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File 134646228291.png - (66.34KB , 184x268 , 130540486856.png )
12917 No. 12917 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
(I was unsure where to put this, so move it if it needs to be)

It's pretty straight forward I guess, what is your favorite track from the Team Fortress 2 soundtrack, and why? Which do you dislike? What about it do you like, and a why do you dislike a different one?

Personally, I am a fan of 'The Calm' and 'ROBOTS!' (MvM), 'Medic!' and 'A little Heart to Heart' (Meet the Medic), and 'More Gun' (Meet the Engineer). I guess the main reason is for how dramatic the songs get, and in the MtM songs, how 'crazy' they get, the faster violin and whatnot.

(Also, if anyone knows where tracks 14 through 18 ("Medic!", "Archimedes", "Dreams of Cruelty", "The Calm", "ROBOTS!") are located in the game files, could you post? the rest are in the ui folder)
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>> No. 12941
I set up a download if you're still looking for the song. My boyfriend made me a very nice youtube extractor and I figure more people might want the song. http://minus.com/ljT2mIogw9Iyz
>> No. 12947
I love Rocket Jump Waltz, I just wish it were longer in the official version.

I don't like the Haunted Fortress 2 theme but I hardly hear it anyways.
>> No. 12948
That's nifty, didn't know there was that track at all.

I was actually looking for "Medic!", "The Calm," and "robots!", but thank you!

File 134634393096.jpg - (180.46KB , 764x1023 , IMG_1062.jpg )
12882 No. 12882 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Am I the only one who seems to suffer from Glossophobia (fear of public speaking) when it comes to voice chat servers? See, I don't have much experience with public speaking. the written word I don't have much trouble with, but actual speaking? that's a whole different ball game for me.

I've never been on a TF2Chan servers, I'm sure they're fun, It's just when you take my lack of time with the game mixed with Glossophobia and inexperience, you can see why I have some issues with Public Speaking.

So if you guys have any advice for overcoming my fears, I would love to hear it. because I would love to play with you guys someday.

picture courtesy of Photobucket.
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>> No. 12896
Thank You Very Much, I feel better now.

And just so you all know, I go by Midnight Leo on Steam because truth be told, Jewel_Pandora is actually the username I use for my adult fan art and fiction. I go by a different name for my less racy work on Deviant Art and Tumblr.

I thought I'd tell you guys beforehand. Just in case.
>> No. 12908
If you are on a random server start by calling out game-related things (ie: ___ is spy or sentry ahead). When you get comfy with talking try asking how everyone is doing when you connect to a server. Congratulating everyone at the end of a game or thanking someone for something is a surefire way to make friends.
>> No. 12913
Thanks, Forky. I'm starting to feel better now.

I'll do my best to keep up with everyone on the mantrain. here's to the maintrain server, may it continue to serve it's many visitors in the future.

File 134635882156.png - (48.88KB , 178x192 , 134272361732.png )
12883 No. 12883 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Any expectations for the next Smissmas update?
(weapons, comics, etc.)
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>> No. 12889
File 134636749845.png - (148.53KB , 263x277 , saintdick.png )
It can come with any update really, but I'm looking forward to some more mann vs machine maps. Maybe an alternate mode where you'd go offensive (BLU) against a bunch of RED robots. Always hoped we'd get to fight Old Nick too. Spirit of Australian Christmas and all that. (Sort of like the Horseless Headless Horsemann and the Monoculous fights- but perhaps with less greed and more giving.) People got so cutthroat when the presents popped up. Something to promote generosity would be nice.
>> No. 12892
Isn't he dead? It's an interesting idea though. Too bad there ain't any kid-characters around for nick to kidnap
>> No. 12894
I like the idea of infiltrating the robot's defenses. Maybe something not dissimilar to capture the point playstyle, where you have to disable all their defenses before capping.

I tell ya, I love this robot deal. Made me feel like I was really fighting towards some sort of actual goal now, instead of just burning nooblets to ashes.

File 133585196890.png - (295.13KB , 700x500 , demos_by_silsol-d4hpsop.png )
12084 No. 12084 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Because everyones favorite black scottish cyclops needs more love. Post any and all head canons you have about Tav here !

(And yes, I am aware there already was a head canon thread awhile back, but it's ridiculously old and was about the game as a whole, so lets keep this about Demoman okay? Good. )

artwork by the very lovely Silsol : http://silsol.Sparkledog Central.com/gallery/31640757offset=0#/d4hpsop
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>> No. 12670
>I think that Demoman has lost his eye in more than just two ways. I’m thinking; five, eight, fifteen different ways, all fantastically epic, and all, somehow, within the same reality.

And now I'm picturing Demo's eye-loss as being akin to TDK Joker's facial scars...

"D'yeh wanna ken how Ah lost me eye, laddie?"
>> No. 12746
"The loch ness monster was a drunk"
>> No. 12880
I can totally imagine Demoman being an "otter" (A slimmer, but still hairy gay man). I'm surprised I always see him with a waxed chest.

File 134610498938.jpg - (81.89KB , 800x640 , goodscreen.jpg )
12874 No. 12874 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
The TF2 Spreadsheet Admin got caught scamming recently.

>He's been buying items at a very low price, then jacking them up on the spreadsheet to resell.

He had between 50 and 100 buds when the price on those suddenly skyrocketed.

>Someone noticed and put it all over reddit,
and here's where it got good.

>The Spreadsheet Admin then tries to defend himself on reddit with a bunch of excuses about who actually sold the items he had and claiming he makes no profit, because he gave the Botkiller and all other items to his "friends."

He gets caught in his lies when all his alternative accounts (his "friends") that he used for scamming are linked with proof they are him.
>Then he got real mad and said "you all just don't understand, I have to do this."

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 12877
I always knew those guys were up to no good.
>> No. 12879
File 134623262836.png - (10.09KB , 1330x141 , drunkresponse.png )

Drunken_F00l himself just responded to the reddit page with this.

pic related.

File 134512749716.jpg - (205.73KB , 600x800 , wH0Gm.jpg )
12788 No. 12788 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The MvM is now playable and there must be some shortcomes of it since the power and effect of weapones are different.
Some of nine mercs have become more superior to others and even some of those others have become more inferior than before.

Few of them may need to get BUFF/NERF in MvM to recover the balance.

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>> No. 12843
No, I'm not talking about the robots!!

I'm talking about playable mercanaries.
Spy's sapper has delay term and sappers are useless when it comes to sentry busters.
>> No. 12844
That's why you use the upgrades. Spy would be so fucking OP if he could just instantly sap anything that moved.
>> No. 12850

Too lazy to switch out from my 2fort or Freak Fortress layouts I guess. I dunno, I enjoy building at chokepoints in hard to reach places, and then using the pistol to finish people/bots off.

I have never run into a Spybot that uses a revolver. I always get backstabbed. However, they tend to backstab me before sapping the Sentry, so...

Rapid Fire anything on Decoy is scary.

File 134460392438.png - (679.88KB , 1280x1024 , 1343943233798.png )
12680 No. 12680 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

What are you doin Valve? What are you doin?
Would be a TF2 pic, but size limits are too small damn it!
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>> No. 12827
So, guys, I'm not sure if you noticed, but in the back of the spawn room of Mannworks, there is a Spy hand poking out of a bin, near a million bags of quicklime.

Creepiest part?

>> No. 12829
It's not just me then!

We got some fucking Sweeney Todd shit going on here.
>> No. 12831
My theatre company is putting that on this year, and GODDAMNIT I WANT THEM TO ANNOUNCE THE AUDITIONS ALREADY.

File 134022949347.png - (96.48KB , 512x512 , Backpack_Secret_Diary.png )
12300 No. 12300 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So. We going to talk about this?
33 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12778
It is the diary of Grey Mann, and it will reveal the secret of how to stop his robots, other than just shooting them.
>> No. 12779
>, other than just shooting them.

What other secrets to stopping the robots do you need?
>> No. 12786


I want to teach them how to love

then I want to take that love away

File 133540045819.png - (233.50KB , 531x356 , harmonyharmonyOHLOVE.png )
12015 No. 12015 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Been hearing an argument that there's never been such thing as teamwork in TF2, and that absolutely no one who's ever done anything for charity involving the game (ie. buying the Japan disaster relief hats) gives a flying shit about it, they only want hats and attention.

I think there's definitely some selfish people in any gaming community, but I don't think we'd ever see Buff Banners, Teleporters, Dispensers, Medics, Sandvich-throwing, people saying "thanks" over command or chat, or people becoming friends over the game if everyone was truely that selfish. Thoughts?
22 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12659
I need to rewrite this, because I hate how it initially came out, I apologize.

I am usually a very quiet person, so you will rarely find me on chat and almost never on mic unless I am very close to everyone on the server. Some of my friends know I am female and some don't.

In some servers women talk on mic and it is never commented upon. She is just another player like everyone else. If I hear anyone making sexist jokes about other players, though, or calling players "bitch" or saying "eat my cum, eat my cock", I mute them and then quietly report them. I don't understand why anyone cares what gender or race a person is, only how good and how cooperative they are in-game, or how nice of a person they are.

If people are being douchebags I leave for a couple hours, but I never leave the game entirely because not everyone is bad, there's enough good to outweigh the bad.
>> No. 12749
So hey, I just got outta a game and felt the need to post a lil bit. Valve servers truly do harbour the angriest of people sometimes, whether its so much as a sentry in a good spot or a kill away from a domination, sometimes this damn community just gets mah goat.
>> No. 12768
I feel the same right here. Valve DID say that TF2 was going to be an ongoing project. TF2 shows a whole new apporach when it comes to FPS games.

File 134236975524.jpg - (35.70KB , 244x512 , _1.jpg )
12582 No. 12582 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can you give me HI-RES texture of ambassador?
Need to reprint mother imaage, what engraved in barrel part of revolver.
Can you help me? Thanks.
>> No. 12583
File 134237028162.jpg - (238.27KB , 1091x654 , 306.jpg )
Thanks for help anyway.
>> No. 12618

No one?
>> No. 12642
Try the Resources board.

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