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File 132385248034.png - (71.82KB , 205x205 , 1322519243809.png )
10775 No. 10775 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I know this is TF2 discussion area, but I think this is worthy enough to be posted here, both because its a good deal and its charity.

Number four is out, and boy is this one a hum dinger. At the time of writing this, you can get seven, count em, seven indie games for less than a dollar a game, not only that, but included in these games are the critically acclaimed Super Meat Boy and Cave Story+, a game which has been called "The best 2D platformer since the days of Super Nintendo"

Can it get better? Yes actually. The reason these games are so cheap is for charity, namely the Red Cross and the Child's Play charity, and out of the money you pay, you get to select how much of what goes where. Sure you could download these games for free, but come on, this is a great deal for a great cause and only scum steal from charity.

If you don't want to buy it, fair enough, but if you do want these games, you'll never get a better price or for a better cause.

Cheers, Donny.
>> No. 10776
File 132385379195.jpg - (157.00KB , 520x800 , 131215131727.jpg )
Already bought it, just as usual. Amazing deal that just gets more amazing with each passing issue of the bundle. You seriously can't go wrong with this. And since everyone can give just how much they want, there's no pressure. Just good money donated to good charity.

File 132295781418.jpg - (155.43KB , 600x500 , wat.jpg )
10573 No. 10573 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I feel like I'm a bit of a minority here. Am I the only person could honestly couldn't care less about unusual hats? I overall they're just "meh" to me. There are a few combinations that would be cool, like fire brigade helm, but even then I'd much rather have the multitude of other cosmetic items I could get by selling it.
>> No. 10577
You are not alone, anon. I don't care for unusuals at all either. Some of them look nifty, but there are so few that I really can't be bothered. I dunno, it just kinda feels tacky and distracting most of the time. They are also seriously bad to use in comp play because they make you very easy to track down, so that doesn't help either.
>> No. 10579
Yeah, I don't much understand it myself (which is rather derogatory considering how much I wanted to sell my soul for a Haunted B'Ankh and Haunted Blazing Bull)

The only items that should have a rarity value are weapons, makes much more sense

Next they'll be introducing "STRANGE HATS" that upgrade to another level each half a dozen or so hours you wear it
>> No. 10607
I can totally agree on that one. The other day my friend uncrated a trophy belt with one of the Halloween effects on it, a guy traded it to him for a copy of portal 2. I honestly don't get why he wanted that hat so much.

File 132297328869.png - (159.76KB , 500x865 , demoknight_by_getgrenade-d41wwl7.png )
10580 No. 10580 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Although said subclass is usually most effective when played with Spy logic, and overall partially occupies Spies' niche in gameplay, the difference in gamestyle of Demoman and Knight are quite drastic.
In fact, they are drastic enough for Demoknight to be considered a different class. Or at least I think so.
I am fully aware that some loadouts incorporating parts of both has proved to be quite efficient, yet I don't feel that these occasional, situational and map based WINs are weighty enough NOT TO make Demoknight a separate class.
Discuss, my kind sires.
>> No. 10589
File 132299484313.png - (487.12KB , 639x475 , HatsuneGaben.png )
Dude, we have known that for like forever. Did it really take you so long to realise this?

File 132295911993.png - (212.54KB , 500x499 , Soldier_Exquisite_Rack.png )
10575 No. 10575 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Some people think they are lame, and they may not even be the greatest hats in the game, but they certainly are cool in their own right and I would certainly be glad to have any of them. Such as:

Ye Olde Baker Boy
Whoopee Cap
Scotsman's Stovepipe
Mining's Light
Soldier's Stash
Trophy Belt
Cadaver's Cranium
Doctor's Dapper Topper
Exquisite Rack
Glenngarry Bonnet
Magnificent Mongolian
Old Guadalajara
Modest Pile of Hat (I like it better than the tower)
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>> No. 10583
Gentleman's Gatsby
everyone says it's the worst medic hat but I think it's one of the best
simple yet classy
>> No. 10586
i wear the modest pile of hat cause it looks more noble ;) and i like it. but i dont wear it with sniper, only with medic, cause i hate to be a 8-feet-target ;)
>> No. 10587
well i confused it with noble assessment of hats

File 132267043876.png - (61.72KB , 250x208 , tumblr_ltlkhkb9SZ1qc5e3x.png )
10469 No. 10469 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Apologies if this is the wrong place to post – I’m not sure where else to ask.

I’ve only been playing tf2 for about 2 months, but recently on a lot of the servers I play on I get accused of hacking. About 70% of the time people will try to ban or kick me, and about 50% of the time they succeed. I play as medic pretty often and I do manage to take down a lot of people, but mostly because I use the Solemn Vow to decide on fight or flight.

Does this happen to other people? Is there any way I can prevent it? I love this game and I want to become a better player, but it’s hard when this keeps happening.
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>> No. 10517
you should start by stopping hacking
>> No. 10536

I think I will be doing that in the coming weeks - I've found a few people nearby who play on private servers. Thank you for your advice.


Often it's people who are butthurt and raging, I've noticed. It's never people on my team, often people I've killed a number of times or earned a high amount of dominations. I prefeeer to only go battle medic if I'm on my own, but sometimes it can't be helped.


Your help knows no bounds.
>> No. 10542
You can try the Humpaholics Anonymous servers, they have really good players and sometimes bitch if you don't have their skill level (the other downside is that last I've heard, they're banning for being a battle Medic? But I see that you won't have problems with that).

File 132279003629.jpg - (33.59KB , 546x315 , itsy_bitsy_spyer.jpg )
10521 No. 10521 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So, it seems we now have a third version of the pocket medic (and the second one made specifically for the engie) called the "Itsy Bitsy Spyder" ( a voodoo doll with the likeness of the spy with pins sticking out of it)
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10530

I know the name it was submitted as was "The Stitched Saboteur". Dunno why it was changed.
>> No. 10532
Maybe they kept mispelling 'Saboteur'.
>> No. 10551
>"Say, Engie! Is that a miniature Spy in your pocket, or are you just happy to OH GOD STOP HITTING ME WITH THAT WRENCH!"

Why does the item description read like Soldier's voice?

File 13220174704.png - (179.58KB , 500x277 , tumblr_lu4j4vrUlq1qdxh0p.png )
10257 No. 10257 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Brief update to TF2 today- Doctor Whoa bowtie added for Spy and Medic, plus Frankenheavy taunt. Anyone have image/video? The possibility of new Heavy lines delights me.

Also, is Trine 2 any good? Any time there's a Mac-compatible preorder bonus, I'm interested. Plus, the possibility of equipping my Medic with a bowtie, nerd glasses, and a wizard hat is too hilarious to pass up.
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>> No. 10398
File 132237313989.jpg - (65.06KB , 600x413 , furries.jpg )
Brace for it...
>> No. 10406
is there any legitimacy to this conversation at all

In it's current state, I just think it was made to troll people because the furries would be satisfied
>> No. 10527
File 132279711399.jpg - (69.20KB , 400x301 , 11842415.jpg )

File 132077584873.jpg - (31.31KB , 350x267 , 35475.jpg )
10010 No. 10010 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Only few painful weeks, and it should be here. Or will it... what do you think?
16 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10304
my graphics are turned way down so it probably blended in for me heh
>> No. 10436
File 132252696950.jpg - (136.01KB , 894x894 , der_krampus_medic__sketches__by_kelster23-d48v58a.jpg )
Krampus Medic for update plz...
>> No. 10526
File 132279688388.jpg - (93.97KB , 1022x768 , brilliant2.jpg )
someone did it. glorious.

File 131950817556.jpg - (381.19KB , 2692x596 , Murder_Doll_Dressup.jpg )
9699 No. 9699 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Let's compare notes on how pretty we made our mercenaries!

Poor and/or Irish need not comment.
9 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10486
But most of those skins suck.
>> No. 10492
OP here on the concept of skins-
I pulled the textures of the HWM classes, modify them, and use it as a skin for the standard models, it lets me see the high quality faces without the strange animations and occasional bug. I also use a custom lightwarp. I find it to be a much better way of affecting the look of the classes without making them messy.

Also I took off the Whiskered Gentleman and put on The Last Breath.
>> No. 10497
File 132271355364.jpg - (579.32KB , 2168x494 , sniper why is your loadout so stupid.jpg )
nothing too special, im not a fan of painting my hats

File 131990982488.jpg - (113.29KB , 467x388 , polka band.jpg )
9839 No. 9839 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What do you figure the Mercs do in their time off from killing one another?

I've got this sneaking suspicion that Heavy and Medic moonlight on Saturday evenings as a Polka band at all-you-can-eat buffets
33 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10215
File 132184721055.gif - (90.57KB , 306x152 , 131925278752.gif )
Picture relevant.

>> No. 10415
Engineer builds things for Spy-tech and Spy nags him to build him stuff for free because they're 'friends.'
>> No. 10444
File 132254455188.png - (330.47KB , 700x850 , TF2__Pyro__s_spare_time_by_Tijnisch.png )
This is obviously the truth.

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