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File 133027957858.jpg - (46.57KB , 502x377 , Computer.jpg )
11662 No. 11662 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Figured this is the place to ask about this kind of thing. TL;DR ahead

So, my new computer decided to ultimately ragequit life a while ago. Now I'm stuck with my old comp from 2003.

TF2 runs on it, though I have everything set to low (except the model detail is set to medium for some reason).

My question is, are there any ways to let me enjoy TF2 on this 2003 piece of shit without my framerate dropping to 5 to 10 frames per second as soon as a huge clusterfuck of players and projectiles happen?

I also don't know how to computer in the least.

Here are the specs of this old thing:

Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series

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>> No. 11663
Forgot to add

Resolution of tf2 is at 1152 x 864, window mode.
>> No. 11667
The CPU is horribad. You could try a config that improves fps by removing all unnecessary crap (such as Chris' maxframes or highframes) but you will probably still get fps drops. FB is having issues at the moment so I dumped maxframes from my cfg folder at http://pastebin.com/TCAs4NVt. Keep in mind that if you don't modify it, it will disable sprays, eyes and ragdolls/gibs. Here's an installation guide if you're not sure how to do it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQfvyjGjhMg

File 129995211788.jpg - (57.57KB , 458x678 , Pot.jpg )
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Post your first hat and your reaction.

Me: Pot - Happy!
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>> No. 11209
First hat: Tyrant's Helm
... At a net cafe.
>> No. 11665
I had the gibus as my first hat of course but...

I just got my first drop hat, the Surgeon's Stahlhelm after 157 hours of play time. I sat in my chair then proceeded to flail like an adolescent in pure happiness.
>> No. 11666
First hat drop: Industrial festiviser. I was so psyched at this, because it was exactly what I wanted.

First craft: Uhh...It was the hat that goes with Demo's desert set or whatever. I didn't like it, and I'm too lazy to look it up.

First hat buy: Geisha boy. Worth every penny.

File 132821634972.png - (111.48KB , 400x240 , blog_nowfeaturing_9.png )
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>This year, the lovable, indecipherable Pyro finally gets some time in the spotlight. There will be blood. And not like in the movie There Will Be Blood, either, where there was only blood at the end, and not even very much of it. Ours has lots of blood pretty much all the way through.
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>> No. 11537
Part of me hopes that we'll eventually get a legitimate proposal out of this.

I can't see myself playing $100 for anything unless I was completely serious.
>> No. 11627
Why does it sound so unlogic?
random rich fool with no friends spends 100 dollars only to make stupid joke, i want the misc. ring for my collection, i pay him in return when he proposes me, i get the ring, he gets something with the stupid joke. Why does it sound so strange? Would it be more logic to just spend 100 dollars and only to get the stupid joke?
>> No. 11633
the fact you're underpaying and still expecting it

when someone more set on the idea could offer HALF and get it

File 132887244383.png - (678.43KB , 600x600 , IMGDrGMedicPack1.png )
11447 No. 11447 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Yes you read that right!

You, yes you can help decide on future Dr. Grordbort items for Team Fortress 2.

Jump over to the Steam Workshop to vote, rate and comment on which future pack you'd like to see become reality.

Are you a Man of Science or a Rocketeer from the Future?

Tell us what you'd like to see - One, t'other, both, or fall down the stairs and crack your head on the concrete are all valid responses - get voting!


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>> No. 11621
I've heard three terms for three types of Medic.

The first one is 'Passive Medic;' A Medic who just runs around and heals people. Gets plenty of assists, but isn't good at saving himself when in danger.

The next two I've seen interchanged, but I've mostly heard them used like so:

Combat Medic: A Medic who heals his team as much as possible, but isn't afriad to take out his gun against a vunurable sentry in Doublecross or someplace. (We've all taken out a lvl.3 sentry as Medic. It's pathetically easy.) He'll use his needles when they are more use to him than a team mate. A really good combat Medic will use the crossbow and heal/kill from across the map.

Battle Medic: This is what everyone despises. He's the Medic that will charge out with the Blutsauger with the thought in his head that it's as powerful as a scattergun. He'll seldom get kills and rarely heal his team.
There are good battle Medics though. I've been a good battle Medic before, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing; 'RED Medic is a fucking monster' in the chat. The key to being a good battle Medic is to equip the head and Blutsauger, then play in the most seldom traveled parts of the map. Lead your targets, and run backwards. They'll fall to your aids-filled needles in a heartbeat.

The last and best type of Medic, which is more of a branch off the battle Medic type, is the chain ubering Medic. These two will fuck shit up, even for a team consisting mostly of Pyros. A chain uber is really hard to pull off, and even the best Medics will find it hard. But it reaps rewards and dominations, it is worth the effort.
>> No. 11622

Ah, gotcha. Whether I Combat Medic or Passive Medic depends on who's on my team- but unfortunately there's the odd server where defending yourself at all is frowned upon. Maybe I should just not go Medic at all there unless there's someone to back me up.
>> No. 11623
Yeah, that's a good strategy. Unless you've observed the Heavy or Soldier on your team to be really good, Medic is a waste of time. Demos and Pyros are occasionally good partners, but unless the Pyro can airblast, she's a waste of your medigun's time. Also, never pocket a Demoknight and expect a sucessful uber. It just doesn't happen in public servers.

Why am I saying this, you probably know this already.

File 132676293447.jpg - (7.62KB , 250x250 , tumblr.jpg )
11261 No. 11261 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How about a tumblr thread.
Where we share TF2 tumblrs and our own TF2 specific tumblrs.

Starting with one of my favourite TF2 tumblrs...

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>> No. 11543
What the hell. Here's mine. http://demonfox38.tumblr.com/

It's mostly TF2 posts and reposts, but I occasionally wax on about various NES games and Tales RPGs. There's also an inexplicably high content of mermaid reposts. Love me some sea bitches.
>> No. 11576
>> No. 11586
the most beautiful of blogs. http://awkwardtf2screenshots.tumblr.com/

File 132778016675.jpg - (125.17KB , 552x331 , TF2-Sniper-Update-Day-7-The-Jarate-and-Achievement.jpg )
11315 No. 11315 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Enter something TF2 related. Post results.

>There is a Jarate coming. Are you sure you're on the right side?
>You're gonna need a bigger Jarate.
>No other factory in the world mixes its Jarate by waterfall. But it's the only way if you want it just... right.
>You had me at 'Jarate'.
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>> No. 11554
>I know this sounds crazy, but ever since yesterday on the road, I've been seeing this Spy.

>You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the Spy.
>> No. 11555
File 132968479282.jpg - (61.73KB , 340x340 , Pfft.jpg )
>Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy Wanker.
>> No. 11560
Hats! Why did it have to be hats?

File 132797463117.jpg - (46.71KB , 512x512 , pyrothumbsup.jpg )
11351 No. 11351 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Post your pyro loadout, favorite weapons, and how they complement each other.

EX. my "roaming pyro" setup

The detonator is great for detjumping and getting behind enemy lines, while also causing general chaos. The backburner is (obviously) good for surprising lone enemies and mass murder when having detjumped behind the entire enemy team. The backscratcher is good for roaming pyros, as you might not have a medic with you. They're probably helping your team on the frontlines. And when you DO encounter a lost little medic, the Backscratcher works great for building Ubercharge, which he can then go and deploy on an offensive class in a push.

My normal loadout is Degreaser, shotgun, Powerjack or Third Degree (which is awesome)
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11429
vintage backburner, sheerly out of preference. i have a degreaser, but i simply prefer the backburner because i circle-strafe like nobody's business and i get a crit bonus. and despite the fact that the cost is 50 ammo, i use the airblast to my discretion. if i see a scout on fire near the spawn, i'm not going to extinguish them. if i see an engulfed medic on the front lines, definitely.

i use the detonator for flare-sniping and det-jumping. it actually comes in very handy (combined with a crouch jump) when i need to get to a higher place and i have health to spare. when enemies move out of my flamethrower's range, i nail them with the flare. thankfully, my extensive practice with aiming the detonator gives me a pretty nifty chance of hitting my target.

as for melee, i stick to either the axtinguisher or the homewrecker. i like pyrbroing it up with the engineers, so i'm usually wielding the latter.
>> No. 11437
Phlogistinator, Shotgun, Axtinguisher.

Even when I switch out to another flamethrower I tend to forget or forgo the air-blast out of carelessness, and for some reason I find the Phlog's reach easier to use.

I like the Phlog-Shotgun combo a lot because I use Shotgun as my primary, approach that way and do smaller bits of damage while shorter-range classes try to get close, then switch out when I run out of shots so when they try to charge me they run right into the Phlog's range. Then I can get out of larger-ranged classes' way easier because I still have enough space. I do ambushes as well when it's a good time, but with the Shotgun I can take it head-on as long as my timing is right.
>> No. 11439
Vanilla Stranges + Homewrecker

Fck y'all. I love taking a scout by surprise when he thinks he can weapon heckle me. Shotgun comes out, he gets buckshot at medium and long range. Also, rage spies when they gank the engie and then try to sap his stuff. I set them on fire, then save the buildings. Then roast them some more.

I must be doing something right, because I ranked up my Strange flamethrower four times in one cp_orange_superfort match.


File 131182724211.jpg - (117.92KB , 1024x768 , 2011-07-17_00029.jpg )
7905 No. 7905 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
People can get creative when changing their screenname.
i've seen names such as: SHAKE N' BAKE, The Rape Train Has No Brakes, The Pope, Don Juan, I'M PERFECT, StonerPanda, Adolf Kritler, Magic Pumpkin Muffin...the list goes on. any chuckle-worthy names?
105 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11425
I played with a guy known as "I'm using your Wifi" for a while. I don't know about you but I found that name hilarious.
>> No. 11434
I'm pretty sure I've played on a server with The Internet.

Today I saw a Demoman called Cigger Nock, which gave me a (rather guilty) giggle.
>> No. 11468
File 132901108183.jpg - (198.60KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-01-14_00001.jpg )
This only works with my screenie.

Also, "Hobogod: Lord of the Hobos" had me going for hours. "Soaking Wet and Clueless" was also pretty good.

File 132814157214.png - (215.11KB , 640x360 , Heavy_Weapons_Guy.png )
11374 No. 11374 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I hear TF2 is a pretty cool game.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11382
I think it contends for best hat simulator of 2012
>> No. 11383

Nah it's shit mate

Don't know why you'd come around here with opinions like those
>> No. 11384
I play it for the dicks.

File 132770111366.jpg - (33.03KB , 542x323 , medic_statue.jpg )
11309 No. 11309 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, they've announced the new Medic statue. Lets all gawk over it and whine about how poor we all are. Or, if you're rich, gloat. (Maybe buy us one?)

Also, what statue are you guys hoping for next? I want them to release a Sniper one.
20 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11373
Valve have confirmed that Medic's name is NOT Josef Heilburger:
>> No. 11378
Aww, I liked Heilburger. Josef reminds me too much of Mengele to be funny.
>> No. 11379
Thanks for the clarification image. (I still might use 'Heilburger' as an insult from the Soldier.)

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