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  Meet the Medic.

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>> No. 6835

>> No. 7001
File 130958244513.png - (214.59KB , 408x497 , 241543903.png )
I had to.
>> No. 7735

i laughed so hard i cried OMG.

File 130861642313.jpg - (212.45KB , 521x385 , AHHHHH.jpg )
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>> No. 6511
Meet the Medic was fantastic, however I've got to say the business end of the update- disappointing. We all knew we were getting the Quick Fix eventually, I was hoping for another Medigun- it didn't seem greedy at the time given Soldier ended up with two packs to his name, and the update isn't even about him. We told them repeatedly in the Beta the Overdose was a complete waste of time, and lo and behold they release it anyway. Really wonder why they bother.

Barnblitz seems like a pretty solid map, but...no Raid Mode Valve? I thought that was pretty much what I was watching in MtM. Also, no new lines for the Medic? You got Atkin Downes in after all this time and didn't think to get him to say more stuff for the game? Disappoint.
>> No. 6604

I was hoping for more Medic lines too, wtf Valve? Maybe they will include them real soon, like maybe they just hadn't finished with them yet. Cause seriously, you do epic Meet the Medic and play up how much he loves 'practicing his medicine' on the field in a deliciously bloodthirsty fashion, and then DON'T give Medic a few new lines, especially domination lines?

As much as it disappointing to me I CAN'T be unhappy, all this is too wonderful. It doesn't rain on my medic parade. I'll just retain hopefulness I guess. Atkin Downes, dat voice...I need more.
>> No. 6765
Guys, don't you think this update had an influence on the balance of each classes??
Especially, heavy, scout and heavy. I think their new unlock weapones need to get nerfed but the problem is...Valve doesn't seem have a willing to do so.
I'm concerned about balance-breaker expensive items being on sale in not so far future.

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  A little series on Youtube showcasing other performances and appearances of our beloved mercenary voice actors. It's not complete, sadly, but I liked it anyhow. I hope you do too!

Nathan Vetterlein - The Scout
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>> No. 5919

Oh, yeah. It makes sense though. Some of the actors don't have all of their roles properly documented with video, and some have been in countless things. Namely Robin Atkin Downes, who actually commented on the Medic voice actor video. But yeah, some things just get left out in the interest of time, or there's no good footage of the role.
>> No. 6001
I love that Scout one. He looks, acts and of course sounds like a Scout.
>> No. 6125
The best part is that in the comedy sketch with the job interview, he doubles as the voice of a policeman who's shot outside the window, and yells "MY ARM!" in the Scout voice.

File 130835254135.png - (420.75KB , 898x394 , Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 4_14_57 PM.png )
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>> No. 5924
That's just great haha
>> No. 5940
File 130861291173.jpg - (14.30KB , 500x195 , trollan.jpg )
>> No. 5941
Oh, they would.

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