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File 138770554150.jpg - (45.59KB , 280x259 , 1308939383414.jpg )
14203 No. 14203 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys! Me and some of my bros like Exi and Terato Marty and a bunch of other people whipped up a custom set of TF2-themed Cards Against Humanity cards if anybody is interested. Mix them in with your own sets for hours of horrible, horrible fun, why don't you?

You should be able to download them and print them out from here:


If anybody has any trouble accessing the folder let me know so I can upload them elsewhere.

I wonder if maybe I could get them onto Pretend You're Xxzyy, if I should just email the guy who runs it and see if he's interested? IDK.

Merry early Smissmas.
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>> No. 14206
"Being in a sitcom two-bed situation with your wife, who happens to be a mini gun."
"Merasmus' shriveled wizard penis."

I am extremely proud to be responsible for these two.
>> No. 14207
File 138775565494.gif - (159.69KB , 500x372 , tumblr_inline_mfa38jK0A11qc3mrm.gif )
... I may have added another page of white cards because I thought of more stuff I wanted in.

>> No. 14209
It's a Smissmas miracle!

You are beautiful people. These are fantastic, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard.

File 138026682844.png - (13.76KB , 256x256 , Duel_BLU2.png )
14085 No. 14085 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hudda hudda hu, fellas!
I have just found an unusual hat! Well, that`s likely not what all of you have thought... Just look at the picture! :D
>> No. 14165
shut up

File 137765725849.jpg - (110.49KB , 1024x605 , Comeonyouguys.jpg )
14037 No. 14037 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It looks like we'll be getting six of these comics, complete with a death and more drama than we can handle. Discuss.

My friend theorized that Heavy will have gotten into ballet. And chubby Demo forever please.
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>> No. 14130
File 138317564717.gif - (917.64KB , 400x225 , fine job there pardner.gif )
This update was just what I needed to get through everything lately. Dose corpse carts. Dose voice lines. Medic screaming oh my god.

I do agree that Pyro's lines were quite... odd. Not enough muffle.

Not yet seen the new Demo/Solly high five in action, but the prospect of unique class combo high-fives makes me so giddy in the pants.

Playing the game last night was... an experience. I came to the update about 12 hours late, due to working on GhostFort all day and dealing with familial drama, so everyone already knew how spells worked and proceeded to hand my arse to me. Had primed myself up by listening to the voice lines and having my friends fangasm at me over Steam. By the time I arrive, I find myself met with jaded whines of "I'm soooo over Halloween, this update is boring" and "TF2 is dying, what should we play instead?" from my friends over Skype. That's not a comment on the game's update itself - for what it's worth, I enjoyed it a lot! - but I felt like the magic was ruined for me a little this year. Also Scoots. Scoots everywhere. Killing you and not letting you get all the presents...

OH WELL. Fuck the haters, I still love stupid Halloween events.
>> No. 14163
  Scrapped Valve animation? Most likely legit, since it came out only a day after the update and uses the new voice lines (also dat mocap [albeit rough] and facial flexes on Mer)

We don't have an update discussion thread so I'm hijacking this one
>> No. 14164
I'm tempted to say Can't Sleep made this themselves. If it was a Valve creation, they would have mentioned that it was made by Valve, and where they found it in the SFM files.

File 135970025925.png - (86.94KB , 200x333 , 200px-Pyro_taunt_laugh.png )
13649 No. 13649 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I got my Pyro figure delivered today.

Sculpt is very good - my only complaint is I cannot seem to make the figure STAND for any length of time. I have actually broken his flamethrower the last time he fell. (It's a clean break so its mendable.)

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had found any sort of solution or work around so that the figure can stand without damaging itself.
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>> No. 13697
File 136318278846.jpg - (310.48KB , 1600x1200 , Foto 0387.jpg )
I've got both my NECA Demoman as well as my NECA Pyro in the mail yesterday.
Balance issues are no surprise, considering the TF2 design. Top-heavy, somewhat bulky characters, only supported by thin legs and small feet.
I do not say this to take away responsibility from the toy manufacturer. However, I'm just saying that any company producing TF2 figures would probably run into this problem. I personally prefer my figure's sculpt to be accurate instead of them being altered just to make them stand easier. Talking about stand: A toy-stand might help! I bet you can find some of these on googles.
I personally however didn't have much problems balacing my toys. My demo did take some time before he was able to stand, but then again he is the drunk one, right?
Even small differences in temperature can soften the plastic enough to alter the behaviour of joints. If this happens, especially on joints that support the figure's weight, the figure might fall over more easily.
My room happens to be very cold. Maybe that's why I don't have a hard time positioning my figures.
>> No. 14084
File 138023806570.jpg - (563.56KB , 1746x788 , tincanarmy.jpg )
Hijacking this thread as the "Figure Discussion thread" 'cause I feel like an attention seeker making new threads all the time

See those tin can babies in the image attached? They're going up for pre-pre-order on threeA's webshop at 9:00AM Hong Kong time today on the 27th (at the time of writing this, it's about 7:25AM Hong Kong time on the 27th)
threeA's webshop: http://www.bambalandstore.com/

Apparently they'll go up for retail sale later but without the exclusive bundle. I, for one, can afford neither.

Also keeping a hawk eye out for NECA's Spy and Engineer preorders which should be happening soon. I'll make a post when I see them go up for preorder on the international shipping sites
>> No. 14162
File 138351491197.png - (111.10KB , 450x420 , omnomnomed.png )

So apparently this happened...

File 137307543212.png - (64.00KB , 222x199 , ermahgerd.png )
14001 No. 14001 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Bug fix speculations kgo

I hope they nuke the Demoknight turn script. There's nothing quite like pseudo hacks to ruin a perfectly good game.
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>> No. 14006
File 137366356622.png - (226.30KB , 500x376 , tumblr_luytb7Oy8I1r5rc6zo1_500.png )
>Set Powers removed
>mfw you will never anymore use deadringer + Fez
Fuck you Valve, that was the only fun i was able to do it after 5 years of playing without end
>> No. 14007
Man, whenever there is an update/fix, I feel like such a noob, because everyone else is either complaining/happy about stuff it fixes, and I didn't even notice that stuff to begin with.
>> No. 14013
I still haven't played either of the new maps, wewps

Overall, I love a lot of the fixes! Though they will take some getting used to, like the Powerjack changes. And as an engineer main, I'm thrilled the nerfs/fixes/whathaveyou are viable and haven't made me ragequit my favourite gameplay style, despite the SPUF screams for removing the gunslinger entirely.

Though I do feel a little bad for spies. I don't deny DRs were often OP in even the worst spy's hands, or that they were blatantly overused, but something about the changes isn't quite right either.

Oh, and the Escape Plan... RIP good buddy. If separating its crits out into a new weapon wasn't bad enough, it's now more or less useless with the marked-for-death nerf.

Sadly no fix for crashes to desktop, server dropouts (not the occasional server error - I'm talking server disconnects after being in for 30 seconds or so, on every one you join), nor stopping the demoknight turn script. Maybe in another 4 years?

File 136987678913.jpg - (16.40KB , 352x125 , ffffatal_error.jpg )
13972 No. 13972 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Nothing I try to fix this problem seems to work. Anybody else having this error message?
>> No. 13983
Oh god yes. Let me refer you to the thread I found that let me use the tools. TL;DR Valve is ditching the unified SSDK app/launcher in favor of shipping the tools separately for each game, and you wanna load the tools in question out of the TF2 folder.

Thread here (skipped to post by Valve employee): http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?p=34381610#post34381610

Now, I did what they said and still have some issues, but I can at least open the darn things. Hopefully they'll have a proper fix in the future.

File 13688210543.png - (110.96KB , 380x210 , blog_nowfeaturing_34xyxx.png )
13818 No. 13818 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
So, TF2 got his fully community item update with 57 items, the "official" scout's mana robot(and Announcer's face)and a comic with the story managed by Cat Bountry.
What do you think about this upadte?
(let's revive this damn site back to his old days (fuck you hipstr)
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>> No. 13967
File 13697659241.jpg - (217.60KB , 2000x1125 , 01_cpSteel_2.jpg )
While on the discussion on maps, I would really love to see more maps that work like cp_steel. I really love that map.

You know, the final point is open at all times, but red spawn being next to it makes it tough to cap unless reds are dumb. Capturing other points make the final cap easier bit by bit.
>> No. 13971
I think it was pretty cool but I would've liked to see some robo-weapon reskins. Just hats...I'm sorta "meh" on the whole thing
>> No. 13974

It's a great map, but there have been few attempts by the community to try anything similar (or at least none that have achieved a similar level of popularity), and Valve are always reluctant to release anything that can't be immediately grasped by newer players.

The Lecture Valley thing seemed to hint at more Medieval stuff and I'd be down with that, but I really hope they don't do any more Special Delivery. Doomsday seriously bites.

File 136891737116.jpg - (400.68KB , 837x655 , this_is_his_torment.jpg )
13905 No. 13905 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
My original (i.e. pre Mann vs. Machine update) speculation went like this:
The Administrator totally doesn't trust anyone other than herself to run things. She invests in, say, Aperture, and uploads herself as an all-seeing AI, automating most of RED and BLU's day-to-day processes. The mercs are fooled into it's still 1968 ish and, accordingly, they'll keep playing death tag effectively forever.

I'm kinda undecided about how big a change the MvM update really brought. Sure, Redmond and Blutarch are dead, but in the game itself there are still teams of 12, 18, 24, or 32 fighting over RED/BLU contested territory...or are those game modes not connected to the "plot" of TF2 any more?

In general, I tend to treat canon I don't like with the handwave of "well, that might have happened to THE [Insert Class Here], but not to MY [Insert Class Here]", but maybe it's time to make up new headcanons again.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13914
Ain't gonna lie, I laughed.

As for my headcanon.. it depends on what I'm dealing with:

If it's my own writing (where I justify multiples of the same class/character as clones), I imagine they are brought into existence to fulfil a role, and once that role is no longer needed to be filled post-MvM... well, it can go either way.

If it's a light hearted take, they get situated as far apart from each other as possible in the real world, told not to take any high-profile jobs lest a civilian recognise them and to live out the rest of their years in peace. Given they're mercs, there are a lot of issues adjusting and so they vent their frustrations in various ways. Like the odd demo giving up on a regular job and travelling the world to study (read: hunt) mysterious creatures, or another who bands with a pyro to enter the pyrotechnics business with sparkling assassinations inexplicable fatal firework accident on the side.

If it's a dark take, they are set to be destroyed behind closed doors. Some of them might escape. Getting really horrible, there are times I imagine it like that lovely film, Moon - where their bodies break down after x amount of years and they're replaced with a fresh clone.

When I think about the game, and how Valve could possibly end the story without breaking the eternal war aspect, I imagine them winning the robot (hat?) war and disbanding... yet failing miserably to integrate into society so they come back for a reunion and decide to duel it out like in the good old days, for the rest of their lives. Like what Tidbits said.
>> No. 13970
In my headcanon, all of them except engineer and pyro die before it all ends and pyro loses his/her body when seven of them are dead.
In 1999, pyro dies of exhaustion right before the end comes.
The only survivor after it's all over is engineer.
>> No. 13973
Very late to the headcanon party here, but I'm noticing no one is bringing up the respawn mystery. There's clearly something significant keeping the mercs alive, something that was hinted to be connected to Redmond and Blutarch's immortality machines. The latter are obviously dead, but are the mercs are still relentlessly respawning with impunity?

My headcanon depends on that question, because in mine, they are immortal. They're still subject to the attrition of time, but constantly respawning has affected their very bodies and (presumably medic) has taken advantage of this by further altering their bodies to make them all live longer (obviously because he wanted to see what would happen).

Would they retire? Hell no. They might have to do it somewhere else if the robot invasion is ever resolved, but I don't see one single merc even considering putting down their guns. They'll keep shooting and slaughtering until they'll need walking sticks and wheelchairs, and even then they'll strap rockets to those and race multicoloured forest animals as demonstrated here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNfBUXYuuP8

Our beloved maniacs will never stop fighting, if they've destroyed everything, then they'll just ride off into the sunset, blow the sunset up, and find a different battlefield.

File 136248471963.png - (517.37KB , 780x832 , eb62a3c1ebd97b192face24915c5259d.png )
13691 No. 13691 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
12 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13945
Gosh, someone's grumpy today. Want a mint biscuit? Would that make it better?
>> No. 13950

Skullgirls is actually pretty cool. It's a fighting game made all by fans, hand-drawn and animated in 2D (think Guilty Gear, if you're familiar with it), with a mostly female cast of monsters and macabre creatures. (The token dude is a big buff black guy who's a cyborg Jazz musician.) They were also generous enough to give Fighting Is Magic their fighting game engine for free when they ran into legal trouble.

I do think it's a bit clashy with the TF2 style, but I'm okay with them re-submitting them to make them official.
>> No. 13966
File 136962252627.jpg - (161.20KB , 1023x1655 , 26ce50992a6b98fb45a7ead9c935b501.jpg )
>The token dude is a big buff black guy who's a cyborg Jazz musician.

There's also Beowulf now.

File 136931766338.jpg - (665.15KB , 670x960 , shako.jpg )
13952 No. 13952 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for server
Finally, Badwater payload
Round ends, 2fort now

Victory is near
Lag spike then crash to desktop
Team. Self. Both now rage.

Time to kill some noobs
Go to equip Strange Huntsman
Item server down

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 13955
My Kritz is now charged
Right click on the demoman
Sticky hits a fence

Pull out a sandvich
Enjoying a tasty heal
A knife in my back

Tailored suit ruined
I have been shown who's the boss
What a disaster

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 13956
Long hours in Hammer
Prepare to release my work
I forgot cubemaps

Solly and Engie
Hot, sexy helmet party

Sentry going up
Ain't that a cute little gun?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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