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File 132259128621.jpg - (170.62KB , 564x800 , evil_blu_engineer.jpg )
10451 No. 10451
Starting a new thread, since the last one autosaged.

Had another one today, after so long, which is weird, it's not like I completely ignored TF2. But it was a good one, at least when I viewed it (similar in theme to Cat Bountry's one, although I completely forgot about it. I guess that you could call it a prequel?).
In short: Engineer got his 11PhD's from a deal with a devil-esque figure (I think that it was a fandom crossover, since later he was talking with Loki about the deal, but the original dealer was one of the crossroad demons from Supernatural? Crowley probably).
So then he was on a fair, with his daughter, and he sees Loki/the devil/demon and tells his daughter to go and play somewhere. And rain starts to pour like crazy, and Loki/the devil/demon says to him happily "Dell, the deal is over, it's time to go".
The last scene shows Engie, when he sits heavily on the ground, completely miserable, but with a thought that he at least secured his daughter's future with the money from RED/BLU.
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>> No. 10797
I just woke up after i had a : I feel so ill i need to take a nap or else my dinner will see the light again nap.

It was after i read the new TF2comic. I dreamed i checked the TF2 News site where they announced the following: Yes, we will have a HAT week were everyone get´s at least dropped ONE hat. Maybe even TWO hats! And this in one week! Dreamme was so excited.

I noticed i live after the buddhistic standard not to crave material goods. I crave virtual hats.
>> No. 10803
(Been a lurker for a while now, I'm more exited than I should be about my first post)

On the night of Dec.11, or rather the morning of Dec 12, TF2 decided to enter my dreams like it does every so often. This dream wasn't just clips of battle like the other dreams I've had. This one was different.

I woke up in a long narrow barn with the rest of RED team. We had been sleping on hay bails that looked rather small for us. I was placed next to the barn door, it had a sign on top or it that I couldn't read and a megaphone. Everyone was either lazily geting up or not at all. I don't know which class I was, but there was no Medic so that's my best guess.

The first thing I heard was the Administrator yelling 'mission begins in five' and I didn't hear the rest of the numbers before BLU stormed into our cozy little barn and killed us all.

Then all was black for five, perhaps ten seconds, like respawn. I woke up in the same place I was killed, this time my stomach ached. The scout that killed me was waiting for me there, and killed me again.

Another 10 seconds pased, and I awoke again. I was getting sicker, but that was the only thing that had changed. I caught a glimpse of a BLU Medic and Soldier killing others on my team as they spawned. Then it went dark, for the Scout had killed me again.

Again, I awoke, more nauseous. I tried to get up, but the scout pushed me down with bullets. This kept on going for a long time, until I was stirred into semi-consciousness by the dream. I kept on getting sicker and sicker, feeling the deaths even though I was half awake. Then I got up and bolted to the restroom when I promptly threw up the contents of my stomach.

That's kinda it.(Wow this felt too long for a post)
>> No. 10817
Wow that's kinda cool in a weird way. Did you dream that because you were sick or did you get sick because of the dream?
>> No. 10913
I should play a few rounds before bed more often. Seeing the phrase "rode hard, put away wet" inspired the most amazing dream. I saw someone unlock that and my mind wandered. Anyway Engie offered to show me what it means... there were amazing humpins, a little sweat, and Engie smellt like horse feed. Mmm!

Also had a stimulating visit with the Doktor. We were on one of those cold exam tables, and he used an ubercharge to extend our climax, after it wore off we both about collapsed. Yep.
>> No. 10967
just last night, dreamed Pyro was real and I hugged him/her to check it's gender.
He was either a guy or a flat chested lady
>> No. 10982
I've had a short TF2 related sequence where I was in Sniper's pov and he was looking in some ancient Aztec ruins for Dragon Balls.
I don't know either.
>> No. 11114
I had this dream last night, I was in a hotel with everyone, and I shared a room with Sniper and Soldier. My phone rang and my ringtone was some awful techno song. I turned to Sniper and went "I have the slight suspicion that you won't like my music." he laughed and nodded. Suddenly, we heard loud footsteps outside our door. I opened it and BLU Spy was chasing BLU Scout and they were both laughing hysterically. I guess they forgot they were in a hotel with 17 other people, because they stopped halfway down the hall and started making out. My face got red and I closed the door. Soldier asked me what happens and I told him to check the hallway. Needless to say, he saw the couple and ran down the hall, brandishing his shovel and screaming.
>> No. 11136
I had a dream the other night that I was a female-identifying (but obviously masculine) RED Sniper, being romantically pursued by (male) BLU Spy. However, I was hesitant because I was deeply in the closet and had convinced myself that I preferred women. Every time he came around I was turned on and in furious denial. He knew he turned me on but instead of taking advantage of it, he gently coaxed me into accepting myself. He was strangely nurturing and soft-hearted for a Spy.

We dated for a while and then he proposed to me.

Pretty vanilla, but weird for me because my preferences run in the opposite direction- I'm extremely kinky, prefer women and don't identify with any gender.
>> No. 11208
Last night I dreamt I was playing as Spy in Hoohoo, and sucking at it like a starfish on dry land. Everyone kept running past, so I couldn't uncloak without anyone seeing me, and I had to hide constantly.

Then I saw that the entire BLU team was gathering in some sort of cage-carriage in the middle of the payload tracks. I snuck in there and got out my ambassador to headshot and finish off the Sniper right next to me.

I uncloaked and shot the sniper straight through the head. Even though my aim was true, his health did not diminish! I started shooting in a wild frenzy, hoping to do some damage before dying, but nobody did anything.

In the end I just stopped shooting and the Sniper shot me a "are you dumb" look and said: "Don't you know mate? This is the damn break room. We don't do shooting here." And then we just.... had a break.

A pretty tame dream I admit, but it's the first dream I ever had about tf2 and I wanted to share...
>> No. 11287
Last night I dreamt I was a RED pyro. Normally when I have tf2 dreams I'm BLU (I'm the particularly loyal type haha) but I was with four other pyros, and we all had blankets: one had a red one, one had green one, one had yellow and I can't remember the last one. I was going to have a blue one but my mom said it was dirty and I had to have a white one. Apparently these blankets signified what kind of magic we could cast, because we were all wizards of a sort. The five of us ran around putting spells on things and setting things on fire/freezing things, and at one point we passed some kids playing basketball- I rewound time when the one girl playing missed so she could have a second chance and sure enough she did.

Not sure why she said 'touchdown!' when the baskeball made it in the hoop though. Was a fun dream!
>> No. 11289
Had anothet dream a few nights ago. Went something like this:

I was a Medic on RED team. We were on that vsh farm map, except it was the Vagineer instead of Hale. I was healing a Sniper, and we were trying to regroup with the other members of our team. In one building we found another Medic and a Spy making out, and they turned to us and gave us an 'oh shit' look. Fucking priceless. The Sniper ran off disgusted, and the Medic must have had his own reasons, because he just vanished. I heard both of their screams and some of the Vagineer's devil-speach. The Spy and I were about to bolt when we saw the Vag turn the corner and enter the shack we were hiding in.

I woke up before he could kill us, but knowing the nature of my dreams, he could have been coming there to fuck us. Either way, I'm glad I woke up.
>> No. 11297
Weirdest Tf2 Dream Ever-

I dreamt that the Tentaspy (BLU) had sex with this strange elvish-type guy who showed up on the base (it was a mutual attraction), and every time they had sex, Tentaspy got pregnant, so that after the guy left, he had twelve little tentaspies the size of a small hand running around (don't ask how he gave birth- I didn't see that part), and they all had these little piping voices and called him Papa or Papi. He tried to raise them right, but they were perverted little things, right from the start- their favorite activity was sexing themselves with baby carrots and eating cream puffs from a crocembouche. Then, they somehow got free from the base and were travelling the country killing bad guys who hurt women (essentially serial killers, rapists, wifebeaters and so on), and afterwards, they'd return to the base for more baby carrot smexing and crocembouche. And then the serial profilers from Criminal Minds showed up looking for who was killing all these killers and bad men, and the baby tentaspies were asking their Papi to help them... and I woke up.

Ye gods, this cold must be making me sicker than I thought!
>> No. 11303
File 132759944878.jpg - (135.65KB , 323x335 , teehee liar liar my pants are not on FIAR.jpg )
Had my first today after reading replys on this thread :D

I was doing pretty well as a soldier on a weird map, blastin away enemies, when I spotted an enemy engineer building something behind a metal fence. Then, I had somehow changed into a pyro and I saw an opening in the fence where the thing he was building was showing. I tried to burn it from the other side, but it didn't work and started to laugh nervously. The Engineer laughed at me, which made me angry and I began to try to get to the other side of the fence. After I got there, the engineer was finished and put on these mechanical pants from Wallace & Gromit that he was building and started chasing me.
>> No. 11305

The cold? Oh no, dearie, it's us you're getting sick from.
>> No. 11306
I had an absurd dream the other night that I had a baby. I don't remember all of the dream but there was one part where I had it in a pram in the kitchen (where it also magically turned black) and I was giving it a bottle. While my back was turned, the bottle became a sticky launcher. The little fucker was shooting them everywhere and I had to remove the sticky bombs from all over the kitchen before my mother came home.
>> No. 11308
I am, unsurprisingly, okay with this.
>> No. 11367
So I had this dream.

TF2 in Jurassic Park.

It was more than just Sniper being accosted by raptors and saying "clever girl."

Think Heavy in a jeep shooting at a pursuing T-Rex.

It was awesome.
>> No. 11369
I'll repost this from my Tumblr:

Yesterday morning was a cute one, it was Engineer tending to Heavy’s minor wounds in Engie’s workshop. I think I worked it out that Medic was too busy for stuff like that. First Engineer steals Medic’s boyfriend and then his job, I guess!

This morning I dreamed that, for whatever reason, Spy planned to disguise as Pyro, who was confirmed female, and become pregnant. Then he was having second thoughs because that meant being cloaked for nine months. No mpreg/mtf preg action in this one.
>> No. 11375
Maybe it's because I watched this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPmo0gI AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMPMCc&feature=related

before bed last night, but I had the most amazing dream about Medic.

The war between RED and BLU ended, and for whatever reason, the mercs were to be killed. The group had to escape the building before the other hired guns showed up, however they were trapped inside with no access to their weapons or equipment.

Archimedes was killed by the incoming hired guns and this heartless act makes Medic realize that he truly is no different than the ones who killed his bird. Everything he had justified as "for science" was now monstrous and cruel to him.

Now very unhinged by this revelation, Medic decided to become a distraction in the hopes that the rest of his team could escape and be free. Medic feels that he is the worst of the group in terms of heinous acts, yet thinks that there is still hope for the others. Medic pauses to admire the innocence of his birds, and animals in general, before the hired guns storm the med bay.

The rest of the team escapes through a broken window, and Medic unleashes his birds, hundreds of them, in a "fly my pretties, fly, fly!" manner, laughing maniacally and feeling that the freedom of his birds is just as good as being innocent and sin-free himself.
>> No. 11390
I always seem to rocket jump all over the place in my dreams. I once had a dream I was being chased by the water monster in Amnesia but I rocket jumped the fuck out of there. Shit was so cash.
>> No. 11976
I dreamed the other night that I was watching "Meet the Pyro" but it was basically just someone talking about how mysterious the Pyro is and then some footage of a Pyro running around fighting.

The nerd rage would be incredible, I think.
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