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File 131857713730.png - (137.12KB , 498x402 , Medic_Krampus_Mask3.png )
9401 No. 9401 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
He sees you when you're sleeping...
He knows when you're awake...
He knows when you've been bad or good...
So be good or be dragged to the Firey Lake!

File 12894809565.jpg - (448.87KB , 953x953 , Rocking Fortress[Front].jpg )
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we need to have a music discussion here what with all the bonk songs and what not.
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>> No. 7300
>, DWL, thanks for digging up a fun part of my childhood and combining it with something else I love.

>> No. 9362
  More Gun - As heard in Gang Garrison.
>> No. 9363
  Lady Gaga is outshined by Heavy once more.

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  We've had this thread before, we need it again.
Discuss the voice acting and translation of the game in languages other than good old English. Whose voice do you particularly like/dislike? What do you think about the translation? What's your general impression of the voice acting in your language of choice?

Video is French Sniper. I never found him or his voice to be overly sexy, but DAYUM.
Just ... DAYUM. Listen to the first minute of it and tell me you didn't immediately jizz twice.
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>> No. 8468
I dunno but I really like his "I'm on fire!" and laughing bits the best

The French versions in general are pretty good. French Scout is great, and French Soldier is hilarious.
>> No. 8474
One night, I didn't sleep at all, I just watched "Meet the" -videos in all different languages available.

After that I spoke 4 different languages + my native mixed together for a week.
>> No. 9361
I just start talking in weird accents and completely forget how to pronounce my native language.

File 129249016579.jpg - (33.33KB , 380x380 , Meavy.jpg )
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>> No. 4869
File 130342330230.jpg - (69.89KB , 653x786 , 1292481021164.jpg )
I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite pairing on the chan.
>> No. 5898
BUMP FOR GREAT JUSTICE. I seriously hurt myself laughing so hard. The world needs more. I'd do one myself, but my computer is being a pain and won't let me download it.
>> No. 9359
Looks like the site now forces you to install some shitty software.
Does anyone know a site that does the same thing but doesn't require stupid downloads?

File 13184729291.jpg - (124.49KB , 640x360 , TF2_Screen01.jpg )
9344 No. 9344 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
k so newfag here.

So I play TF2 for xbox but now I'm trying out PC. Are the hats that big of a deal for the PC? Or is just some custom shit that all the kids like to play with?
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>> No. 9350
I know how you feel OP, I used to play PS3 but recently got my hands on a PC that actually runs TF2. I am neglecting my PS3.
>> No. 9352
Same. I'd lusted after the hats, actually, but at the time that I got the Orange Box for the PS3, I didn't own a computer, mine had died spectacularly and I was stuck borrowing my mum's and figuring she didn't want me loading any violent, hard-drive consuming games onto it.

I haven't gone back to the PS3 since, even though occasionally I forget what key I need...
>> No. 9355

Starting to like the PC version, not that much different than the xbox one. Might as well play it for free, I only bought a month of Live anyway. I'll use it for L4D2 or something.

File 131442861242.png - (17.14KB , 500x500 , oek-wanka.png )
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I don't know if it's been suggested before, but if Team Fortress got made into a movie:

>Who would you like to direct?

>Who would you like to star?

>Would you go see it?

My choices are as follows:

>Director: Bryan Singer (first two X-men movies), but for the gratuitous amounts of blood and dismemberment, I'd go with Quentin Tarantino

>Actors: Ok, taking the real obvious route here: Hugh Jackman for Sniper- he's Australian, got the sideburns going, and could totally mess you up.

=Demoman is going to be a stretch, but Gerard Butler?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 9215
Holy shit.
I can definitely hear her voice, but I don't know if she can pull her off visually.
>> No. 9235
Or Glenn Close. She's made her whole career playing bitchy bosses.

I know we'll never get canon genderbends, but Alec Baldwin would make a perfect Mannouncer. Only because he was Leonardo Leonardo in Clerks: The Animated Series, and he's essentially the Mannouncer for me.
>> No. 9330
You know who would've made a good Announcer?

Eartha Kit.

File 131835892230.gif - (146.62KB , 200x200 , rage_engie.gif )
9315 No. 9315 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Tf2 won't start. Every time I try, it insists on validating the file cache. Whenever I validate the file cache on tf2, it always stops at 100% and won't actually complete. So every time I try to start, it keeps doing that and the game itself will not run.

Based on my googling I have tried:
*Defragmenting the file cache(worked for a while, but doesn't anymore. It just immediately jumps to a full bar and doesn't list the total clusters or anything. 1/ )
*Defragging the entire hard drive (again, worked for a while but now it doesn't)
*Deleting/renaming clientregistry.blob (didn't work)
*Renaming the tf2 folder and doing a fresh reinstall (worked for all of one night, and verification would still halt at 100%)
*Did a disk check to see if anything was wrong with my hard drive, including scanning for and attempting recovery of bad sectors. (nope)
*Completely reinstall Steam as well as ALL of my games, AND move Tf2 to my SSD since fragmentation doesn't mean dick on SSDs (again, worked for all of one night)

I'm at wit's end. The only thing I've done that seems to make it start is play TFC for a little bit. Probably a coincidence and I just have to wait a few minutes... or maybe it just gets jealous and decides to run for me. (I did play half life source for a little bit the other day but that didn't fix it... TFC did. So that's creepy. Then again, I didn't play hl:s for as long as TFC.)

Anyone have any idea what the hell ass balls is going on? Google has failed me.

File 131829772919.gif - (618.75KB , 200x150 , GMAN.gif )
9297 No. 9297 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So today I visited the TF2 Wiki, looking for some information on a map I'm going to use in a fanfiction.

And then this happened: http://tf2wiki.net/wiki/Maps

Um.... So, is this, like, the result of a trollfest gone undetected, or... Yeah, I think that's it.
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>> No. 9308
From what I've read, tf2wiki.net used to be the best, but everyone working on it moved over to the wiki.teamfortress project when it was Valve-sanctioned. Since then the domain got bought out by someone else who just uses it for ad revenue.

If you're a redditor, one of the official wiki mods is doing an Ask Me Anything right now (http://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/l7sil/i_am_a_long_time_moderator_on_the_official_team/), so I guess you can ask for clarification on what happened since everything I know is probably, what, fourth hand information.
>> No. 9309
I didn't know anyone still used the old TF2wiki.
>> No. 9310
I had it bookmarked. Didn't know there were two (started figuring something was up around the Uber Update, but didn't really find out for sure until just now). So, yup.

File 131104514497.jpg - (120.25KB , 500x366 , 4023635203_f448130466.jpg )
7557 No. 7557 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Think of all the classic 4 simultanious co-op arcade games and add a dash of TF2 and you've got what looks to be quite an interesting game
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>> No. 7618
W-wow... I absolutely LOVE this. I am so gonna nag my sister to play it with me once it is out.
>> No. 9211

It's live fellas, go ahead and pillage the fuck out of it!
>> No. 9234
I only have a Mac, so no support as of yet for me, but I had a friend spoil the ending for me, and I snorted. It's brilliant.

File 131744988932.jpg - (2.41KB , 220x159 , thm_93032b.jpg )
9109 No. 9109 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What are songs you associate with the classes?
Hard mode: Nothing from Tf2 or remixes with their voice clips and such.

Soldier: America Fuck Yeah!
Demoman: Princes of the Universe
Pyro: Living in the Sunlight
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>> No. 9139
Yeah. I've been kind of used to people not having any idea what I'm talking about when I bring them up... Now I'm all gleeful.
>> No. 9143

Hehe... my father loves that sort of weird old Brit stuff, so I grew up listening to the Bonzos. Still my favoritest band of all time.

And, uh, as for the thread.... my Helmet Party theme is "Better", by Jonathan Coulton, and my Sniper/Spy theme is "Bungle in the Jungle" by Jethro Tull. Despite Medic being my favorite of the team, the only song I've ever found myself associating with him in earnest is "I Want To Break Free" by Queen.
>> No. 9144
Anything Slim Dusty for Sniper

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