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File 132743933226.jpg - (30.44KB , 500x400 , bestpictureever.jpg )
11295 No. 11295 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Going by this theory, anyone wanna speculate just how many universes TF2 is technically a part of?
>> No. 11296
Oh finally, this thread was made. Now I can post my all-to-long opinion that very few people care about!

I like to think that each game in the Orange Box takes place in the same universe, just at different times. TF Industries started around....whenever Zeph founded it, then along came Aperture in the 1950's. Aperture went bankrupt in the 70's, and were bailed out by TF Industries or whoever. Then a bunch of stuff happened up to the events of HL2, and the Portal games.

Something in my gut tells me that they're not alone in that universe; that there's more games in the years between 1975 and 20--. A little part of me likes to believe that this all takes place on the same Earth that Lord of the Rings took place on eons ago, mainly becuase of the magic in HL2, and other things that cannot be explained with logic. But that's just my dumb and poorly-conveyed opinion. Have a great day!
>> No. 11299
Hahaha, I'm sorry, "Magic"? "Things that connot be explained"? Explained in our paradigm of science maybe! That doesn't make it magic.
>> No. 11302
By 'magic' and 'things that cannot be explained,' I'm talking about some things around the vortagon in HL2. My sister, who knows way more about HL2 than I do, says they use 'magic or some healing power.' (I've only played half the game, so I take her word for it.)

File 132731145150.png - (212.51KB , 785x714 , 47390274298374293847.png )
11291 No. 11291 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
TF2 traders, get in here!

As many of you know...Tf2 has made Ellis Cap Craftable now. You can craft it with another hat now. The question I raise is simple. Many of Ellis's hats are being "destroyed" in the process leaving out a certain % of them out of existence. If this continues...will Ellis's Cap increase in value?

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>> No. 11293
Rarity is only one of a number of factors when it comes to the value of a hat. The Hetman's Headpiece for instance is incredibly rare, but you'll be hard pressed to find many people shitting themselves over it.

Ellis' cap never had any cache value like Bill's Hat and the Buds do, it can still be received for buying L4D2 (I think?), although it can be worn by any class it only looks good on one or two of them, and finally it's just one of myriad baseball caps in the game. These all combine to make Ellis' Cap a low value hat, even now it can be crafted.
>> No. 11294

Delurking just to say the Alien Swarm hat probably will never be craftable if Valve is smart; the game is from is free and it does not take long to get the hat, which means that players could exploit the system of rebuild headgear and just use the Alien Swarm hats, which means easier to get hats.

Lots of idlers would probably use the exploit so money should not normally be a problem.
>> No. 11298
What color is the hat?

I'd like to match my Monday night combat-socks with it. Naturally i could paint both Team spirit but and it would match Scout's shirt too, but i think it's a bit too bright.

Can i get the same colour as Ellis cap with the new team spirit-esque colours?

File 131975044773.jpg - (38.40KB , 400x370 , oh demo.jpg )
9740 No. 9740 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
After playing Tf2 for a few hours today, concentrating heavily on my Spying, I had to go to work at the theatre space. Just putting about, placing props where they need to be, and I found myself ducking into corners, and just waiting.

And I thought, 'What the hell am I doing?'

Realized, 'Oh. I'm waiting for my cloak to recharge'.

Stories of times you've found TF2 seeping into your own life. Go.
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>> No. 11279
>walking in the store
>phantom hear 'MEDIIIIC'
>look up

too much tf2
>> No. 11281
For some reason, whenever I see the number 144, I say 'ENFORCER CRIT!' in my head...because that's the damage it does on a crit. Don't know why I have it memorized, either...

captcha: should hiskerg. Hmm. Maybe if I do this 'hiskerg' method captcha is implying, I would stop doing this, or something.
>> No. 11288
File 132712593148.png - (284.21KB , 1500x1500 , wheatley__portal_2_by_littlemeesh-d3eh5w0.png )
>Play Portal 2: "The Escape".
>Wheatley says "Hang on, let me light this jump for you."
>Press Z-2 on reflex.

File 132589315042.jpg - (69.37KB , 256x256 , spraypackicon_2.jpg )
11202 No. 11202 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, would people be interested in doing Achievements together at some point, on some server? Some of those are quite hard to get without help, especially those requiring playing with something like 5 people on your friend list. But some dicussion:

- Could it be done on the Mantrain at some point? Or could we use a temporarily started server?

- Would people be interested this only once, or many times?

Share your thoughts
>> No. 11205
I was lucky enough to stumble with a server in which cp_foundry was always on, and the people there (about 10) were all helping each other getting the achievements.
Thats how I got ma steam hat the day after the map got introduced.

I am not adverse to the idea, but know there are some servers (Sydler's Idle server, for example) that have a special feature that gets you all the achievements (except the last 2 of the replay update). You can see people get 5-7 weapons drop at the time (because of all them achievements).
>> No. 11218
I want in on this and I hope some other people will express interest as well.
I'm gonna have a hard time getting a few of the achievements otherwise, because I just don't know anybody on Steam.
>> No. 11254
Anyone else up to this? Should we try to set something up on IRC or something? Or actually, can you like schedule events on steam groups or something?

File 132634451474.jpg - (31.67KB , 640x480 , 1325494796118.jpg )
11229 No. 11229 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey there fuckers! so. im a pretty decent sniper voice, and im gonna make a voice pack that's only activated when you have the Huntsman equipped. (or maybe you'll have to bind some toggle key. idk yet. I know a lot of snipers prefer the Huntsman over the rifle and have complained in the Steam Forums and here and places and stuff. SO! here are a few lines that i think will do well. please! input or ideas are very welcome!

-Ya just got shafted!
-It's like a backstab that's useful, innit?
-Look like a bleedin' shish-kabob!
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>> No. 11247
I'm not sure the conditions for specific voice responses exist for the Huntsman. They probably never set up a flag for it...

Same way you can't differentiate an environment kill from a telefrag in the kill feed, or the Ubersaw taunt kill from a regular kill.
>> No. 11249
. (or maybe you'll have to bind some toggle key. idk yet. I kn
>> No. 11252
By that I also mean that all snipers will be saying this regardless of what they have equipped.

Also you should write lip syncing scripts if you feel like getting fancy.

No. 11239 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Just wondering if anybody saved the movie posters from the halloween update with all of the classes costumes and the movie description.

I'm not sure why I need an embed but here:

File 132603182779.png - (250.60KB , 600x513 , Pyroplaysfireman.png )
11210 No. 11210 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Since nothing ever catches fire in TF2 except for people and Engineer's buildings, does that mean that they have the same technique as in Fahrenheit 451 to make things inflammable? If so, why doesn't Engineer use it for his buildings?
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>> No. 11215
Don't forget, the maps are all just covers for secret spy bases.

I wouldn't be surprised if everything was just sculpted concrete or something.
>> No. 11227
I love how windows don't even get a little crack when you shoot 4 rockets at them.
>> No. 11230
My theory has always been this: every time you see the administrator, she's always in her control room with cameras everywhere. and when youre playing, zoom out and view the skyboxes. these places theyre fighting in are in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. so i assume everything is set-up much akin to Portal. Which accounts for the synthetic buildings. also, the items (e.g. buckets, sheets of metal) laying around the maps dont move when you kick or shoot rockets at them, so i assume that they're glued or locked into the ground. just props. so possibly the engineer cant use them, as they arent made of functional metal?

File 131916766356.jpg - (125.92KB , 400x400 , tf2 noob standstill.jpg )
9591 No. 9591 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
We've all been there.
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>> No. 11223
File 132618386514.jpg - (24.68KB , 400x400 , 13061547.jpg )
>> No. 11226
I know how hitscan works and Im good with shotguns and pistols but I still can't hit anything with Spy's revolver.
>> No. 11228

Probably your aim.
Revolver is more precise and slower to fire. With the pistol you at least have the rapid fire and, depending on your class, 200 ammo. With the shotgun, the spread is larger.

File 132444293094.png - (57.62KB , 261x246 , Untitled.png )
10948 No. 10948 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Am I the only one hoping it really is a character proposing to Pyro?
Though I guess a real person proposing to another real person might be cool, too. I guess.
17 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11219
>Perhaps one of the classes has finally plucked up the courage to propose to the Pyro. He/she/it has been waiting long enough.

There are so many delightful things about this statement, I don't even know where to start. I would have to invent new vocabulary just to describe how giddy this makes me.
>> No. 11220
That actually would be a great idea.
>> No. 11224
If it werent for a fact that we've already had a "vs Spy" thing.

File 131067332736.jpg - (429.17KB , 1000x1000 , 128149600884.jpg )
7387 No. 7387 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I liked that discussion awhile back about how each class has a unique set of teeth, can we have something like that again?

Valve really puts a lot of effort into tiny things people might not even notice, like how cold air escapes the fridge in Meet The Medic, or Scout's fourth wall-breaking finger smudge in Meet The Scout. I love them for that.
89 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10619
File 132313502479.png - (84.43KB , 288x321 , 131362687653.png )

Well, considering Scootma doesn't really HAVE an official character, her accent matches Scout's pretty closely, and her "attitude" matches that of a woman who's gone through everything she has (Eight kids... EIGHT. Who presumably taught Scout ALL THEY KNOW. Lord bless her), I think these soundfiles are very fitting.

The only other soundfiles I've heard of hers are of Female Spy, and I gusta'd the hell out of those.
>> No. 10620
She also has done some Medic, Scout, and she's working on an Engie right now.

Thinking of making up a French language pack for ChemicalAlia's Spy, myself, actually, once Christmas is over.
>> No. 11217
  if this is the inspiration for the second half of More Gun, then i will tip my many hats to valve.

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