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File 132456376033.png - (62.38KB , 512x512 , Backpack_Third_Degree.png )
10970 No. 10970
So, it's been a little bit

How are you enjoying those new steampunk weapons?

Me? totally loving the Pomson 6000

Hoping to get the Third Degree & the Eureka Effect soon
>> No. 11178

I don't know what it's called, but it is HELL on me. I swear, I have lost the equivalency of 5 Kritz charges to that thing. Oi.

On the positive, it's forced me to be resourceful. As in taking a bonesaw to the Engineer's face.
>> No. 11181
I hate the new flamethrower. Even without the airblasts, it's ridiculously OP. Literally every time I've gotten hit by it, it's been a crit. And I get hit with it a LOT.

Do you know how long it was before I killed someone with a crit shotgun shot? Jeez.

It needs to be nerfed. Maybe have the MMPH or whatever it is build a little slower.
>> No. 11191
I use that new flamethrower, and I agree. I get way to many kills with that thing. If you weren't near invincible while using the MMPH, it would probably be better.
>> No. 11196
I like the new phlog simply because of the way the particles hit the target. It uses more of a beam sword mechanic, while the other flamethrowers are like a super fast syringe gun. So, pyro does the damage it's supposed to be doing.
>> No. 11200
Yes, I will admit that the Pomson is overpowered as hell, but it certainly helps me feel like less of a sitting duck
>> No. 11206
every time i see a pyro using the phlogistinator, i almost go OUT OF MY WAY to kill them. i can't stand that overpowered piece of crap.
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