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No. 13398 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Oh Sega, if this is real, you have already snagged my wallet
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>> No. 13402
I learned of this off a friend who is obsessed with Sonic games. Supposedly, the Team Fortress car is a bonus car only for PC users. After listening to the characters, I'm unsure if the same voice actors were used as Pyro's sounds off and Heavy's kinda matches with that from the Poker Night at the Inventory's tone, but at the same time, doesn't. I wouldn't be surprise if Sega uses their own VA's to fill in instead of the original VA's to save money, unless however the contract made between them and Valve allows for the original VA's to voice in lines for the game.

If anyone can do further research to see if our guys are confirm they are or aren't would be of help. I'm probably not going to get this game regardless as I suck horribly at racing games.
>> No. 13647
File 135966932436.jpg - (104.87KB , 1024x768 , 2013-01-31_00062.jpg )
So uh yeah, got to play this game today. Its a rather fun game for what it is, but I enjoyed the first game in this series more...

In regards to the TF2 folks, its an ok appearance. Very disappointed about the original VAs not being in this one, but the Spy replacement voice is okay. Heavy's VA is so-so, and Pyro... well. Its a thing. Their all-star move is indeed Spy, but in a better looking jet than what he usually flies for the actual flight segments, and he can shoot missiles at other players. Too bad for Heavy that the hovercrafts are the worst racing mode - however there are ways to balance out your vehicle after gaining XP from completed races, so there's that.

Its very surreal to play as Spy in stages like After Burner and NiGHTS whilst he's smoking his cigarette and doing his crab taunt sometimes (the cigarette part is rather heavily implied by the gestures of the hand while you're controlling him).

Pic is best I could do atm for Spycrab, it happens randomly so I can only catch the tail end of it...
>> No. 13648
oh correction, its not a different jet. Bad lighting in stages, etc.

Also Heavy will call out for Medic if he gets fucked up too badly in races - neato.

File 135830043627.jpg - (5.83KB , 126x122 , what.jpg )
13597 No. 13597 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I took my trip to TF2Chan like /vg/ asked

my dick hurts
the oekaki takes too long
i want to go home
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>> No. 13615
Mai is underage.
>> No. 13616
my old trips work here \o/
>> No. 13617
File 135879032143.png - (304.40KB , 550x750 , Mai (15).png )
wow rude

File 135801560426.jpg - (30.20KB , 311x264 , elika_311x264.jpg )
13587 No. 13587 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Apparently, Gabe Newell confirmed a fifteen-minute TF2 movie. Supposedly they had originally planned to make a 90 minute movie, but gave up because it was too much work.


What do you guys think?
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>> No. 13602
True or not, I'm pretty sick of hearing people say that a movie might ruin their headcannons.

TF2 is such a big, open univers. Even with the cannon stuff, it's so easy to shape and make "your own".

Also, isen't that what OC's are for?
>> No. 13603
Considering it was only sort-of announced on Nerdist and word spread from there, my prediction is we'll get an official announcement/ARG stuff sometime later this year, with the movie being sometime in 2014.

Maybe in time for TF2s 6th birthday?

I don't know. We're all guessing at this point, but if it's a prequel, I hope we find all the mercs being recruited in outlandish ways (Why did RED/BLU put a miniature TV in your toilet? BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY)
>> No. 13605
Oh god, an origins video would be great. Seeing the mercs where they started. I'd love something like that.

File 135184541762.png - (130.34KB , 259x315 , tf2christmas.png )
13331 No. 13331 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
The Secret Santa Exchange is an event in December where artists and writers in the TF2 fandom exchange gifts. All participants create one drawing or short story based on their giftee’s prompt and receive a gift from their Secret Santa in return.

You can see last year's gifts here:
Art: http://tf2chan.net/dis/res/11026.html
Stories: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/9426.html


One drawing equivalent to your usual standard of completed work, coloured or greyscale (must be finished beyond a sketch/line art). Gmod and SFM are allowed, but please make sure the image is of high artistic quality. You can add your username and a link to your online gallery/tumblr/website in the final submission e-mail if you don’t want your gift to be anonymous.

One finished short story of at least 1000 words. Please have it beta-read/run through a spell-checker before submission. Use BB Codes for style changes: [i*] and [/i*] for italics, [b*] and [/b*] for bold, [u*] and [/u*] for underlined, [s*] and [/s*] for strike-through, remove the *s. Stories must be submitted as a .txt file or a Word 2007-compatible document. The full content of the document will be posted, so only include your username and/or a link to your online gallery/tumblr/website if you don’t want your gift to be anonymous.

Please don’t upload your Secret Santa gift to other galleries/sites before December 25; it’s supposed to be a surprise.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 13566
Yes, it was a good holiday season full of trial and errors for the Secret Santa event. I enjoyed working on my prompt, now just waiting on mine as I got orphaned so just a much longer waiting game for me.

Regardless, happy holidays TF2Channers!
>> No. 13567
Thanks a lot for this. I know I'll be back next year!
>> No. 13570
I see the mercs as more combat-sexual than anything else. They definitely get much more animated when there's killing to be had. (Just listen to the Administrator on Payload missions when the bomb is about to reach the final terminus.)

File 135597594550.jpg - (116.16KB , 946x613 , jesusactualfuckingchrist.jpg )
13491 No. 13491 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hot diggety damn, lookee what we got here!

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>> No. 13513
File 135617615915.png - (83.24KB , 512x404 , Haters Gonna Vaccinate.png )
Update: Now that I've used the vaccinator for more than five minutes, and have gotten used to watching damage types and switching resistance, I've got some brainpower left over to think about my übers, and holy socks this is fun. It's not that powerful of a medigun, but the amount of strategy involved is hnnnng. I've only been using this thing for a few hours, but I can already feel my concentration improving.

So I've come to a conclusion. Forget the Scottish Resistance analogy. It was a shitty analogy anyway. The vaccinator is like a Demoknight set: It's [probably] not viable for serious gameplay, and lameasses will complain every time they see it [moreso, however, because Medics aren't allowed to have fun] but it's exciting and using it every now and then keeps you sharp. So it's my new favourite pub toy.

Have fun waiting for one to drop.
>> No. 13514
Seeing more Miss Pauling and knowing that Ashly Burch is doing something SUPER SECRET with Valve, I can kind of see her playing Miss Pauling.
>> No. 13559
>>13497 >>13500
She's just put that fic up on the Afanfic board.

File 135476178698.png - (28.12KB , 188x200 , 3074702+_a7a65f445263aecb06bd43b97603881c.png )
13445 No. 13445 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
just wondering, are most of the users here like girls? and am i the only gayfag who loves tf2chan?
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>> No. 13478
Same here

Captcha says Puritanic... No, captcha, that is not a good description for this here conversation.
>> No. 13504
>>13478 here. It just occurred to me that it says things about the quality of the writers here that people who would not be the target audience (aka straight dudes and lesbians) like and read the stuff anyway. Good things. :)
>> No. 13509
I was in another fandom previously where I think the vast majority of the gay porn (at least on the fansite I frequented) was written and drawn by lesbians. It doesn't really surprise me anymore.

File 135096276332.jpg - (210.00KB , 892x436 , Yes.jpg )
13263 No. 13263 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The past few days have seen a massive rash of engagements on TF2, and I have no idea why. No, don't tell me why. We have to preserve the mystery. All I want to know is if you've been seeing any lulzacious engagement announcements. And if you have it would be nice if you told us what the announcement said.

Today brought us 'The TF2 Community has accepted Gabe Newell's "A Flaming Homosexual"'
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>> No. 13329
File 135180593740.jpg - (168.12KB , 1360x768 , awwcomeon.jpg )
You know, I have a theory.

For every fat joke that someone makes about Gaben, Half-Life 3's release gets delayed another day.
>> No. 13397
File 135297682464.jpg - (214.78KB , 1360x768 , 2012-10-28_00001.jpg )
We might have been to the same server that day.
>> No. 13419
File 135378351995.jpg - (218.92KB , 1440x900 , 2012-11-24_00001.jpg )
I saw this just today on a X10 server. Hilarity ensued.

Sorry for the shit quality, my rig sucks ass.

File 13509323091.jpg - (56.39KB , 250x349 , nanowrimo-icon.jpg )
13258 No. 13258 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So, how many of you writers are going to be doing this? If enough people are interested, we could start a tf2 group.

(yes you can write erotic novels)
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>> No. 13366
Well I never really claimed to be good at it...

The name in this post is my steam, If you'd like to message me there. I'd post my wrimo profile but it leads to some sensitive personal info.
>> No. 13367
Also! my internet's been shit lately, so I might not be able to respond quickly.
>> No. 13400

I recommend a book called "Making Shapely Fiction" by Jerome Stern. It discusses some basic rules of writing, general plot outlines, and character types that you can build from.

Other than that, I suggest you read as many fiction and nonfiction books and short stories from as many genres as you can. Then find what you like and start coming up with ideas and putting them to paper. From there, it's a matter of practicing your craft.

Again, I must emphasize that writing must be something that you enjoy, first and foremost. Doing it for any other reason really isn't worth the effort.

File 135220948193.jpg - (95.31KB , 1131x707 , Meet_the_Pyro___TF2_by_TheModSquad.jpg )
13375 No. 13375 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm entirely new to this board, I've been considering going premium on TF2, is it worth it?
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>> No. 13379
Just once, I believe
>> No. 13380
Do you already have a full account on Steam? If you don't, then definitely put $5 into your wallet and buy something from the Mann store.

Last year I did that right before the christmas event and got a free copy of Portal 2.
>> No. 13395
If you feel like it, I'd suggest you buy a set of Mann Up Tickets. You'll get to play on the official MvM servers, get to put progress in on your badge, and even have a shot at some hats and botkiller weapons. Definitely a good-value way to go, if you don't just want to throw 49 cents on a can of Bonk or something.

No. 13338 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  this is just a random idea i had while watching a gameplay video showcasing the finishing moves of all the characters of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, so feel free to move this post if you think this doesn't belong here.

My idea was this, "What if the Team Fortress 2 mercenaries had Astral Heats if they were in a BlazBlue game?". you can suggest ideas for the non-player characters too if you want.

Check out the video provided here to see these finishing moves in action. Man! are they ever awesome.
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13359
Yeahhhhhhh, I learned early on you don't mention anime-styled things around here.
>> No. 13360
File 135202116461.jpg - (29.21KB , 500x397 , Spaghetticat.jpg )
Goddammit, you didn't learn a single goddamned thing from that ban I gave you, did you?

If you continue to make inane and terrible fucking threads like this you're looking at a much longer ban.

Knock it off already.
>> No. 13361
thats already been taken care of

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