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File 132480146288.png - (212.13KB , 512x512 , Store_xmas_sale_2.png )
11026 No. 11026
The Secret Santa gift art will go in this thread. Please refrain from commenting until I've started posting images 12 hours from this posting. You can continue to use the original sticky thread at the top for discussion until then. Art will be posted behind spoiler tags, and some of it is adult themed, as a warning.

Fics will be posted here: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/9426.html

As a reminder, the expression "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" applies to the gifts to be posted. That means that this is the one instance that critique is discouraged on the chan. Unless there was a huge error, like it's not your prompt but you're listed as the giftee, gifts should be accepted graciously. Remember that someone worked hard to bring you something they hope you would enjoy and are likely very anxious about it, so refrain from making someone feel bad for something they did from the heart and keep in the spirit of the season.

So sit tight, children. Santa shall be visiting after I've gotten some sleep and partaken in some festivities.
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>> No. 11031
File 132483840310.png - (576.05KB , 500x1657 , Spoiler Picture.png )
For: A Maybe Sniper
>> No. 11032
File 132483849689.jpg - (914.27KB , 1500x1950 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: Type Here
>> No. 11033
File 132483856141.jpg - (250.75KB , 720x678 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: D.F.38
>> No. 11034
File 132483870790.jpg - (475.95KB , 649x833 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: NoisyKid
>> No. 11035
File 132483883370.jpg - (752.80KB , 2000x3000 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: Lithe-Fider
>> No. 11037
File 132483908466.png - (810.59KB , 1500x900 , Spoiler Picture.png )
For: Valiax_Grphyon
>> No. 11038
File 132483920918.png - (732.60KB , 600x800 , Spoiler Picture.png )
For: Furei
>> No. 11039
File 132483926538.jpg - (26.44KB , 360x359 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: stubs
>> No. 11040
File 132483932733.jpg - (448.17KB , 1400x1233 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: yang
>> No. 11041
File 132483956210.jpg - (232.71KB , 1200x1290 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: Bite
>> No. 11042
File 132483967234.jpg - (416.01KB , 697x1000 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: Anonymous
>> No. 11043
File 132483973763.png - (608.45KB , 842x595 , Spoiler Picture.png )
For: Monster
>> No. 11044
File 132483984340.png - (249.62KB , 607x538 , Spoiler Picture.png )
For: Raevenote*
>> No. 11045
File 132484015432.jpg - (379.35KB , 832x516 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: PerryJ
>> No. 11046
File 132484031463.jpg - (466.26KB , 725x750 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: Hybrid
>> No. 11047
File 132484043554.jpg - (525.01KB , 640x1000 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: Deers
>> No. 11048
File 132484057279.jpg - (430.68KB , 1568x1108 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: Cosmic Tuesday
>> No. 11049
File 132484070196.jpg - (671.41KB , 985x996 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: Anonymous
>> No. 11050
File 132484081029.jpg - (279.25KB , 600x511 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: IP
>> No. 11051
File 132484091294.jpg - (227.36KB , 741x771 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
For: Dove the Unoriginal
>> No. 11052
File 132484138290.gif - (350.01KB , 400x284 , tumblr_lnzqdippyr1qd5ayz.gif )
>> No. 11053
And I think that's all the art I received. If you did artwork and you don't see it here, please do try to send it to me again.

Deepest apologies to Rasp, Chronic, and Anonymous. I'm working on getting your gifts by New Year's.

Nominel, your gift is done, but Perry won't be able to get to her computer to send it to me again for a few days.

There is one person who failed to turn in a gift, but also did not receive a gift, so unless they turn up with their gift, I'm not planning on assigning them to anyone. Gotta give to get.

Now to post the fics!
>> No. 11054
Oh yeah one more thing, there were a couple folks who had bonus doodles. You guys can post them yourselves, just cause I got so many other presents to post.
>> No. 11055
Nominel, bro, you will get an additional doodle and a silhouette ornament out of cardboard on top of your gift to make up for the wait. I'm so sorry, man, you would have deserved it earlier. Still, have a good time, a nice Christmas and I hope you will like my gift at least a bit!
>> No. 11056
Oh yeah and another thing, I got a flash file from someone, I'm just working on getting it into a format I can post so that one is delayed slightly. Gah, so much to do!
>> No. 11057
This is the cutest thing Ever!!!

I knew I had got Yang! LOL
>> No. 11058
hey kilo, did you get the email i sent you? Just noticed that you didn't put up the fill...
>> No. 11060
Screaming. Screaming screaming screaming.

This is amazing. Just

Also I swear I know this style honestly I promise I do but I can't remember the naaame.
I'm just going to go back to my corner now.
>> No. 11061
Miss Pauling, I don't envy you your job, but damn, do I love watching you do it.
>> No. 11062

Aww, thank you, Furei! I'll admit I'm predictable.
>> No. 11063

Dove, I'm the anon who did your request, and I have a few bonus doodles for you if you want them. My email is up.
Also, if you wish, I will gladly color your gift if you like it. Its your choice between dry medium(chalk) or gouache since its on illustration board.

If there are any errors you want me to fix, or have stuff to add, please let me know in the email.
>> No. 11065

Oh! Oh my gosh, I forgot there was art too. And I didn't expect to get art because Kilo said there were more writers than artists signing up. I love it! If you'd like to color it, please color it however you'd like. I have no preference. I also have no suggestions for anything regarding it. It just makes me so happy seeing it!

I would LOVE to see the doodles btw. My email is in the email field here too but I'll email you as well, in case you'd prefer that to posting here?
>> No. 11066
Ohhh my Godddd... this is so awesome! Thank you so much whoever did this! This is so frickin cute I cannot even.
>> No. 11067
hi i was your secret santa wink

also thank you to whoever was my secret santa
goddamn i really really love that trail of burns
>> No. 11068
File 132485311581.png - (111.96KB , 548x356 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Neat. I didn't know bonus doodles was a thing other people did.

Bonus doodle for Raevenote*
>> No. 11070
File 132485384654.jpg - (84.70KB , 268x365 , 128943978380.jpg )

I CAME! This has reached beyond my expectations. You've captured everything I've asked for in that scene!

Whoever did this, I want to say thank you, you are a beautiful person and I love you! Your artwork is amazing!

And Kilo, thanks once again for hosting this year's Secret Santa, it's been a blast!
>> No. 11071
File 13248538644.jpg - (31.22KB , 335x327 , 129116165435.jpg )
Oh my god, you made me squeal. I am so relieved you liked it! If you want, you can shoot me an e-mail and I will send you the full version which is a lot bigger. That resized one took a lot out of it I think. Now I am off to see mine!
>> No. 11073

This response makes me happy and relieved and you have no idea. I'm so glad you like it.

Now I've got some warm fuzzies to cuddle out somehow. Where's my cat.

Let me know if there's anything you'd like tweaked, and I'll do it for you and re-send it. Got my email here if you do. :)
>> No. 11074

YesssSSSSS!!!11 Ahhhh Thank you so much I love it! I LOVE IIIIT
>> No. 11076
Ffff how did I forget your name you're like one of my favourite artists ever.
>> No. 11077
Oh, I'm so glad you like it! I was really hoping it was what you wanted. Wow what a relief hah!

Merry Christmas. <3
>> No. 11078
Alright, I'm back. Fics obviously are not done posting. I have a lot to go through and format correctly for the boards so bear with me here. I also can't ignore my family when this is probably the last year I get to spend with them for a while, so sit tight for a bit. Anyone who has posted in this thread has been accounted for.
>> No. 11079
>>11035 adsdgjkfs...syringes, tentaspy, medic, gills...heck yea it's a merry christmas. I LOVE it, and that's an understatement, thank you!
>>11041 (I can see Yangs handiwork) - I really approve of this one too, my god.
>> No. 11080
Whoever has done this gift for me, I'll just let you know I'm gonna marry you.

THANK YOU, brb crying happily forever!!!
>> No. 11085

.... Did you want me to format it for you so you can just post the link to it..? I was actually going to put it on my DA if all else fails, so I can link it from there...?
>> No. 11086
Sure, if you'd like to do that and post a link to it here, I'd appreciate it very muchly.
>> No. 11087
Kilo, did you get my story?
>> No. 11088
I don't know who did mine, but I loves you forever! It so cute!
>> No. 11090

Oh my goodness. This is so, so, SO cute. I love it. And your drawings are lovely. I sure hope your giftee is made very happy by this!
>> No. 11091
File 132486662643.png - (4.72KB , 150x150 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Mmmmm.... Guess my identity's been blown, haha. I didn't want to risk getting my friend's website hacked for this, so I uploaded to my DA... Oh boy, hope you like it giftee (sorry, DA auto-resized it):

>> No. 11092
Wow, my giftee was Cat Bountry!? Oh man, I feel so honored, yet unworthy somehow to write up my gift to someone who blows me out of the water fanfiction talent wise. I hope it's still enjoyed. Maybe I can make it up somehow with more fanfiction writings or something.
>> No. 11093

Just to reiterate here, about 50 people have participated in the Secret Santa. I'm not even 2/3rds the way done posting gifts and only 4 gifts are unaccounted for by people I have not seen post in any of the Secret Santa threads. If you don't see your fic up just yet, don't panic. The delays are caused by some minor and major formatting issues while I'm juggling family activities.

This one is for you, Guu. Sorry about you losing your anonymity, Anon. Your secret is safe with us.
>> No. 11094

What's the deal with formatting -- as in, what needs to be done? If I can convince my sister to be patient for a bit longer (she wants me to hop on Amnesia already so she can laugh at me freaking out), I can try to help out with posting them.
>> No. 11098
Holy dooley! That was bloodier than I expected. Not to say hunting's clean, but wow. Saxton Hale definitely doesn't fear that sissy ecoli/trichinosis/whatever.

I love those trees and that get-up the Administrator has on. Also love it that she's apparently either stolen the Sniper's rifle or has the exact same model. The color gradients in the water and the sky are fantastic as well.

Thank you very much, Nominel! I hope you had fun.
>> No. 11099
Ohmylord I didn't request this but that is the cutest thing ever. I sure hope the gift-reciever enjoys it as much as I did! Because that's just precious.
>> No. 11100
not the requester but i calmly lost my shit, watching this. You, dear anon, are a wonderful person
>> No. 11104
Whoowee. Okay, all the fics should be posted now.

Ginger, Rasp, Chronic, Anonymous, and Nominel should be the only folks without anything posted yet according to my records. If you notice anything else, let me know. Anyone who thinks they can do gifts within a week's time should also let me know ASAP.

Back to bed with me.
>> No. 11105

Hey, Valiax, just dropping back in to say I have a slightly tweaked version that I can send you if you'd like. Nothing really major - just a little stuff with the shades - but again, if you'd like me to make any further revisions, please don't hesitate to let me know. :)

I'll be posting this version on my Tumblr soon (unless you'd rather I not, in which case let me know), so if you're okay with that, you can also grab it from there.
>> No. 11106

I'm glad you like it! I was a bit scared to send it in because, seriously there is so much talent in this place and I finished it so at the last minute! There's also a rather chuckle worthy story of my boyfriend's mom asking me what I was drawing as I was putting the finishing touch. Thanks for the bf saving my face and making me turn beet red by saying "oh it's not pg" ...


Kitties, suddenly everywhere, so much fluff you'll sneeze even if you are not allergic! Not the kind of fluff I was thinking about but I love it and it defintely made me smile!
>> No. 11116
Your art is wonderful and you should feel wonderful. I still can't comprehend the amazingness of my gift, seriously!

Email is in my email field. Oh God thank you so much!!

And I hope Nominel has seen my message ... Poor guy has to wait!
>> No. 11117
THERE is my email. Sorry, my Macbook derped.
>> No. 11118
Oh gosh, they're so cute! Thank you!
>> No. 11123
>>11050 Thanks for the art! I made it my desk top background because it makes me smile~

>>11079 I'm glad you like it, Merry Christmas~
>> No. 11127

Sure, I don't mine taking a look at the revised version, e-mail is in the field.

As far as posting it on tumblr, I don't care I've never used/go on that website so it makes no difference to me.
>> No. 11128
Gift update: Thank you very much for getting your gift for Chronic to me, Cyan.

That leaves just 3 people now waiting on gifts. Not a bad ratio considering there were 51 participants.
>> No. 11129
You’re welcome, Kilo. I’m just really sorry it took me so long to find a decent internet connection so I could send it to you. Next year I won’t be so last-minute, I promise. I just hope Chronic likes it and won’t be disappointed after the long wait...

Kilo, if all the scheduled gifts have been posted now, are we allowed to reply directly to the fic thread? I posted a reply to my Secret Santa in the old /dis/ thread, but it’s already autosaging and halfway down the first page now. It’d be much easier if we could all just reply to each others’ fics in the thread itself.

Or are you waiting for the last three gifts before we can invade the /afanfic/ thread?
>> No. 11130
Oh my goodness, I'm glad you like it. I really wanted to get it right.

I'm also a bit intimidated that I got you.
>> No. 11132
It is taking all my willpower to keep this from being an underaged ban post, so I'll just let you know I'm grinning like an idiot and so incredibly grateful! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, whatever it is you celebrate.
>> No. 11135
Hey, guys. I don't know what's going on with the /afanfic/ thread, so I'll just leave this here. I just wanted to tell the person who wrote my prompt that I read it and it was exactly what I wanted. It really was. I loved it and read it twice just to take it all in, and am incredibly appreciative that you went through the effort to write what must have been such a difficult subject (though I tried to leave it open in case you wanted to smut it up. But I admire you even more for not having to resort to that.)

I've kind of been avoiding the chan due to my own guilt about not getting my own prompt done, but to everyone else, let me just tell you that I've taken a gander at all of the art and read a few of the fanfics, and I was astounded at the high quality of work I saw. I truly believe that I'm in the company of the most talented people in the fandom.

God bless you all, Stout Shako out.
>> No. 11137
I love everything about this, and forgive the emote but :D
Whoever you are, you're a Christmas angel
>> No. 11140
Oh god I don't ever want to stop smashing replay, it's so damn adorable and perfect in every possible way <3 Thank you so much!
>> No. 11142
You're welcome, and I'm extremely relieved you like it so much. I didn't know whether to keep Pyro's gender hidden while putting it all together, and I thought you might be offended if it was one gender over the other... Going from your reaction, I guess I'm safe.
>> No. 11144

It was very cute and I enjoyed it very much, thank you.
>> No. 11146
File 132508632917.jpg - (893.47KB , 1200x900 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Nominel, here's your art! I'm working on the bonus doodles and the ornament as we speak and you will also get a proper scan once I got this damn scanner to work.
I know it's nothing special, but I hope it makes you smile and shows you that something tried their best for you. Merry superbelated Christmas and have a good time in the new year!
>> No. 11152
I am flailing at my computer right now. This is amazing and I love it. Beautiful, exactly what I wanted. And the way you incorporated the spirits is terrific. And the blue shadows on Demo's face. You are awesome. Thankyou thankyou thankyou so much.

...and then you mention bonus doodles and an ornament. I'm grinning so hard, I don't even know what to say. May I draw you something in return?
>> No. 11157
File 132523364323.jpg - (130.07KB , 945x817 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

Many thanks to yang for adopting!
>> No. 11158
File 132527601723.gif - (870.49KB , 221x174 , 1322561135783.gif )
TO MY WONDERFUL GIFTEE: You got my prompt in reverse! However, I fucking love it.

Love. It.

Buckets my friend. Fucking buckets.

Thank you! Merry Christmas!
>> No. 11159

Wowowow Cyan holy butts that was great

you filled my prompt so excellently, and gah SO GOOD

Thank you so much!!


So glad you liked it!
>> No. 11160
YOU'RE BLOODY FUCKING WELCOME. And sorry for reversing it, I hoped it wouldn't be an issue.

Also Jake reaction .gif made me happy.
>> No. 11163
Naw man, its cool. I confess my head canon usually makes Pyro into a chubby victim in those sorts of situations, but you snapped me back into reality. Fucker's a beast who sets people on fire. What you wrote is MORE in character for Pyro. Or something.
>> No. 11164
Oh. Oh my god. Yang. I can never thank you enough. It's perfect.

I am freaking out. Seriously thank you so much, this is everything I hoped for and more!
>> No. 11694
Nominel, sorry it's been so long but could I have your email for sketch sending action and stuff?
>> No. 12526
why is this thread still here?
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