing_9.png )
11385 No. 11385 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

>This year, the lovable, indecipherable Pyro finally gets some time in the spotlight. There will be blood. And not like in the movie There Will Be Blood, either, where there was only blood at the end, and not even very much of it. Ours has lots of blood pretty much all the way through.
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>> No. 11537
Part of me hopes that we'll eventually get a legitimate proposal out of this.

I can't see myself playing $100 for anything unless I was completely serious.
>> No. 11627
Why does it sound so unlogic?
random rich fool with no friends spends 100 dollars only to make stupid joke, i want the misc. ring for my collection, i pay him in return when he proposes me, i get the ring, he gets something with the stupid joke. Why does it sound so strange? Would it be more logic to just spend 100 dollars and only to get the stupid joke?
>> No. 11633
the fact you're underpaying and still expecting it

when someone more set on the idea could offer HALF and get it

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