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File 132216165184.png - (386.76KB , 570x463 , Steamad_pokernight+visor.png )
10294 No. 10294
So what do you think the odds are of us getting another Poker Night game? Or some variant? (Chess Night at the Inventory?)
I remember Telltale saying they may do another if the first was profitable enough.
So if they end up doing another who would you want to see appear? What promotionals would you want?
Me? I'd like to see Soldier in it, and Sam from Sam and Max (because I want a Big Kill).
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>> No. 10295
File 132216181235.png - (166.81KB , 600x425 , Iron_Curtain_Prototype.png )
and is just me or was the prototype Iron Curtain waaaay cooler than the one they ended up using. It looks like something retro, like out of TF Classic.
>> No. 10300
Well, the hidden sound file in the game hints at a Murder at the Inventory, so maaaaybe we'll get a criminal investigation game? With the characters as detectives and shit?
That would be amazing.
>> No. 10303
If it's a murder mystery then I'd wanna see Spy, Engi, or Medic in it. Any of them could be funny really.
>> No. 10306
I want Medic, Sam, Gabe, and Homestar in Murder At The Inventory, because we had their "heterosexual" life mates in the last one.

Now that Jurassic Park is done, we're closer to getting an answer on this.
>> No. 10325
I do enjoy the banter and would very much like to have another. Makes me want to play the Sam and Max games, but since I'm rather OCD I won't do it until I play the old SCUMM engine one which will surely be difficult and expensive to procure, not to mention I tend to distrust old technology, so still procrastinating on that.
>> No. 10337
There's not a lot of continuity, so don't worry about starting with, say, Season 2 or 3 of the Telltale series. Even if you don't understand anything, it's still so funny you don't care.
>> No. 10354
But I still want to play that one badly :(
I'm still pipe-dreaming that LucasArts and Telltale work out some sort of Copyright agreement and we get it re-released on Steam or even remade it like they did with Monkey Island. That and I also wish I knew enough about emulators to play it.
>> No. 10468
Don't expect anyone Penny Arcade related to be there for a sequel. Apparently Tycho hates TF2 and is actually kind of a dick about it (which begs the question why he even agreed to do Poker Night in the first place, but whatever).
>> No. 10481
Also weird considering they also sell this on their website http://store.penny-arcade.com/products/pat070411
>> No. 10495
I honestly wouldn't mind PA not showing up in a sequel.

Ever since the whole dickwolves fiasco, I just can't support them.
>> No. 10502
>the whole dickwolves fiasco

The whatnow?
>> No. 10504
File 132272515392.jpg - (1.69KB , 115x126 , 1305836168731.jpg )
yes, please explain
>> No. 10506
I'd buy a dickwolves shirt if they still sold them. Fuck those humorless twats.
>> No. 10509

basically, a clusterfuck.
>> No. 10510
File 132275660741.jpg - (43.84KB , 620x323 , dickwolves-shirt.jpg )
If PA does return for a sequel this needs to be one of the design of one of unlockable poker tables.
>> No. 10511
File 132275770027.jpg - (261.02KB , 411x611 , rageee.jpg )
>My rage. All of it. Especially this.
>"That they would say "Nothing is sacred. Nothing. At all. Nothing is off-limits to be made fun of," and then IMMEDIATELY follow it up with "Except you can't joke about hurting our families.""
Threatening to kill someone else's family is not a fucking joke. Those fucking self-righteous pricks that think psychos on both sides who were sending death threats to both sides somehow thinks this proves them right and that making jokes about an imaginary rape actually leads to both that and people not taking real rape seriously.
>> No. 10512
not only that but apparently the blogger that started the whole thing had been removing/editing the comments that defended PA
>> No. 10513
God, am I ever sick of this hypersensitive bullshit. Rape wasn't even the main focus of the comic strip.
>> No. 10514

Not the point. The original strip is not that bad and the bloggers in question over-reacted to it. That doesn't excuse how the PA guys then acted about it. Rolling out a non-apology, selling t-shirts about it and trying to make it in a meme made them look like complete arseholes and men of their age and intelligence should have known that it was going to cause a massive internet clusterfuck, which ultimately resulted in people getting death threats.

They didn't need to remove the comic, or even apologise. All they ever needed to do was completely ignore the original response, which was fairly marginal.
>> No. 10516

That's what I was thinking. They could have just ignored it and let it all blow over.
>> No. 10519
File 132278772268.jpg - (9.58KB , 320x240 , Hankreaction.jpg )
As someone who is a survivor of such occurrences, may I turn your attention to http://shakespearessister.blogspot.com/2010/08/survivors-are-so-sensitive.html which more clearly explains the feelings of people who might have complained.

I didn't find the comic THAT offensive in and of itself, but the reaction was. If it was someone making a joke about 9/11, you'd probably be braying for blood. A lot of survivors just want the same kind of respect when talking about sensitive issues like that.

And that is all. I'll butt out of this now... Boop.
>> No. 10522
I had read that article before. It didn't change my mind.
>"If it was someone making a joke about 9/11, you'd probably be braying for blood."
Actually, no. I've seen it done before. This one guy made a Youtube Poop using footage of it because he was sick of all these PC nazis jumping on him because they had assuming that every piece of footage he used of scheduled building demolitions was of 9/11. It's like that other person said, "Nothing is sacred." There's no good reason I (or anyone) shouldn't be able to joke about anything. If we weren't allowed to laugh about the negative aspects in life how are we supposed to not be miserable all day every day. Admittedly the T-Shirt (like the 9/11 poop) was a troll move, but honestly the other side deserved it. They said they wanted respect? They should've showed the PA guys some respect and not made them out to be rape advocates. And I don't care how anti-rape you are, nothing justifies threatening to murder someone else's family. (For the record the ones that deserved to be trolled were the people who attacked the PA guys accusing them of being heartless fucks, not actual rape victims).

(Damnit why can't I get this video to embed? I've had to type this up 3 different times. Oh, well.)(I didn't try to do it in the message box btw).
>> No. 10523
File 132279276657.jpg - (92.76KB , 916x855 , ohlook.jpg )
you know what forget it, we should probably drop this subject now before this thread gets derailed any further.
>> No. 10524
Alright, maggots. I don't care much for hypersensitivity either. I get enough of that on Tumblutts.

HOWEVER, rape is one of those subjects that must be treaded on lightly. Just out of respect to people who have gone through that sort of trauma. It's the decent thing to do.

I suggest you guys move on to another topic.
>> No. 10531
File 132280073719.jpg - (14.56KB , 306x319 , docbrown.jpg )
I think a new Poker Night game should have Doc Brown. He was in a Telltale game and would have all sorts of fun stuff to say.
>> No. 10534
I just want new Medic lines period.
>> No. 10535
They should have a raptor as well

with subtitles as well of course
>> No. 10565
I'm guessing if a new game came out in the Inventory series, Telltale would be limited to the licenses they already have, so that's:

Back To The Future
Hector Badge of Courage
Jurassic Park
Nelson Tethers
Sam and Max
Homestar Runner
Monkey Island
Wallace and Gromit
The Walking Dead
King's Quest
+ TF2/possibly another Valve series

In a murder mystery/Cluedo one, I'd want to see Sam, Medic, Nelson Tethers, and...Strong Sad, maybe? I'd base the cameos on who fit the specific game's theme the best.
>> No. 10569
I'd like to state for the record that Penny Arcade was not previously affiliated with TellTale. So, really who knows who else could appear?
From what I heard their take on it was less then satisfactory. Don't misunderstand, I loved the comic, I just heard the game sucked.
>Monkey Island
That sounds a bit more likely considering Winslow was in the first one.
>Waling Dead
Why was I not aware of this? Based on the design of their web page it looks like it'll be based more so on the comic and not the show.
>> No. 10584
>walking dead

oh god, could you imagine Bill and Dale together in the same room?
>> No. 10588
File 132299472750.jpg - (222.27KB , 841x504 , ms__pauling_by_makani-d3gamuw.jpg )
Last December was divine to me. It was fun to play Poker Night at inventory and earn the items when i finally got my own Paypal account, and could buy the game and some stuff deom Mann Co. store. I wish there would be other game like Poker night. Earning the items is groovier rather than directly buying them.
>> No. 10600
>Monkey Island
>That sounds a bit more likely considering Winslow was in the first one.

Don't be too sure about that. Tales of Monkey Island was made under the old president of Lucasarts. He's been replaced since then, and the new guy seems to be going into the whole "STAR WARS MASTER RACE" mode again.
>> No. 10602
They could still make up for it and do something good with the license if they still have it, perhaps...

There's videos back from Comic-Con '11, I think, where they discussed a little about it. No screenshots I'm aware of yet. I agree, I'd love to see Bill and Dale hanging out somehow.

I don't understand, though, why LucasArts would have such a tight grip on Monkey Island when they only want to do Star Wars games anymore. Or why they'd want to focus exclusively on one license.

I like earning stuff too, especially since I'm not too keen on buying virtual items (unless it's a charity thing or from some teeny indie company who really needs the money).
>> No. 10611
File 132305782034.jpg - (146.20KB , 500x500 , sadface.jpg )
That doesn't seem to promising for the possibilty of a rerelease/enhanced remake of Sam & Max Hit the Road
>> No. 12174
File 133711215839.png - (64.44KB , 256x144 , bloodseeker_lg.png )
Dota 2's characters a oozing personality. I'd love to see one of them in a Poker Night game. It just begs the question which one? Bloodseeker kind of seems like the poster boy. Maybe him?
>> No. 12184
I'd be happy if they just threw in a few more lines of dialogue and some extra decks to win. Although I would love to play against Guybrush from Monkey Island.
>> No. 12212
Gabe Newell
Doc Emmett Brown

Anyone want to contribute the last one in a perfect list?
>> No. 12213
Dr. Emmett Brown, Engie, Medic, a Raptor from Jurassic Park, and a Walking Dead zombie in: MAD SCIENCE [something] AT THE INVENTORY.

The zombie and dinosaur can be of the "I just play one on TV" variety.
>> No. 13793
File 136690906741.png - (178.37KB , 435x444 , sam_and_max__sad_face_by_katsaka-d4ji9dg.png )
>No TF2 rep in Poker Night 2.
I am severely disappointed.
>Sam is in it, but he's not betting his Big Kill.
I'm double disappoint. At least we get GlaDOS though.
Also, how did they decide the characters for this one? Does Telltale have some upcoming Ventures Bros. or Evil Dead/Army of Darkness games fore-coming?
>> No. 13794
There is a framed screenshot of the original cast on the wall as Winslow's bringing you down the stairs, at least. I d'awwwed at that.
>> No. 13798
I have to say, despite the lack of TF2 in this one, the interactions between Claptrap and GLaDOS make up for it. And Max's little cameos are beautiful, too
>> No. 13799
File 136755037071.jpg - (33.88KB , 251x291 , tumblr_lhq16nnrda1qge7yeo1_400.jpg )
>>stream PN2 for friend
>>convince her to watch Venture Bros., a show I've been into since before I got into TF2
>>get onto the subject of a Dr. Rusty Venture/Brock/Heavy/Medic strip poker foursome
>> No. 13800
File 136760979920.jpg - (32.89KB , 224x220 , image.jpg )
>> No. 13801

you do realize this site is 99.9% gay porn right

even if I didn't post here once in awhile there would be other people who did
>> No. 13803

Naw, they probably ship Sniper/Spy or some shit.
>> No. 13804

Now, now, no need to be catty.


I'll see myself out.
>> No. 13805
File 136782202115.png - (414.77KB , 568x315 , tumblr_mld36jRD5q1qj43juo1_1280.png )
>> No. 13867
Related: What's your favorite game what had a TF2 tie-in?

I asked a bunch of people on hipstr awhile back, and Don't Starve was almost the overwhelming favorite, although Plants vs. Zombies and Brütal Legend got some love, too. Heck, I even met some Sam and Max fans over MvM today. That seriously pleased me.
>> No. 13912
PvZ and Don't Starve are games I adore, but don't care too much for the tie-in items.

Is it sad my favourite tie-in item is the plain ol' Bill's Hat? Seems almost.. boring to have that as my favourite. It looks so cute on Engineer though
>> No. 13918
That's not weird. I ran into a Soldier once who had a white Bill's Cap, white Soldier's Formals, and Earbuds. Looked pretty dapper.

And yeah, I kinda agree. The PvZ stuff for The Sims 3 was actually better.
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