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File 131294116517.jpg - (31.75KB , 546x211 , trading_beta.jpg )
8233 No. 8233 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
TF2 announced that Steam would be having a "Steam Trading Beta". They are promoting that you can trade games and items in games (such as TF2 items) without setting foot in those games. This is in a beta format, so you can choose to try it or opt out. they have also annouced that Portal 2 shall be the next game to be able to trade in-game items via Steam Trade.

For info on what the hell is going on-http://www.tf2.com/post.php?id=6040

For FAQ's about Steam Trading Beta-https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6748-ETSG-5417

I do kinda like this in a weird way. If this will help stop scamming, then I'm all for it. What do you guys think?
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>> No. 8236
I hope they make it so you can trade money from the Steam wallet
>> No. 8246
Trading $0.02.
>> No. 8341
trading without needing to start up the game... I think...

File 131325524176.jpg - (189.08KB , 639x465 , 129876170640.jpg )
8308 No. 8308 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here's one great idea for Gabe: Why don't you put Golden Wrench and Saxxy in Mann Co. Store and put the price in about 300 - 500 dollars?
Keep the money or give it to charity, both players and charity people will be pleased
What do you think? We already had that 100 dollar hat on sale when Japan's disaster stricked
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>> No. 8320
i agree thoroughly. plenty of people would actually pay a lot of money for certain items like golden wrenches, but if i earned a saxxy, i wouldn't want people to be able to buy it; it destroys the purpose. it's a solid concept though.
>> No. 8321
Maybe if the purchased ones differed in some way. Different color (copper or silver vs. australium/gold)?
>> No. 8323
After i heard a story about those 2 canadian fans going in front of Valve's headquarters and they demanded Half-Life 3 to be released, maybe i should go there and demand Golden Wrench in Mann Co Store.? Gabe would propably like my idea, and he would propably offer me lunch like he did to those 2 canadians

File 130955677738.jpg - (321.71KB , 1280x1024 , Team_Fortress__Red_vs_Blu_by_Radar2004.jpg )
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I really don't feel like this deserves it's own thread, but I don't want to barge in and try to start a discussion in other threads, either.

That being said, I am intensely curious - I have found a vast number of people who prefer RED over BLU, to the point of never playing / roleplaying / drawing a BLU character. I find this strange, since they are essentially clones.

Of course, if they are simply clones, perhaps people seem to prefer RED because RED feels more "canon" - all the Meet The videos depict the red team, most everything official has been for the red team, etcetera.

Personally, I like playing BLU on maps because it feels more challenging, and I like them for aesthetics also (because I am a sadist and blood stands out against blue). I do prefer RED bases, though, because the rustic feel is more homely and less cold / sterile.

I'm genuinely curious! I'd like everyone who has an opinion to post it, whether it seems inane or even overly complicated.
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>> No. 8294
File 13132194837.gif - (498.47KB , 247x300 , tumblr_lmjx1ihdaV1qbbek3o1_250.gif )
I usually pick RED 'cause of the Meet the Class videos. Although if it's a certain map, I'll pick a team with the less visible color (i.e. Sawmill I pick BLU 'cause red stands out more).
>> No. 8295

Oh yeh, pic related 'cause I play SNOIPAH and I need to be able to see my enemies, depending on the map.
>> No. 8311
I prefer neither in-game. I always random my team unless I'm trying to do something specific.

Out of the game, I tend to pick RED first, but I think that's simply because I prefer warm colors over cold. (Orange is my favorite). Though, I do have one TF2 related name I use; BLU Heavy in a certain game.

File 131293914050.jpg - (39.58KB , 519x417 , 28776_1.jpg )
8231 No. 8231 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Post some ideas that you'd like to see fleshed out with more talent than yourself

-Bug Juice in place of Bonk!(from Bug!,shouts "BUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG JUIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCEEEEEE! after Scout cracks it open)

-Star Trek TNG Phaser in place of pistols, Bajoran Phaser Rifle in place of shotguns, Bajoran phaser in place of The Shortstop

-Star Trek outfits

-A Carinival map with a bouncy castle and shooting range
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>> No. 8247
File 131299732287.png - (146.90KB , 356x600 , 130263560564.png )
Scout with the Long Fall Boots
>> No. 8258
File 131304980098.jpg - (50.04KB , 620x707 , Quote.jpg )
Cave Story weapons.
Polar Star for the Flaregun/Detonator

Missile Launcher for the Rocket Launcher (duh)

Fireball for the Grenade Launcher?

Somehow make Soldier into Balrog when wearing the Mantreads, and change the sound for them to "HUZZAH!"
...Actually, I'm gonna do that sound mod now.
>> No. 8264
Demo making L4D2Charger sounds when using Targe'nCharge.

File 131242137225.jpg - (39.58KB , 600x486 , 1283609225710.jpg )
8095 No. 8095 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Yeah, here ya go, the usual load of st- is... is that a boomerang for engy?


Then, predictably, hats...

And of coarse, soldier could always use a new rocket launcher, god knows he ain't got enough of those.
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>> No. 8131
Fraid not, yer stuck.
>> No. 8149
File 131258609420.jpg - (25.63KB , 200x193 , casual spy.jpg )
Oi, I bought Brink for PS3 a month ago, any chance for me to get the Anger for Snoipah? I still haven't linked the PS3 and Steam together, so maybe, anybody knows for sure? Or would I have to buy Brink now, after this free weekend?
>> No. 8166
File 131273817561.jpg - (52.99KB , 768x768 , 1249899290051.jpg )

File 131245423390.jpg - (49.66KB , 968x215 , TF2.jpg )
8108 No. 8108 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 8134
that you're a faggot
>> No. 8137

> Looks at the webside.

Ahaha, dat slaps me on the knee. Calling someone a faggot on TF2chan.
*wips away tear* It seems this is the comedy thread here?
>> No. 8138
That's a great reason there son! You must have been a great contributor before, what with your witty banter and the sprinklings from your babbling brook of knowledge. The sheer power of your post has caused me to see that you are right in every conceivable way! Your literal logic has moved mountains within my mind, I may never thing the same way again, what with this rush of clarity! Breath taking!

That, or you're just one of the many that rage quit propelled on a torrent of butt blood because something happened you didn't like, and to save face and not seem like an asshole, you removed your old nick name to have a childish pop at someone who is still here and, gasp shock horror, still enjoys the chan cause I am able to avoid the bitchy side it can have by not sticking my nose into every shit scented pile that springs up.

Im guessing option two here.

File 131231960320.png - (126.59KB , 496x323 , haunhaunhaun.png )
8067 No. 8067 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The From Dust mask looks stupid, imo.

The Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad hats are okay, though Heavy's looks way too small on his head, and I don't know what could get Soldier to wear a WWII German helmet.

I'm glad it wasn't for Medic, though.
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>> No. 8097

Also, Engineer just got himself a goddamn Pip-Boy. Seeing as DLC just came out for Fallout: New Vegas, what are they planning?

I don't wanna hope too hard that it's for a port of 3 or NV to Mac with Steamplay, but a person can dream...
>> No. 8110
File 131246185182.jpg - (682.67KB , 1600x1200 , 19a102b113300ff3f27ad3e8d0f7d5cf.jpg )
I'm terrible at recommending stuff but it's more of a Operation Flashpoint style game than say, CSS, Day of Defeat or Call of Duty. The Forgotten Hope mod for BF1942/BF2 would be a good comparison I suppose. Less arcadey than FH though.

For example, Guns aren't hitscan. They fire actual projectiles, So you have to compensate for bullet drop and lateral movement at longer ranges, especially with the pistol caliber submachine guns. Magazines keep their ammo counts when your reload and you don't get a magical indicator that tells you how much ammo is in your gun. I've gotten killed more than a few times because I did a tactical reload and ended up with a mag that only had a couple bullets in it, Or because I forgot to chamber a new round on my rifle. Tank combat is as good as in millsims like ARMA or Steel Beasts.

Here's a good video of some general infantry gameplay:
>> No. 8113
I've pretty much only played TF2, L4D, Half-Life 2, and Killing Floor in terms of FPS, so this is all going over my head, apologies. And I admittedly don't look at stats all that much yet. But it looks interesting, I just...the idea of playing a Nazi churns my stomach a bit.

File 131206828413.jpg - (7.21KB , 304x166 , images.jpg )
7994 No. 7994 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>Im a red Sniper
>I die
>In front of the room you respawn there's a blue Spy staring at an Adventure Time Rule 34 I sprayed
>I blew his head off
10 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 8038
Weirdest thing is, I have two Sexy!Medic pinup type sprays that I use. I tend to go to the same server every day, where most everyone there is a regular and uses a mic, as well as myself and one other person being the sole females (based on voice alone).

People I know to be men still stop and just stare at the spray for a good two minutes. Its weird.
>> No. 8045
The other day I saw 3 people connect their sprays to make a Human Centipede.

Felt bad, man.
>> No. 8046
my spray is Nyan Scout, and i usually spray it as soon as the round begins. once, i was on an achievement server, and i sprayed Nyan Scout in my team's spawn room. Not long after, another person starting micspamming a remix of Nyan Cat with Scout's BOINKs and BONKs. people were laughing and one of them said my spray was credit to team.

File 131073672131.png - (64.23KB , 250x200 , 250px-Shortstop.png )
7440 No. 7440 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello, I recently started playing the game about 2 or 3 weeks ago (so far I've clocked in about 44.7 hours, 11.5 of which were devoted to offline training), but I still feel pretty damn useless when compared to my teammates mostly due to the fact that I just flat out suck at modern day FPS to begin with.

I'm not bad, per say, but I get infuriated when I get taken down by snipers and spies out of fucking nowhere and when I get gangraped by Pyros.

So, Tips, Encouragement, anything that you're willing to dish out, even F2P distain and how it's "KILLING THE GAME"

Also, top 3 most used characters:

26 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7503
Rocket jumping will come with time. I was so against it at first cause I felt it wasn't worth about 50hp, but now days, ye can't stop me from hopping about.
>> No. 8034
Oh, something I forgot to mention:
If you have horrible aim (like me), at least turn on the damage display so you know when you're hitting your opponent. Ranged weapons like rockets and grenades have a delay in the time from when they are fired to when they explode, so you have to get a feel for leading your target.

Same goes for when you're playing Sniper--not only do you have to deal with zig-zagging opponents and lag, but the hitbox is a little different from what you expect. (I find it a lot easier to aim for the neck. That way, if I miss, I at least still land a bodyshot.)
>> No. 8041
The real cancer is hipster whining about everything


File 131200455086.jpg - (82.10KB , 640x480 , extra dispensial.jpg )
7970 No. 7970 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>Engie's rap

Fucking gold.

>> No. 7971
File 131201032799.png - (86.37KB , 375x354 , 1234567890567.png )
There is already a thread for videos, this doesnt need it's own.

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