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File 133418913824.png - (66.46KB , 500x400 , 130890682743.png )
11948 No. 11948 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I can feel it.

The update. The next big one. The one that comes with Meet The Pyro.

What're you speculating? Mexican woman? Soulless robot? Fancy English-Man? Or they'll explain nothing at all
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>> No. 12529
No, I see it, too!
>> No. 12533
i dont usually buy into this shit, but even i think it is
>> No. 12536
I usually wouldn't either, but it's Valve, they do this kind of stuff.

I am still unsure over the "balloon puppy in Meet The Pyro is wearing Alyx's necklace" thing though.

File 132480146288.png - (212.13KB , 512x512 , Store_xmas_sale_2.png )
11026 No. 11026 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
The Secret Santa gift art will go in this thread. Please refrain from commenting until I've started posting images 12 hours from this posting. You can continue to use the original sticky thread at the top for discussion until then. Art will be posted behind spoiler tags, and some of it is adult themed, as a warning.

Fics will be posted here: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/9426.html

As a reminder, the expression "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" applies to the gifts to be posted. That means that this is the one instance that critique is discouraged on the chan. Unless there was a huge error, like it's not your prompt but you're listed as the giftee, gifts should be accepted graciously. Remember that someone worked hard to bring you something they hope you would enjoy and are likely very anxious about it, so refrain from making someone feel bad for something they did from the heart and keep in the spirit of the season.

So sit tight, children. Santa shall be visiting after I've gotten some sleep and partaken in some festivities.
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>> No. 11164
Oh. Oh my god. Yang. I can never thank you enough. It's perfect.

I am freaking out. Seriously thank you so much, this is everything I hoped for and more!
>> No. 11694
Nominel, sorry it's been so long but could I have your email for sketch sending action and stuff?
>> No. 12526
why is this thread still here?

File 134064378594.jpg - (315.83KB , 1280x324 , pyromania.jpg )
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It's here
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>> No. 12488

I'm getting one.

I'm so excited.
>> No. 12493
File 134126834279.jpg - (231.04KB , 1600x900 , whimsyshire.jpg )
Thoroughly coincidental, I know, but I couldn't help but think of Whimsyshire (Diablo 3's "secret cow level") when I saw Meet the Pyro
>> No. 12503
RockPaperShotgun made the same observation, and it actually made me think of something.

Diablo and TF2 are alike in the fact that people have dismissed them as "kiddy" for stupid reasons- for TF2 it's the art, and for Diablo it was for not being a brown srs mundane boring grimdark game. Maybe "Meet The Pyro" was the same kind of retaliation towards that mindset as Whimsyshire was.

File 131120255921.png - (784.81KB , 1280x600 , Blueworldorder.png )
7625 No. 7625 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Finally figured out how to make a spray tag today and after a little bit of fooling around I came up with a gentle nod to the greatness that is Extreme Championship Wrestling

I'm thinking about eventually re-editing it into a gif where it says "Say Hello To The Blu Guys!"

So guys, what pictures of mayhem do you have set to default?
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>> No. 11010
File 132475771592.jpg - (109.97KB , 1024x1138 , sms_m-large.jpg )
Someday I'll animate it!
>> No. 11012
File 132475922148.png - (164.91KB , 430x261 , stuff.png )
Two of my new favorites
-a very collectable (not to mention bizzare) star wars poster from Hungary
-Red Dragon Thunderzord/Ryuuseioh from MMPR Season 2/Dairanger
>> No. 12468
File 134092333021.png - (51.87KB , 185x256 , Untitled.png )
retro style pinup poster I mande

File 134039515577.png - (135.81KB , 500x287 , tf2show.png )
12327 No. 12327 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So. So. I just saw this, and thought I'd share with the rest of the chan.

I'm not 100% sure what to make of it, but I feel this implies a TF2 show. If it is I need it in my life like right now.

So uh. Speculations? Discussion?
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>> No. 12423
File 134082562755.png - (621.62KB , 720x540 , 718-spongebob-wallet.png )
Did you think you could hide that from us, [AS]?

>> No. 12438
File 134083105212.jpg - (5.93KB , 500x51 , tumblr_m6aji4ByK51qf4vlzo1_500.jpg )
Lol, they changed it. Some at [as] fell asleep on the job hur-hur. Posting original for preservation
>> No. 12487
I'm going to ask their mothers, all of them.

File 133928233761.jpg - (18.54KB , 300x300 , 20120104_5d1aff.jpg )
12245 No. 12245 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Gentlemen, I have a question for you all that I see brought up quite a lot in-game

Which is the better Pyro Weapon? The Degreaser or The Backburner?

Personally, I prefer the Degreaser due to the simple fact that I try my best to be helpful in regards to my teammates (I also carry around a Homewrecker on a constant basis) and Airblast is a very valuable asset to me
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>> No. 12260
Degreaser all the way. I airblast constantly, and I use the Gas Attendant set, so I like having that little speed boosts.
On certain matches, though, I may switch to Backburner. Usually if there are a lot of corners and places to jump out behind people. Barnblitz was the first place I ever used it like that.

The Phlogistinator can just go fuck itself, though.
>> No. 12273
Backburner USED to be the red headed step child of the flamethrower family, but ever since it was equalised with the return of airblast but with less damage, that title has dropped to the Phlog.

I actually posted a short article about this on a website which I'm just gonna copy paste for time savery.

"I just had a rip roaring round on dustbowl where I was Backburner pyro, and I dominated a spy killing him no less than twenty times, 12 times with the backburner (non spam, always knowing where he was), 5 times with a flare gun, 2 taunt kills and a homewrecker kill. Even during the non BB kills, he would instantly start pitching a bitch fit over how OP Backburner is, and I started to wonder if it really was.

First up, the stats. Backburners up side is that it does 10% extra damage and crits when attacking from behind, the downside being that each airblast will suck up 50 ammo, so if you didn't actually fire it at all, you are looking at 4 airblasts max per tank, but realistically, its 2-3.

First, the ten percent extra damage is hardly game breaking, it doesn't change the play style, and coupled with the airblast downer, seems a little underwhelming. Then comes the 100% crits from behind, which makes the airblast a lot more viable.

When people die from the 100% crits chance, they tend to get rather antsy and many are fast to hammer hate into their keyboard over it, but in actuality, I don't see it as being that much to complain about. Pyro is hardly a subtle class, being a big, red, fire spitting blob, you'd have to be blind not to see him most times, along with deaf to miss the loud mumbles and roar the flamethrower makes. So considering this is it possible that when a Pyro gets behind you or the entire team in many cases that he really had to plan ahead and work at it to get to such a position? Or maybe you or your team mates just were not paying enough attention, in which case the blame would be yours.

Pyro is hardly a spy which boasts disguises, invisibility, death feigning devices, near silent kill weapons as well as a set that makes him deathly silent at times, yet when the backburner pyro comes roarin
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>> No. 12281
File 133983458651.jpg - (117.51KB , 292x320 , i approve.jpg )
This post is a good post.
polite sage

File 133823375933.png - (7.64KB , 100x75 , 100px-Item_icon_Killer_Exclusive[1].png )
12230 No. 12230 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
There used to be a Twitter account that would tweet every time the game was updated. Anyone remember what it was called?
>> No. 12231

Is that it? I just googled 'Team Fortress 2' and 'Twitter', and that's the first thing that came up. And upon further perusal, this is also the same account link on the official site, teamfortress.com.

Google is your friend.
>> No. 12232
That is not it. It was a fan run account and it showed all updates not just major ones.

I did Google it.
>> No. 12233
>>12232 Hey, all I can tell ya is this is the one linked on the tf2 homepage. Extent of my knowledge.

File 133786989648.jpg - (0.97MB , 1150x1725 , 1278709857015869700.jpg )
12221 No. 12221 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey all

Requesting high(ish) quality, dramatic-looking sniper pics (gmod, in-game, taken from meet the sniper, whatever). Especially him doffing his hat.

Cheers in advance.
>> No. 12222
I'd say this should belong in /dumps/ or /resources/. You can find stuff along this line there.
Just look around some of the old threads.
>> No. 12225

File 133624652819.jpg - (72.01KB , 440x542 , tf2-goodday.jpg )
12128 No. 12128 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This started as something I was writing in /afanfic involving the story I'm doing in there. A poster said she liked how I was depicting one of the characters (the BLU Spy), and I found myself contemplating some things I've contemplated many times before, but never thought to make a thread about.

To save people the trouble of looking for it, I'll just give a quick recap of what this is about, and why I'm curious to know what other people's own takes on the matter is. The main cast of the is a team of RED mercenaries, a BLU Spy, and a third team of mercenaries who used to work for RED company but went traitor. (This is all going by the concept of there being multiple teams of mercs working for each of the Mann brothers, and each team resembles the next for no reasons of any importance.)

I've mostly written all the characters based off of canon (although I've added a few non-canon things, ie. secret sweet gay lovin' going on between a few of them *cough*. For the sake of argument, I'm not going to consider “fanon” or “headcanon” here to be canon, since no matter how much I like shipping, say, Heavy and Medic, canon does not confirm or deny they're anything more than bro's). To help differentiate the RED Spy and the BLU Spy and thus, not make the first scene where both appeared an incomprehensible muddle, I gave the BLU one a French-Canadian accent.

I'd said earlier that joual!BLU Spy isn't intended as some kind of OC Spy. I am trying to write him as having a somewhat different attitude and method than RED Spy, without strongly deviating from canon in either Spy's case. I imagine BLU as a rougher around the edges, less flirtacious, and more avoidant of open combat when his own success is not 99% guaranteed(cowardly, you could say, or maybe furtive). Even so, I've still basically tried to keep him depicted like any good Spy- he's clever, two-faced, resourceful, and using grit and hidden spy tools to deal with the dangerous situation he's in. He's described as a Canadian, but I haven't wasted any time on working some kind of backstory for him into the main event.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 12140
Good question, I can't claim to have a clear opinion on the subject. Thinking about it too much causes me to question the nature of fanon.

One thing I like about TF2 is that it's so easy for fans to interpret and work with the characters, and it hardly ever seems wrong just because it's not canon. I'm not usually big on OCs, however. This may just be because I often lose interest when I no longer recognize them as the characters from the game. I guess I'm fine with any interpretation as long as it retains the traits I like in that character. It's not up to me to decide if it's a valid interpretation, though. Obviously some writing looks more like canon, but it's not technically canon either way, right?
I think canon itself is pretty subjective stuff and not always clear-cut, especially with a piece of fiction as dynamic as TF2.
>> No. 12141
I see canon vs. non-canon as more of a continuum...

1. Is the character backstory consistent with the Word of Valve? The Meet the Team videos, the trading card information, the wiki, the in game voice commands, the comics, the blogs, etc. All else aside, that's what I take to be "factually" true about the cast, unless Valve says "nope, that wasn't canon" (like in the case of the Mac comic). Where Valve is more vague (like whether the BLU Spy is schtupping the RED Scout's mother or not), I assume so because of the voice commands, but I still label it as "personal headcanon sort-of supported by canon material, but I wouldn't cry about it if Valve came out and nixed it".
2. Is the character consistent with in-game (non-griefer) behavior and habits? This was the source I relied to for characterization before some of the later Meet the [Team] videos came out. So in my mind, Sniper and Engineer were pals long before it was suggested in the promotional videos because as an Engineer, I would tend to plunk dispensers next to Snipers. Medics were super-stressed and grumpy all the time, and hated Heavies who acted like Medics were their personal pets and acted ridiculously reckless while being healed, because that was how I acted as a Medic. And so on and so forth. This one, I tend to defer to canon wherever contradictions appeared, but I still prefer my version. So I don't mind stories where the members of the team actively hate each other and can barely work as a cohesive unit because I've been on those teams, but I don't consider those stories of THE cream of the crop RED team because that nonsense would have gotten the offenders kicked out long time ago.
3. Is the character consistent with 1960's history and culture? Or at least the Hollywood version, since TF2's version of world events seem rather different than what happened in reality. I tend not to care about the classes political, religious, or cultural leanings as much because discussing those topics are controversial and I couldn't really do those topics justice without an amount of research that I don't really care to do for pretendy fun time
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 12113 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  I poo'd my first SFM today.

Since there's a gmod board but no SFM board, I figure I post it here. Because I can.

Also general SFM thread.
>> No. 12133

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