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File 128924967674.png - (6.17KB , 176x101 , AtteroDominatusBitches.png )
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Show off your named items, boys and gals!

I start with something I really really had to do. Because Swedish Power Metal rocks. The song in question (the title means something along the lines of "Swift Victory") is about the Allies invading Berlin. Fits, imo.

Now it's your turn!
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>> No. 9076
Although there's still one more reference, but you probably need to be a /k/ommando to get it.
>> No. 9332
And my Dead Ringer now has the description 'I don't know who you are, what you do, where you go when you're not around'. (It was almost 'You got the kind of eyes that do more than see', but...)

Of course, I never really play as Spy, so I never really use it, but it was worth it to me.
>> No. 9879
File 132005652762.png - (540.20KB , 1280x800 , falloutengie.png )
Haberdashery. Haberdashery never changes.

File 13154806256.jpg - (35.40KB , 470x340 , Sexy Kangaroo.jpg )
8798 No. 8798 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
"All Anal on the Western Front"
"Kid Vegas Watch Me Camp, Bitch"
"Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy"
"Anal Fireball" - had to throw one in there for the Pyro fans...
"1001 Ways to Eat my Jizz: Biscuits and Gravy Edition"
"Schindler's Fist"
"Crocodile Done Me"
"Three Men and a Barbie"
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>> No. 8841
File 131569806217.jpg - (80.15KB , 900x600 , listening_for____something__by_contorted4life-d46p.jpg )

I was planning on doing a calendar (personal for me) with the art I have been commissioning from KG Bigelow. I have reference pics of real guys for the characters and everything (well, Solly and Engie and Medic were unreferenced), but I have my ones for Scout and Heavy ready. This one is Scout. (Dat Ass!)
>> No. 8842
File 131569818780.jpg - (192.64KB , 469x700 , mystical_muscle_growth_water_by_greysonfurrington-.jpg )
and this one was/is Heavy (I dunno, I may go with the one she already did, or something else).
>> No. 8843
File 131569835848.jpg - (178.44KB , 436x600 , Masked_Thug_by_jacobmott.jpg )
And this one was going to be Heavy's Dick. Yes, I posted it elsewhere in another thread.

File 131371793591.jpg - (57.21KB , 640x582 , 127373893465.jpg )
8416 No. 8416 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

We finally got the metal fed shotgun!
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>> No. 8473
However anyone may feel about these weapons' balance, this is still introducing weapons with new concepts, especially those engie weapons.

What I'm curious about is what slot the Short Circuit will fill and how the animations would work. The secondary? If so, then how will engie hold a wrench? I'm assuming that it's a prosthetic just like the gunslinger.

Also, though one might complain that these items don't fit with TF2's original atmosphere of the 1950s, it only makes it that much easier for enterprising modders to reskin more of TF2 into a futuristic sci-fi shooter.
>> No. 8770
Not exactly update per se, but apparently the spiral sallet's an all class hat now?
>> No. 8812

I think it was supposed to be from Day 1 according to the official wiki.

File 131517866799.jpg - (14.03KB , 240x240 , fire_and_forget_achievement.jpg )
8733 No. 8733 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
If I use Steam Achievement Manager to delete all my achievements except the milestones will my achievement items be deleted?
And If they do will the items I crafted using the achievement items be deleted too?
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>> No. 8745
Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.
>> No. 8747
so you can't restart your achievements when you get them all (or most at least). I don't want any more items, I just wanna go for them again
>> No. 8757
Play the Beta and you can get all of them again. Not the exact same thing, but there's no chance of getting VAC banned.

File 13150647408.png - (55.91KB , 256x256 , sniper.png )
8715 No. 8715 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Help me TF2chan!
I accidentally the world's fattest man!
>> No. 8738
Is that you, Claire

File 131480844127.png - (361.09KB , 569x600 , El Jefe.png )
8665 No. 8665 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, what do you guys think of this new promo?

Personally love it. Only problem i find with it is the item name is derpy.

>The El Jefe

>The The Boss

Still, love to hear your opinions of it.
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>> No. 8668
It's okay. Much better than that other hair hat abomination.
>> No. 8674
AUGH, he reminds me of that Dance Heavy face! Gah!

But overall, it looks pretty nice. Got that European Renaissance look.
>> No. 8677
File 131484234376.gif - (409.63KB , 425x239 , tumblr_loi4gzXibH1qzcdjz.gif )
captcha: can enjoyin

File 131407125077.jpg - (23.91KB , 450x500 , 1312380106764.jpg )
8501 No. 8501 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What I wanna hear from you guys is just different ways you play with friends or on servers, to keep things interesting and fresh. Like rules that everyone abides by to make it different. To me these end up feeling just as special as the game mods out there like Saxton Hale and Zombie Fortress.

Things me and my friends have played around with:
Engie Chess - Arena mode, engineers only, frontier justice, gunslinger, wrangler.
Engie Chess v2 - Arena, engineers only, can only use Widowmaker and short circuit. (buildables are optional)
Hunters and Hunted - Arena, blue team can only be shotgun heavies(hunters), Red team is melee scouts(deer).
Hunters and Hunted v2 - Arena, Blue team can be any class with shotgun, red team can be (bull) demoman with targ and bottle, (deer) melee scout, (crocodile) Sniper with shiv and darwin danger shield, (bear) heavy with warrior's spirit.
Cowboys - Any class with pistols. Pistols only. (cowboy accents encouraged but not required)

You guys got any good ones?
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>> No. 8655
Back when I use to play on console, me and 2 other friends would play a game we would like to call Engie Soccer. We usually played this on 2fort, seeing as it was the most common map when on consoles when me and my friends still played, so we would place dispensers on each side of the bridge and then have our other friend be Demoman and shoot down a single sticky. From then we would shoot/wrench the sticky back and forth until it passed one side of the bridge. The way we determined who lost was who's disperser was destroyed by the sticky first. It was a silly game but we seemed to have fun with it.
>> No. 8656
I guess you don't have any replay (or links to one) to show us?
>> No. 8662
They don't have replays on console, and either way, stickies being destroyed on hitscan was patched in long ago.

File 131425797569.jpg - (22.72KB , 401x413 , tf2 raffling.jpg )
8554 No. 8554 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Rafflan thread.

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>> No. 8556
I love you all
>> No. 8557
>> No. 8558
Geez, somehow forgot the link.

File 131413776483.png - (112.70KB , 512x512 , backpack_expander_large_693c24d40af23f1b3509b8815f.png )
8514 No. 8514 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is there anyway I can get the backpack expander free?
>> No. 8516

Well, you can trade for it.

File 13140548537.png - (469.76KB , 500x375 , sinistar_finished.png )
8497 No. 8497 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So has it been confirmed that the Heavy's "I live!" and "Run cowards!" lines are actually Sinistar references?

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