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File 131127570131.jpg - (30.88KB , 490x450 , 129789839471.jpg )
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File 131111292226.jpg - (84.08KB , 420x600 , valve.jpg )
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Dark Horse is collecting all the Valve comics, including the TF2 ones, in one collection, which comes out this November.

Interesting! I might add that to my wishlist. Think we'll be seeing any further Dark Horse/Valve collaborations in the future? TF2 ongoing series please?
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>> No. 7632
Man, I must be the only one who really liked the other guy's style.
>> No. 7640
I like certain aspects of both artists. I like one's Admin better, and the other's Soldier better. Things like that. Both good.
>> No. 7688
I thought his style worked fine for Left 4 Dead. But even if he's not Rob Liefeld his art still suffers from quite a few problems with anatomy, derpface, perspective, and foreshortening.

File 131103534520.png - (63.45KB , 576x543 , QE1n4.png )
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So, I noticed TF2 got a new patch today. When I looked up all the changes on the wiki, the only undocumented change were the addition of these...things.

What are they? The wiki says they're "grockets", but what do they do? I can't play TF2 for another hour or so, and I don't know where I would even look for them in game. Any clues?
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>> No. 7622

...Can't unsee. Can't...unsee...
>> No. 7627
pyro = kerbal space program guy
>> No. 7631
File 131120801722.png - (80.41KB , 390x418 , Pyritch.png )

Now look at what you made me do.

File 131094458222.jpg - (33.02KB , 499x360 , tumblr_lh5mqhEo491qe11kdo1_500.jpg )
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This week, it's going to have been one month since TF2 became Free to Play. So, I was curious how all the other newbies are doing, what you've learnt and what you're thinking about it.

I myself am getting a bit better, and am generally among the top quarter of my team. I've noticed I'm a bit better when I'm pushing the payload, or pestering others as a Scout. Mostly, though, I'm doing this all on public servers, so I'm not too sure how I'd do against more experienced players. I'm also going quite well when I play a particularly suicidal Heavy.

Although I really like playing Engineer, I'm not too sure yet on where to place my sentries... I normally seem to lose them by people who pop out of shelter before I can get a lock on them.

I might go premium, since I'm running out of item slots. That, and I would really like to support that map, Frontier(the payload with the Chomp-Chomp Train).
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>> No. 7567
File 131107359837.jpg - (505.72KB , 1500x1240 , park-recs-pyramid_1500.jpg )
OP here.

[quote]There are times during online play where I get discoruaged because of my inadequacies with FPS games in general, but I try to push myself not to give up.[/quote]

Yeah, I've been there too. But I've found that TF2 kind of caters both to hardcore players (with classes like Spy and Sniper, and to a degree Soldier or Demo) and people with "normal" reflexes, or casuals (Heavy, Medic, Engie). It balances out nicely.

Also, I already have a coach-like person. And I'm F2P, so I can't add people yet. Since I'm working an unpaid internship, I don't have much money to buy games, even off Steam.
>> No. 7610
File 131115196756.gif - (14.82KB , 256x256 , sandvich.gif )
For those of you still having trouble, or feel that you're not doing as well as other players, try this little experiment.

Find a person (or persons) on your team that tends to do the best, be they simply a great killing machine or capturing points/intel/whatever. Stick with them as much as you can, and try to be the best at teamwork with them. Watch their back for Spies, hit their targets with your own attacks to back them up, and take hits for them if necessary. It is my belief that through aiding the stronger players, you will not only gain experience in playing your own class alongside teammates, but learn from how they play their class so that you can put those skills to your own use. Not to mention that teamwork is key to victory, so you will likely find your team doing better because you are actively working with a partner towards the goals rather than with the team as a whole working towards kills, dominations, or defense. On their side, they get a loyal ally to help them do their job better, faster, and safer, whether they know it or not.

Most importantly, have fun with it and keep practicing! Even if your team is being steamrolled every round, or completely shut out by defense, you can still learn from the way the enemies play and the way your teammates play. In no-win situations, not only can you dare to try new tactics, but you SHOULD try out new ideas or get practice with things you're not good at. If you find that you pick it up quickly, you could even turn the tide and set your team and yourself on the path to victory! Never give up, and don't be afraid to rage a little. I do it, we all do, just remember to channel it back into your enemies through your bullets, and not through your microphone or your chat.
>> No. 7614
What's really weird is that when my team absolutely fails at defending control points or stopping the payload, we absolutely rock the fucking house the other way around

File 129210374279.jpg - (65.33KB , 226x233 , mediclol.jpg )
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>mfw Robin Atkin Downes plays a highly intelligent, sadistic German scientist in the new Avengers cartoon
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>> No. 7536
I also want someone to make a TF2 KOTH map that's Mumm-Ra's lair with the big creepy pool as the control point for some reason.
>> No. 7540
File 131097282121.jpg - (16.08KB , 144x81 , cakebabies.jpg )
Robin Atkin Downes was also Baron Zemo in the recent Avengers cartoon series. It's lovely, one time I put it on, closed my eyes, and pretended it was the Medic.

... Yes. Yes I am a dork.

He was also one of these creepy baby things.
>> No. 7542
I never got a chance to see Thundercats as a kid, so I'm curious to see the show for that and a bunch of other reasons.

That's another show I need to start watching. Zemo doesn't actually have a German accent though, does he?

File 130815415388.png - (392.32KB , 1015x651 , rip-off.png )
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TF2 rip-off from china.
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>> No. 11984
File 133465150515.png - (211.31KB , 707x514 , Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 10_30_03 AM.png )
>> No. 11985
File 13346516627.png - (215.13KB , 719x524 , Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 10_30_22 AM.png )
more pic's
>> No. 12217
Accessing this from Auckland, New Zealand and have been following this when I was vacationing in Hong Kong. So Hong Kong and New Zealand proxies should work.

I also read Chinese, if that helps. Anything more specific you guys want me to look up for you guys?

File 131060809953.jpg - (662.85KB , 2060x1280 , 13103195766.jpg )
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Another activity, guys. Fill in the bubble!

Art by uberepicfail.
>> No. 7373
File 131063182457.jpg - (144.98KB , 2060x1280 , notporn.jpg )
>> No. 7375
File 131063308677.jpg - (186.11KB , 2060x1280 , 0 Engie Fad.jpg )
"But... This is MY room..."

Captcha: call asaddik
>> No. 7409
File 131069001783.png - (836.73KB , 2060x1280 , ohmisterspyohh.png )

File 130925181540.jpg - (146.56KB , 800x401 , i-24QsRdr-L.jpg )
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For those who didn't see, today's Penny Arcade comic & newspost was about TF2's move to Free To Play.


Color me surprised on Tycho apparently 'hating' TF2, that felt a bit outta nowhere. I know characters and authors are separate entities but where'd Medic Cosplay Tycho come from, then? Whatever the reason, He Crazy. Heck, this whole comic and newspost feels silly.
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>> No. 7336

That Engineer... He looks so delighted to be that turkey. I love it.
>> No. 7351
I tried to give it a chance but it's not that good to be honest. The art is rather mediocre and it reads like a bad, generic ya.oi mango/soap opera using the TF2 characters' faces. The fandom is pretty obnoxious a lot of the time too.
>> No. 7356

A long, long time ago, before I'd ever actually played TF2, I took a look at that one before eventually giving up in sheer boredom. The only noteworthy thing about it is that it's long, and the artist hasn't stopped doing it yet.

No. 7269 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  This video made me think of Demoman (lighting a wee fire on a boat) and Soldier (the bit with the rocket launcher).

File 130887813535.png - (111.51KB , 453x298 , heavywut.png )
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Please let this be a joke.

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>> No. 7056
Anon here again.
thank you kindly Applecup and PerryJ for your nice words. i guess i will try out the Maintrain tonight, hoping for having fun and such.
>> No. 7085
File 130973832585.gif - (9.39KB , 400x250 , dealwithitforever.gif )
Maybe I'm a bit of a dick for my thinking but I wholeheartedly welcome the massive influx of new players, simply because playing on alltalk servers with a bunch of new players bragging about their skills over other new players makes me feel ecstatic as I mow them all down with my ninja heavy skills and get 6-8 dominations on a team of 12. I do tend to give advice to anyone who asks for it, but for the most part I've noticed people raging at me, targeting me directly, switching to teams of almost all Snipers and Spies, and other assorted hate.

It feels good to be hated for being too good.

On the bright side, I get to help my own team of misfits to glourious victories, and last time I played even had three medics all healing me at once, earning achievements and weapons off of my minigunning. People end up switching from one team to the other just to play on my side.

It feels good to feel like I'm idolized, if only for a short time.

The moral here: If you're good at the game, you're guaranteed to make half the players unhappy and the other players happy. If you don't mind being a bit of a traitor, your team is being wiped out because the other team has some pro-skills player on it, and you're not enjoying the game, switch sides. At worst, you'll get autobalanced or someone will yell at you, but you'll be having more fun overall. A controversial opinion, I know, but it's what I used to do when I was new to the game.
>> No. 7195
What bums me out most is that I've owned the game for 2 years, but only a month or so ago got access to a computer that can run it. Then I go watch Meet the Medic; "oh TF2 is F2P now?" As I play I'm afraid that any moment someone's gonna start bitching at me about being a F2P noob while I'm really just a regular TF2 noob. So yeah, I don't care that I paid for the game, nor I care about the other new players, I just personally don't want to receive the hating that seems to be directed at free-to-players.

But so far no-one's said anything, I don't know if the servers are just full of scared noobs or people who actually don't give a shit if you're new or not. I hope it's a mix of both. But it's been really, really nice so far. :)

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