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File 131874990059.jpg - (86.52KB , 800x470 , TF2_Happy_Halloween_by_jaxrainer.jpg )
9459 No. 9459 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
With Halloween about two weeks away and after finding and playing on a 24/7 Halloween Event server, I' started to look forward to what Valve might do this year. What do you think they will do?

We've played next to a graveyard last year with the manor and this year I want to actually BATTLE in one or maybe around a tomb since we have an Egypt-themed map all ready. Maybe something that has to do with accidentally reviving a mummy or evoking a curse of some sort.
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>> No. 9864
Meet the Director also mentioned Heavy's actual family, it's just that Heavy refused to tell the director anything beyond what was already written in his file.
>> No. 9866
Meh he was probably just saying that to guilt the kid. Or help his mother and sisters? Dunno
>> No. 9867

Sasha does eat through $200 custom bullets - she's a growing girl you know.

File 131988170522.jpg - (45.43KB , 300x300 , 12780687186.jpg )
9828 No. 9828 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Am i the only one who have thought this when they saw Meet The Medic for the first time: When Heavy's chest burst open when medic made him the uber-procedure, the Quick-fix healed Heavy's chest completely back to normal and cured every single scratch out from him, so if Medic would have used the same procedure on Demoman, wouldn't it also mean that his missing eye would be regerated back to normal, and he would have 2 eyes like everyone else. But now the mystery is kinda solved after the Bombinomicon case. Medicine cannot beat magic
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>> No. 9846
no because demoman lost his eye when he was a kid.
jeez, read the comics on teamfortress.com
>> No. 9848
I'm starting to wonder if Marasmus is a parody of A Wizard Did It/It's Magic, I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit.
>> No. 9859

If you read the last two sentences, he mentions the Bombinomicon and how it took his eye, meaning he did read the comic.


File 131986511639.png - (64.40KB , 449x470 , PLEASE SOMEONE SHOOT ME.png )
9821 No. 9821 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, lately the horrible majority of TF2's playerbase has been glaringly in-my-face obvious, such as a half dozen players resorting to homosexual slurs at the mention of a female player and just general douchebags.
Does anyone have any recommendations for active, friendly-ish servers? I'm not asking for a teddybear hugfest, just a place I can hide from the scumbags in.
Forgive me if we already had a thread like this.
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>> No. 9852

Would you happen to have the name of the server for younger players? My kid brother enjoys playing with others online, but I'm worried that he might pick up unwanted vocabulary. Thanks in advance!
>> No. 9854
Do you know there's an option to turn off Voice Chat in the main menu? I believe it's either in the Voice or Multiplayer tabs of the Options button.
>> No. 9855
I also forgot to mention that you might want to turn off Sprays for him as well, so he doesnt have to see Hentai and Meatspin.

File 131974966863.png - (89.44KB , 450x428 , P3421_main.png )
9739 No. 9739 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

>Let's say you enjoyed Meet the Engineer. Let's say you enjoyed it so much--and especially that one scene where he serenades you and you fall in love all over again

they KNOW
>> No. 9779
Valve, you are omniscient.
>> No. 9782
File 131978302324.gif - (123.17KB , 438x542 , Unf Pyro.gif )
My appartment already has like six or seven TF2 posters in it.
But ... DAMN. Valve really got my ovaries in a twist here! I can already see it ... Next sale, that lithograph will be mine.

File 13186400894.jpg - (17.03KB , 639x347 , neine.jpg )
9424 No. 9424 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
can I buy stuff from tf2 with my cellphone money?
>> No. 9427
File 131864463753.jpg - (185.97KB , 826x986 , IamSasha.jpg )
>> No. 9428
I feel like I have seen this before.
>> No. 9709
they should have. fffff

No. 3570 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
  This thread needs to be restarted with one of the best Gmod videos in the history of everything. Watch several times to get the most out of it.
Protip: Hit 4 repeatedly while on Youtube.

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>> No. 9698
  This is beautiful.
>> No. 9731

That deserves my daily tear of manliness
>> No. 10264
I place this here... because no man should suffer alone...


File 130021219722.jpg - (78.70KB , 707x578 , itsbaru - WE ARE TEAMU desu.jpg )
4044 No. 4044 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I remember a thread about this before the crash.

Best times playing tf2

I was playing with a friend of mine one night, He was a medic and i was an engineer. It was only us in the attic on the first map in payload. My gun was merrily beeping away, when an uber heavy pops his head up to try and take my gun. He succeeded in getting my gun, but my medic had gotten an uber during this and i wrenched the heavy and medic. Couldn't stop laughing that we both managed to survive, but it was cut short when a few of the heavy's teammates decided to storm the attic.
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>> No. 9609
File 131920886185.png - (421.36KB , 634x1098 , TPH_Pyro.png )
Had 3 refined metal but was saving up to craft Bonk Boy mask.
Sister cajoles me into crafting for a random hat, but I'm hesitant because one of my metal was untradable, and I wouldn't be able to give away a sucky hat.
Eventually I gave in and with baited breath, crafted the little fucker.
"You have just crafted Towering Pillar of Hats"

I love/hate the random hat craft, it's like gambling/ trying for the lotto.
>> No. 9654
Okay, three quick stories.

First time I logged on the Mantrain, somebody was playing the orchestrated Phoenix Wright soundtrack. My best friend had just moved to Japan, and she was a huge fan of the series. So I felt happy and homesick at the same time. (I never seem to be on when everybody's on the Mantrain. Is there is a good time, in CST, for me to visit?)

Next--I firmly believe that you are playing Medic correctly when you haven't killed anybody and people are yelling over the mike about you. Let's say I had a little Harvest event where somebody raged at me for an abundance of consecutive ubers. My patient was a happy little Russian.

Third--one time, this gal and I held the basement of 2fort up for 49 minutes. It was probably some serious turtling, but I'd like to think of it more as a square dance. Two engies, a system of teleporters that made loops to and fro, two of every animal. Ya know. I think what especially made that round fun was that we had a Spy that kept riding our teleporters every time he was trying to sap them. He ended up with a wrench in his face. A lot. The only thing that broke the stalemate was our Scout getting two steals towards the last five minutes and winning the match.
>> No. 10128
While I was first getting into TF2, I met someone who was ALSO new to the game, and over the course of a year and a half we've become very close friends.

She's also the one helping me through the end of a very bad relationship that' been going on for four years.

Fuck yeah, Valve.

File 131930260051.jpg - (75.67KB , 1000x872 , crate.jpg )
9647 No. 9647 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
ok, I got a #30 crate, I want to know about it, and the worth.
>> No. 9649
File 131930353859.png - (14.59KB , 378x394 , Crate #30.png )
These particular crates are given to players much less frequently than a normal Mann Co. Supply Crate. Unlike previous special crates, it has no special key or expiration time.

File 13187876913.png - (234.84KB , 1280x984 , engi how\'d you get in there.png )
9465 No. 9465 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Share creations, resources, questions and answers here, as long as they're relevant to TF2 and the new Steam Workshop. Let's make some items together!
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>> No. 9472

Have you downloaded Source SDK yet? The decompiled files should be available in it's content folder. Took me awhile to figure this out.

Sidenote, while I feel this thread should be in /projects/, it seems like being on /dis/ would generate a bit more interesting discussion.
>> No. 9491
Any chance Macs will get Source Viewer eventually? I'm learning how to model in Maya, but for right now, I just want it for drawing ref purposes.
>> No. 9557

There should be a folder in the Team Fortress 2 game files that contain Maya-compatible character models. (No such luck for everything else, though.)

File 131880724755.png - (554.76KB , 563x536 , watavictim.png )
9471 No. 9471 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This scene in the comic, can someone elaborate?
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>> No. 9505
Most everything TF2-related is really dark if you think about it. Didn't this comic involve our heroes committing two cold-blooded murders? It's a pretty grim shade of humor.
>> No. 9509
Never seen/played/wateveritis Poker Night. Any reference links?
>> No. 9513
File 131891321172.png - (437.60KB , 493x979 , pokernight_heavy.png )
It is. I just never really thought about it that seriously before. I'm used to death in the series being able to be shrugged off, and everyone's able to respawn...

It's a crossover game by Telltale Games where you can play No Limits Texas Hold 'Em against the RED Heavy, Max (from Sam and Max), Strong Bad (from Homestar Runner), and Tycho Brahe (from Penny Arcade). The music includes a couple of jazzy TF2 remixes and unlockable TF2 Misc. items and weapons, but the main draw is the dialogue, a lot of which can be found on YouTube. Apparently Heavy has a PhD. in Russian Literature, hates Tetris, hates vodka, listens to Huey Lewis and The News, has a fetish for redheads, feels remorse over dead animals and leaving the wives and kids of the men he kills without a husband or father, and once choked the BLU Engineer to death with his own wrench because he single-handedly killed the rest of the RED team. And Gary Schwartz reprises his role as Heavy in the game.

Here's the website, if you're interested:

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