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File 132295911993.png - (212.54KB , 500x499 , Soldier_Exquisite_Rack.png )
10575 No. 10575 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Some people think they are lame, and they may not even be the greatest hats in the game, but they certainly are cool in their own right and I would certainly be glad to have any of them. Such as:

Ye Olde Baker Boy
Whoopee Cap
Scotsman's Stovepipe
Mining's Light
Soldier's Stash
Trophy Belt
Cadaver's Cranium
Doctor's Dapper Topper
Exquisite Rack
Glenngarry Bonnet
Magnificent Mongolian
Old Guadalajara
Modest Pile of Hat (I like it better than the tower)
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>> No. 10583
Gentleman's Gatsby
everyone says it's the worst medic hat but I think it's one of the best
simple yet classy
>> No. 10586
i wear the modest pile of hat cause it looks more noble ;) and i like it. but i dont wear it with sniper, only with medic, cause i hate to be a 8-feet-target ;)
>> No. 10587
well i confused it with noble assessment of hats

File 132267043876.png - (61.72KB , 250x208 , tumblr_ltlkhkb9SZ1qc5e3x.png )
10469 No. 10469 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Apologies if this is the wrong place to post – I’m not sure where else to ask.

I’ve only been playing tf2 for about 2 months, but recently on a lot of the servers I play on I get accused of hacking. About 70% of the time people will try to ban or kick me, and about 50% of the time they succeed. I play as medic pretty often and I do manage to take down a lot of people, but mostly because I use the Solemn Vow to decide on fight or flight.

Does this happen to other people? Is there any way I can prevent it? I love this game and I want to become a better player, but it’s hard when this keeps happening.
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>> No. 10517
you should start by stopping hacking
>> No. 10536

I think I will be doing that in the coming weeks - I've found a few people nearby who play on private servers. Thank you for your advice.


Often it's people who are butthurt and raging, I've noticed. It's never people on my team, often people I've killed a number of times or earned a high amount of dominations. I prefeeer to only go battle medic if I'm on my own, but sometimes it can't be helped.


Your help knows no bounds.
>> No. 10542
You can try the Humpaholics Anonymous servers, they have really good players and sometimes bitch if you don't have their skill level (the other downside is that last I've heard, they're banning for being a battle Medic? But I see that you won't have problems with that).

File 132279003629.jpg - (33.59KB , 546x315 , itsy_bitsy_spyer.jpg )
10521 No. 10521 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So, it seems we now have a third version of the pocket medic (and the second one made specifically for the engie) called the "Itsy Bitsy Spyder" ( a voodoo doll with the likeness of the spy with pins sticking out of it)
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>> No. 10530

I know the name it was submitted as was "The Stitched Saboteur". Dunno why it was changed.
>> No. 10532
Maybe they kept mispelling 'Saboteur'.
>> No. 10551
>"Say, Engie! Is that a miniature Spy in your pocket, or are you just happy to OH GOD STOP HITTING ME WITH THAT WRENCH!"

Why does the item description read like Soldier's voice?

File 13220174704.png - (179.58KB , 500x277 , tumblr_lu4j4vrUlq1qdxh0p.png )
10257 No. 10257 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Brief update to TF2 today- Doctor Whoa bowtie added for Spy and Medic, plus Frankenheavy taunt. Anyone have image/video? The possibility of new Heavy lines delights me.

Also, is Trine 2 any good? Any time there's a Mac-compatible preorder bonus, I'm interested. Plus, the possibility of equipping my Medic with a bowtie, nerd glasses, and a wizard hat is too hilarious to pass up.
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>> No. 10398
File 132237313989.jpg - (65.06KB , 600x413 , furries.jpg )
Brace for it...
>> No. 10406
is there any legitimacy to this conversation at all

In it's current state, I just think it was made to troll people because the furries would be satisfied
>> No. 10527
File 132279711399.jpg - (69.20KB , 400x301 , 11842415.jpg )

File 132077584873.jpg - (31.31KB , 350x267 , 35475.jpg )
10010 No. 10010 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Only few painful weeks, and it should be here. Or will it... what do you think?
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>> No. 10304
my graphics are turned way down so it probably blended in for me heh
>> No. 10436
File 132252696950.jpg - (136.01KB , 894x894 , der_krampus_medic__sketches__by_kelster23-d48v58a.jpg )
Krampus Medic for update plz...
>> No. 10526
File 132279688388.jpg - (93.97KB , 1022x768 , brilliant2.jpg )
someone did it. glorious.

File 131950817556.jpg - (381.19KB , 2692x596 , Murder_Doll_Dressup.jpg )
9699 No. 9699 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Let's compare notes on how pretty we made our mercenaries!

Poor and/or Irish need not comment.
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>> No. 10486
But most of those skins suck.
>> No. 10492
OP here on the concept of skins-
I pulled the textures of the HWM classes, modify them, and use it as a skin for the standard models, it lets me see the high quality faces without the strange animations and occasional bug. I also use a custom lightwarp. I find it to be a much better way of affecting the look of the classes without making them messy.

Also I took off the Whiskered Gentleman and put on The Last Breath.
>> No. 10497
File 132271355364.jpg - (579.32KB , 2168x494 , sniper why is your loadout so stupid.jpg )
nothing too special, im not a fan of painting my hats

File 131990982488.jpg - (113.29KB , 467x388 , polka band.jpg )
9839 No. 9839 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What do you figure the Mercs do in their time off from killing one another?

I've got this sneaking suspicion that Heavy and Medic moonlight on Saturday evenings as a Polka band at all-you-can-eat buffets
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>> No. 10215
File 132184721055.gif - (90.57KB , 306x152 , 131925278752.gif )
Picture relevant.

>> No. 10415
Engineer builds things for Spy-tech and Spy nags him to build him stuff for free because they're 'friends.'
>> No. 10444
File 132254455188.png - (330.47KB , 700x850 , TF2__Pyro__s_spare_time_by_Tijnisch.png )
This is obviously the truth.

File 132237921255.jpg - (55.39KB , 330x266 , humon_hoobyraeg.jpg )
10399 No. 10399 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Rob Laro, who submitted The Homewrecker, The Black Box set, and was commissioned to do the Shogun/Deus Ex sets, didn't get a free irl version of the Grenadier's Softcap when they released it into the Valve Store. The hat he created.

Apparently Makani wasn't invited to the Steam-Powered Tales signings either, didn't get a free copy of the book, and isn't even credited. Even though she easily draws as much of the TF2 comics as Michael Oeming does in the book.

It irritates me, honestly. I don't have my copy of the comic yet, but if she seriously isn't credited at all in it, I'm going to be furious.
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>> No. 10409
I advise that folks don't get their undies in a bunch over speculation.

Rob Laro is perfectly capable of asking for a free hat of his design. It shouldn't be Valve's sole responsibility to offer a bonus compensation when they already send Rob checks for his content sold in the Mann Co Store. Valve seems generous enough to comply.

And since I do have a copy of the Steam Powered stories, I can confirm that I don't see any credits for Makani or the colorist either. So there's that fact checked. But at least, Makani had been paid for her work and she was still credited on things like Portal 2. It's not a horrible injustice, just a whoops on Valve's or probably Dark Horse's part.
>> No. 10411
Apologies. I won't bring it up again.

As long as they get paid, I realize that should be enough.
>> No. 10413
I don't know anything about the Rob Laro situation, but I can address some of the Valve/Darkhorse book issues, since I helped out with the signing and am friends with the editor of the book:

Makani is a contract artist, not an actual employee at Valve. All the other people at the signing were Valve employees that lived in Seattle. The signing (not signingS, there was just one) was in Portland, and while that is an easy drive from Seattle, I doubt they could have flown Makani in from Texas for just one evening of comic signing in a Portland comic shop. Also there are no credits for any of the artists in the book (or at least not proper ARTIST: blah blah COLORIST: blah blah credits), which I thought was a little weird, but they're not singling out Makani there.

Valve is super nice and if anything was overstepped (which happens a lot with companies involving multiple employees), I am sure if the offended parties just asked about it they would be answered promptly. They're nice guys. They like making sure the people who help out with their products get paid for it.

tl;dr calm yourself

File 132218756611.jpg - (453.15KB , 900x900 , bulletpfoo.jpg )
10330 No. 10330 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Alright, I'm not even gonna pretend to not be thatscoutisaspy this time.

If you wanna watch this video, go ahead. If you don't, then don't.

5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10351
Welp, this is my new favourite thing.

And just when I'd been thinking I hadn't listened to silly remixes in ages. A+
>> No. 10356

Changed my mind and ended up using YouTube to MP3 anyways.
>> No. 10362
Refrain from using the /dis/ board for self-promotion. If you want to share general TF2 videos, use the video thread here on /dis/. If you want to make a thread to share your video work, make it in /projects/.

Locking thread and marking for deletion.

File 132196992969.jpg - (51.79KB , 486x760 , 1320119550629.jpg )
10250 No. 10250 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So I was playing TF2 earlier and a sniper was trying to climb a ladder for a while, trying to slide up it seeing if that would work.

I looked at his profile, he had about 11 hours playtime, although only a portion of that was actual playing (1.3 hours as sniper at most). In his inventory was a clean High-Five taunt. Lucky bastard.

I'm sure there's stories better than this. F2P stories thread?

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