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File 132634451474.jpg - (31.67KB , 640x480 , 1325494796118.jpg )
11229 No. 11229
Hey there fuckers! so. im a pretty decent sniper voice, and im gonna make a voice pack that's only activated when you have the Huntsman equipped. (or maybe you'll have to bind some toggle key. idk yet. I know a lot of snipers prefer the Huntsman over the rifle and have complained in the Steam Forums and here and places and stuff. SO! here are a few lines that i think will do well. please! input or ideas are very welcome!

-Ya just got shafted!
-It's like a backstab that's useful, innit?
-Look like a bleedin' shish-kabob!
>> No. 11231
also, i need some good ol aussie lingo to throw in there
>> No. 11232
I have an Aussie slang dictionary...give me a few days to dig it up and I'll post some.
>> No. 11233
hokey doke!
>> No. 11238
Got any examples posted anywhere? I am curious.
>> No. 11240
examples? as in..?
>> No. 11241
Can we just get a sample of your voice?
Im not that person, but Im terribly curious and love Sniper impressions.
>> No. 11243
why yes, yes you can. i feel awkward and nervous now...BALLS

captcha: judgments,
>> No. 11247
I'm not sure the conditions for specific voice responses exist for the Huntsman. They probably never set up a flag for it...

Same way you can't differentiate an environment kill from a telefrag in the kill feed, or the Ubersaw taunt kill from a regular kill.
>> No. 11249
. (or maybe you'll have to bind some toggle key. idk yet. I kn
>> No. 11252
By that I also mean that all snipers will be saying this regardless of what they have equipped.

Also you should write lip syncing scripts if you feel like getting fancy.
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