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File 132140308288.jpg - (102.08KB , 800x600 , 125883399632.jpg )
10131 No. 10131
Did you notice how the Ubercharge lasted 40 second in the movie for Heavy, and lasts 20 seconds in the game (split between two people)? I thought that was interesting.

Pic Unrelated, I just love it. Artist?
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>> No. 10132
File 132140526549.jpg - (200.37KB , 1024x772 , Team_Fortress____the_Animation_by_Fenomena.jpg )
Well they said that the reason the Quick Fix doesn't have the invulnerably uber is cause it was a prototype and burned out. So maybe it just worked on the Heavy, and the new version, the classic Medigun, works on both and goes down faster. I learned recently that if you uber two people at once it drains faster.

Pic is part of a larger pic by Fenomena on dA
>> No. 10133
valve this realism is way too much for me
>> No. 10137
Since we're on the subject of fridge logic...

We know that in MtM, Medic keeps the Spy's head in the fridge.
In the Meet the Sandvich vid, it's all seen from the inside of a fridge, and not only that, but the same fridge.

That implies that we were seeing the whole thing through the Spy's point of view.

Thought it was an interesting bit of trivia.
>> No. 10146
the floor in meet the sandvich is wooden. the floor in meet the medic is tiled.
>> No. 10148
same fridge, different base?
>> No. 10149
Medic takes the head with him? Or snatches it when he gets the chance and stocks it in an available fridge?

Or maybe Medic just likes tormenting the BLU Spy.
>> No. 10150
Different base, or different room in the same base, possibly, but still RED, that much we know. RED uses wood, BLU uses steel.
>> No. 10152
They put in tile to replace the bloody wood floor.
>> No. 10153
Or maybe we're just seeing from inside the fridge because it makes for an interesting video, hearing the action instead of seeing it, and not the spy.
>> No. 10163
>assuming there is only a single fridge in any base.

MTS probably took place in the mess hall while MTM was obviously in the infirmary
>> No. 10170
of course, which is probably why MtS probably wasnt in the spy's POV.
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