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File 143483907670.jpg - (79.74KB , 1024x768 , TF2-engsol-notsureifwant.jpg )
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(pic unrelated)


Miss Pauling is gay, and the fanboys are pissed.

To quote the Heavy: "Bah ha ha ha! Cry some more!"
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>> No. 14444
File 143676507551.png - (20.50KB , 736x278 , LOL-I-TROLL-YOU006507.png )

>uses "queerbaiting"
>is told it's dumb and gay

Yeah, okay.
>> No. 14473
I check up on this place and uh. I knew there was a good reason why I left
>> No. 14477
Haha yeah anon, it's been extra salty in general around here lately.

File 143732267137.gif - (0.95MB , 566x333 , 55555555.gif )
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ITT: Funny experiences. Posts are go.
>> No. 14460
File 143875877147.gif - (1.90MB , 648x368 , conganado5.gif )
joined a random workshop map server with some friends and the server's admin decided it was grappling hook time

File 143016247838.png - (1.08MB , 724x2074 , jute-moth.png )
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only posting this here because they decided to delete everything. tbh it was the "i can do what i want on my blog :D" that made me save the pics
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>> No. 14454
>> No. 14455
They're defending fictional non-con. Not real rape. And they're one individual. I don't agree with them. Rape, even in fiction, makes me uneasy. I wrote a noncon fic for drama once, and people thought it was hot. It made me so goddamn uneasy.

1. They commissioned someone to write a heterosexual Heavy/Pauling fic long before she was outed as gay. The person is merely filling out their commission.

2. She's just a fictional character. They all are. Medic's canonically possibly with a woman, and so is Heavy, and every fic I've read consistently portrays them as 100% gay, and repulsed by the idea of sex with a woman.

3. It's great to have shows with more diversity and so on, and I support it, but at the end of the day, none of this shit actually affects the real world. At all. Ever. No amount of gay porn or trans headcanons stops trans people from being brutally murdered, or gay people from being disowned by their families. That's the kind of shit that actually affects the real world.

4. Valve are such pathological liars that it's a good chance she's heterosexual. They deliberately say things to piss people off and give them false hope.
>> No. 14456


File 14330043886.png - (54.15KB , 256x274 , Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 2_49_24 PM.png )
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Anyone wanna add me on Steam by the way?
My profile's at steamcommunity.com/id/medicphisto if anyone is interested in adding me.
>> No. 14428
I tend to only add people I've known for awhile and/or have several multiplayer games in common with.

A lot of the people I've added who were strangers talked to me maybe once three years ago. I've become a little more hesitant since then. Apologies.

File 142836454046.png - (12.97KB , 100x100 , spy_is_a_creepy_fuck_by_chinqua-d309ut2.png )
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C'mon, Valve, I wanna play a little death tag. Maybe even drop some more of my hard earned dosh into buying keys hats tickets stuff. So why does the game have an aneurysm and stop displaying graphics every time I try to play?

Halp me, TF2chan-kenobi!
>> No. 14734
I don't get any "dreaded black screen of death"

Must be a problem with you

File 137862532540.png - (489.67KB , 665x768 , 127502664556.png )
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Fellow denizens of TF2chons and lurkers alike, let us be making something. We've got talented authors and artists and people from all kinds of niches - so how would you all feel about banding together to produce a thing?

I've personally got a few ideas that I thought would work as collaboration projects, but to start maybe I'll just outline the ones that will work well as first attempts:

Ghost Stories from 2fort
Or something equally halloweeny and hilarious to gear everyone up for the upcoming(?) Halloween update. Authors could be paired up with artists, completing spreads that can then be bound together as the one publication. Plenty of room here for prompts, silliness, art, models, designers, etc. Only problem I can see with this one is we have less than a month to pull it off.

The Twelve Days of Smissmas
Like above, but gearing up for Smissmas instead.

The Teufort Reader classifieds/articles
Nice and simple, we just need hilarious little classifieds, a smattering of illustrations/models, all bundled up in a nice old-timey newspaper format. For examples, check out:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 14254
With SpyTech as his fairy godcompany, granting him the disguise kit so he can go as the prettiest merc of them all to the annual Mann Co Ballsy Dance Bullshit Event?
>> No. 14337
I won't be able to run GhostFort again this year, for... many reasons. Sorry to anyone who may have been hoping for another.
If anyone is keen on doing it this year, I'm more than happy to exchange the materials I made for the last one.

Wasn't really sure of where to put this, so I figure here was as good as any, aheh
>> No. 14389
Idea: For Valentine's Day, let's do a genfic/gen art celebration. We get a lot of ship art all year round, but romantic love isn't the only type of love that exists.

File 137743974257.png - (255.03KB , 422x650 , tumblr_m0l47gOotJ1qinr2to1_500.png )
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at what age did you grow out of strange weapons?
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>> No. 14169
I like them because they give me a bit more of an objective perspective on my loadouts, and show me if I'm actually getting as much use out of a weapon as I think I am. The results are sometimes surprising.

Aside from that, though, they're not too great. I can't even remember the last time I checked my degreaser or sticky launcher kills.
>> No. 14373
Meh, I have a few. But most of mine are for melee weapons, or pistols. You know the weapons that don't really seem to get that much use? Well, they do but they don't. And I rarely check the kills I have on them unless they level up on something.

Yeah, to be honest it's pointless me having them I suppose. But I just sort of acquired them and I guess it's nice to have a stock weapon that feels slightly more unique.
>> No. 14384
File 142055453923.gif - (520.71KB , 320x178 , This is your lot in life_.gif )
Eh I have a few. I like them.

Dunno. I'm one of those people who enjoy flipping through their stuff and just looking at it. So I like counting my kills. I'm also one of those people who smoke a bit fat blunt before starting up a game, so maybe I'm just infantile like that.

File 134110397895.png - (668.18KB , 2560x1181 , TF2loadouts.png )
12490 No. 12490 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Your loadouts, show them to me
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>> No. 14340
File 141455667416.jpg - (83.28KB , 1366x768 , 2014-10-29_00003.jpg )
>> No. 14356
File 141677030113.png - (951.65KB , 2376x1100 , loadouts.png )
>> No. 14357
I like how half the classes are grandpas.

File 141442399131.jpg - (8.35KB , 348x145 , sexe_demo.jpg )
14338 No. 14338 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
wanking off to demo 101
>> No. 14339
i don't get it, is this a class on how to wank to demo?

File 140305534666.jpg - (140.51KB , 500x265 , 1403049993872.jpg )
14308 No. 14308 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Discuss the new Love and War Update here!

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>> No. 14324
  So we got unreleased voice lines again.
>> No. 14325
were there different animators collaborating with this? its so pretty.
>> No. 14326
Harry101UK (The guy who did 'Little Guardian Pyro') said that as part of winning the Saxxies, his animation team got to fill in on some mocap for the fighting scene and stuff.

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