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File 132081132726.png - (312.26KB , 606x680 , Team_Captain_Medic.png )
10017 No. 10017
>Implying Medic wasn't meant to be a nazi and they only "word of god"ed it away because people would be offended.

(Implying that this argument hasn't been done before)
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>> No. 10020
How do those sound files prove he's supposed to be a nazi?
>> No. 10021
man the guy at the post office asked for my papers too

he must be a nazi too rite
>> No. 10022
File 132085158048.jpg - (2.35KB , 100x100 , notimpressed.jpg )
And yet the only class whose insults are related to his enemy's nationalities is the Soldier, but somehow he gets a pass because he's insane or something.

Team Fortress 2 is a world of cartoonishly over the top stereotypes whose backstory as revealed so far doesn't even match up very well to the real world.

If you're going to call the Medic a Nazi because he's a German, then Engie's a member of the KKK, Sniper doesn't think Aborigines are people, Heavy is a communist...
>> No. 10024
heavy is a communist (with hammer and sickle logo on almost every f****ng thing iron crtain, and pilotka), and communism has killed more innocent people than nazism has. Ok, nazies are bad, and communism is accetable, fine by me if its to all of you.
Why can't people understand what OP is tryilng to imply: A man at the age of mid 30s - 40s, lives in late 1960s, a german, a mad scientist, so isnt it quite obvious that he could be a nazi? How stupid is that to understand, and if he is, whats the friggin "evil" side to accept it?! Deal with it
>> No. 10025
I think he may be a parody of Josef Mengele (or a similar doctor) myself. The nazism kinda comes as a bi-product in that theory...
The Solemn Vow should have been a statue of Nietzsche, not Hippocrates. it would have been better
>> No. 10026
File 132085538983.jpg - (100.37KB , 500x299 , 54e1efeb_howaboutno.jpg )
Ya know what. NO.We are not doing this thread. Frankly I'm tired of TF2fandom trying to justify Medic as a Nazi/ex-Nazi. I will have to start banning folk who keep bringing this up. It's a stupid argument based on opinion and not fact, when the fact is that the word of Valve says he's not. Case closed. Done. Bring it up again and you're permabanned.
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