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File 13289434047.jpg - (28.78KB , 625x313 , 189037_10150134459888571_793968570_6637802_5183989.jpg )
11455 No. 11455
I know this is a retread of another thread with a similar title that used to be here, but I finally found something that irked me enough to restart it as a new thread.

I am a writer on DA, and lately, it seems I keep running into this story/art where the mercs from TF 2 decide to settle down and raise babies together, mostly with one character becoming the perfect "mommy" character while their lover becomes the perfect "daddy" to back them up. Sometimes the characters adopt a child, other times one of them will magically have a child (no explanation given as to HOW the hell this is possible). But either variation makes me see red to the point where I start grinding my teeth together.

I hardly think any of the characters in TF2 is going to give up their job to have babies. Respawn aside, mercenary is a job where there is a high chance of dying- how does that leave your kids if you should die? Two mercenaries? Double the problem- and there is no real sign that any of the guys dislikes their job- in fact, they seem happy and enjoy what they do- I don't see them leaving just to make babies. And considering how the Announcer got the Soldier and Demoman, fast friends, to go out and try to kill each other, what do you think she'd do to the mercs who ran off to settle down together and raise kids?

But the really irritating part, to me, is that whole "merc makes a perfect mommy" aspect. These are GUYS. I don't care what you think of the characters, I cannot see any of these people playing "mommy". Not Scout (UGH!), Not Spy (Double UGH!) and for heaven's sake, not Medic or Heavy!

This isn't even going into how this is the 60's, and you'd be extremely hard-pressed to find ANY judge willing to let a child be raised by 1) two mercenaries (for the reasons stated above), 2) two men (children need a female mommy and a male daddy or they won't grow up right was a common feeling at the time. Yes, most people know better NOW, but this was 40+ years ago!) 3) not going to give a child to crazy people, which most of the mercs admittedly are.

On a tangent- I can think of no worse nightmare scenario than growing up with Medic as a father. He doesn't need a test subject for his new medical experiments- he grew his own! And because he's the father, as long as he can justify it in an "I believe I am doing this in the best interests of my child" sort of way, he's very likely to be able to get away with it with the authorities and his neighbors. I can only see this turning out as high test nightmare fuel when it comes to what any children of his are subjected to.

And just really- "Mommy"? I am so not seeing that with ANY of the characters.

What are your least favorite parts of fanon/things that make you cringe- in fic or in art?
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>> No. 12100
Wow, I realized I totally missed the point of this thread back there... I could complain about all sorts of crap I think is stupid about fanon, but people have covered most of it already. The one thing I really can't stand is gratuitous, drawn-out sagas of characters getting raped repeatedly by their team, or the enemy team, or an Evil!team mate... I guess I just don't get off on woobification and suffering porn.
>> No. 12102

I heartily agree.
>> No. 12109
Okay - trying to keep on subject here.
I'll admit, I've made some pretty dumb decisions in my life as an artist - the most serious of which involved putting too much of myself in the work. I did eventually learn that if I wanted to make a career out of Illustration/fine art I have to leave my dirty laundry at home, so to speak. That's why I get a bug up my ass when other people don't. IT'S NOT FAIR BAWWW who cares.
YEAH it's fan stuff what don't matter, I know, shut up. But I still get a weird reminder of the ugliness within myself whenever I come across bad fan art/fiction.
This is the art snob in me talking - what exactly is it that makes a bad piece of work? Well, this can be just as touchy as asking what is normal or abnormal.
For me, what makes a bad piece of art is a piece that no one can take anything from aside from the creator themselves. And it makes it all the worse when they take ideas that aren't their own and twist them around to fit into a neurotic fantasy world that they have created for themselves - not everyone wants to watch someone else masturbate, especially when they realize that they have something in common, but to each his own I guess.
In TF2 fandom specifically, we seem to have listed some pretty good examples already in this thread - the annoying OC's and the bizarre childlike behavior, and the 'intolerable' fetishes, and the unexplained need to share all of it are all symptoms of varying personality disorders, and that's why they make me cringe.
I hope that made sense.
>> No. 12115
>... a piece that no one can take anything from aside from the creator themselves
>...when they take ideas that aren't their own and twist them around to fit into a neurotic fantasy world that they have created for themselves

Sounds like Twilight and I totally agree.
>> No. 12116

Twilight hate is so old meme though. And it doesn't fit that first point. Clearly, it does speak to people besides the author, or it wouldn't be so ridiculously popular.

Works that no one gets anything out of besides the author themselves tend to be more along the lines of, say... pregnant trans Nazi Medic fic.

I think there's a lot of fanfiction out there, though, where it seems like nobody but the author could get anything out of it but somehow people do. Kind of like Twilight. For some reason, there's an audience for everyone-rapes-Scout/Medic/Pyro/Fem!OC fic...

Yeah, I dunno either. You don't have to like it, but you can't deny other people do. I don't wanna see it though...
>> No. 12117

People are people, male or female, but at the bottom of the line, men and women think differnetly. Whether that is because of the way society treats them or a wire in the brains, women and men are different.

I have a problem with the Tomboy OC's that just don't seem female to me AT ALL. I'm sure there are people who get it right, but all too soon it becomes an agressive feminist tomboy instead of a woman fighting a war in her own way.

I often write characters from my own point of view. "Would I EVER find this acceptable to do? Would I go into that dark room without a single defense? Would I really dare to go boasting and being all extravagant in a room full of men?"

Most of the female Pyro's just don't have that, they seem to do things like men would do them, or how other women WISH they could do them.

I dislike overly feminine female characters as much as I do non-feminine female characters. To be honest I have almost never encountered a well written female character. As a writer, it's my biggest horde. It just feels impossible to do...
>> No. 12118
You have an awful lot of internalized misogyny here. I find it interesting that you explicitly state that tomboys aren't real women!
>> No. 12119
Please point out to me exactly where he says that, because he didnt.

Im a woman and I find none of that offensive, and agree with it all entirely.
>> No. 12120
I don't know. I've always treated everyone I knew identical regardless of race, gender, what have you, because I saw a lot of things that women did that men also did, and vice versa (like men who are open about their feelings, women who are not, etc.), and I don't know if, despite being a woman, I've ever actually been treated in an explicitly female way by anyone. And I kind of prefer it that way.

I'd like to think, ideally, that the only things women on the team would have to deal with are the same things the guys have to deal with- avoiding rockets and stickies and flames. And they're trained, so there's no big deal.
>> No. 12121

I agree with this sentiment. People are people, it's as simple as that.
>> No. 12122
Parts of fanon that make me cringe: This guy.
>> No. 12123

>> No. 12124
>I have a problem with the Tomboy OC's that just don't seem female to me AT ALL. I'm sure there are people who get it right, but all too soon it becomes an agressive feminist tomboy instead of a woman fighting a war in her own way.

I have a problem with the Tomboy OC's that just don't seem female to me AT ALL. I'm sure there are people who get it right, but all too soon it becomes an agressive feminist tomboy instead of a woman fighting a war in her own way.

Being "an aggressive feminist tomboy" means "not seem[ing] female to [this poster] AT ALL"!
>> No. 12126
And what exactly would her way be? Nevermind that not all are the same, I'm curious what the womanly way of fighting a war would be according to you. Does it involve a lot of hairpulling, perhaps?
>> No. 12127
>>12122 *This woman. I'm female.

>>121220 I like your post. I had a lot of replies typed to all people replying to my post, trying to explain myself, but then I read your post and thought: What am I being stupid about? You're right and I should just keep my opinion to myself.

>>12118 Owl,, that was NOT what I meant to imply, please understand that! I was not referring to tomboys in general, I was talking about the Toboy OC's that are basically men in a woman's body! A tomboy is still female, no matter how masculine she acts, but some of the fanfics about tomboyish females just make me feel like I'm reading about a man living in a womans body! I don't know if I'm misunderstanding the concept of a tomboy, but I always thought there was a difference between a tomboy and a man with a woman's body. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm open for discussion.
>> No. 12129
Guys, take the social justics gender studies crap to Tumblr.
>> No. 12130
File 133625270841.png - (103.88KB , 240x240 , Untitled-2.png )
>I have a problem with the Tomboy OC's that just don't seem female to me AT ALL. I'm sure there are people who get it right, but all too soon it becomes an agressive feminist tomboy instead of a woman fighting a war in her own way.
>> No. 12132
I have my opinions on feminism and fem-nazis and so forth, so I'm just going to leave this paragraph here instead.

You guys know why I created Special Ops? It was 10% personal engulgence and 90% out of spite. I looked at other female fan characters and I saw a theme - every one of them was expressing their creator's need to prove that they're just as good as the boys if not better. That gets really old really fast. So I thought I'd just throw all logic out the window and make a female character that has absolutely nothing to prove, and is just as batshit crazy and implausibly violent as every other character in TF2.
>> No. 12134
>just as batshit crazy and implausibly violent as every other character in TF2

This. This a million times. I mean, we're playing with these insane bastards. I don't know if it's Tex Avery level crazy, or Chuck Jones, or whatever equivalent animator you'd like. Some kind of Looney Tunes, Merry Melodies, nutty kookery. To develop a class equivalent that doesn't have that same kind of insane bravado and love for violence/weapons would be...well, I think you're getting my point. Every last one of these characters has their own mental illnesses and delusions, but it's all in the name of fun.

Meanwhile, the cackling Administrator and her assistant look on...

Perhaps that is a problem with developing a female class that would mesh well. Throwing aside breaking game mechanics, you would need something outrageously cartoonish. There may be problems creating such a character, especially when the PC Police could be right around the corner. That may be a good reason for why many female characters in games are often the "straight man" to whacky men. We want to have positive female characters, which often pigeon-holes them in such a way where they cannot be hilarious or crazy without fear of offending someone.

Then again, it could be a male gaze issue, where the normal woman is helping to nurture and keep the crazies from jumping of a bridge. Kind of like being a mom or a wife? Not sure. Or maybe crazy personalities scare away happy feelings. Perhaps seeing women getting fragged on a routine basis might raise a few alarms. There weren't that many women in the 1960s who weren't being actively raised to be housewives, so maybe it was just never considered an option during character development. Or, perhaps, maybe, additional hypothesis...

Hell, what do I know?

When I like a female character, it's usually because they are at least one part batshit insane, two parts stubborn, one and a quarter parts crafty, and at least give one-half of a damn. When they care, it's not just because they're someone's lover or parent. I mean, they can be, but it's more that they have a job to accomplish, and dammit, that means getting everyone through an event. Sometimes they're ditzes, or slobs, or physically weak, or lack esteem, or whatever. The thing is, they at least try and don't get drug down by others. Exactly like what I like in a man.

Having said that, I do believe a female teammate would not be above using the occasional sexy leg or "Hello, boys!" trick. Hell, the Medic's already got a woman's wig. Might as well give him blonde pigtails and have him sing opera. It could work!

...now I just want to go watch cartoons.
>> No. 12135
Hi again! I'd be really interested to know specifically and in detail what character traits, emotional responses, etc a person needs to exhibit in order for you to consider them female!
>> No. 12136
I really don't understand why people are so angry at me for stating my opinion on an opinion board. I'm talking about WRITTEN people, and not real people, nor am I trying to offend them! If I ever made any ill implications towards real-life tomboys, it was completely unintentional! I just wanted to say that I don't like overdone OC tomboys.

>>12135 Owl, I have a reply for you, but it's a private one and I don't want to post it online for just everyone to read. I'll send it to you in an email if that is okay?
>> No. 12137
I'd be up for seeing more mad scientist Fem!Medics myself.

That's one of the reasons I never minded Johnny Test as much as a lot of people- his sisters, Susan and Mary, are essentially female versions of Dexter from Dexter's Lab. One is more straight-laced and slightly mean, while one is more sympathetic, but very much still a mad scientist.
>> No. 12151
The only thing that bothers me in the fandom and ANY fandom is taking it too seriously. Tf2 is entertainment in every sense of the word. As a Game, As an interest and as a subject for creative minds. Not everyone is going to agree with you, or like exactly what you like. Sure there are things I don't particuarly like in this fandom, and any other I'm in, but they don't make me angry. I don't need to look at them and think about them. I'll enjoy parts of the fandom I really like and leave other parts to themselves. they're not intruding on me, let them keep on with it. I'm not going to stop doing things I like to do with this fandom just because someone else might disagree with them, and I would never expect them to stop doing what they enjoy if I don't like it.

I appologize if anyones said this already!
>> No. 12154

Someone might have, but it never hurts to say it again. The only people in this fandom that I truly have no patience for are the self-appointed "fandom police" who devote all their spare time to making shitty comments about others who don't have the exact same 'headcanon' of the team as themselves, or who enjoy a pairing that they can't stand, etc. I find it interesting that these are also the same people who accuse the rest of the fandom of hating them and their preferred pairing/vision/etc, and believe there is a correlation between severe insecurity and projecting yourself onto a character from a popular video game to the point that you take great personal offense at anything you perceive as an insult to that copyrighted character.

Becoming furious over fandom silliness makes you look dreadfully immature, and really; unless you are the man who initially sketched up Spy or Sniper or Heavy or whoever and greenlighted the storyboard for his trailer, you have absolutely no authority in this game's canon. Yelling "NO! BAD!" at everyone whose vision of the Team Fortress 2 universe differs from yours is completely asinine.
>> No. 12155
I think why demoman isn't mentioned is because he lacks of common fanon.
Like week teenaged homophobia girlish uke scout who isn't proper to be in war place.
Bisexual or gay spy who always says oui, not yes and insults and betrays his teammates.
Sniper who loves his own piss and never takes baths, doesn't know how to tidy his room like an uncivilized.
Cuddly teddy bear heavy who speaks like a preschooler and is a terribly idiot that he doesn't seem to be able to work as a professional killer.
And engineer the saint who is so kind, generous and understands every homos and tries to teach and heal them.
But demoman? only his scrumpy.

I wanna ask this.
Then why is there lack of his fanon??
Do fangirls say he's ugly because his skin is dark and he is black and racism shit blah blah blah?? I don't think so. Even most of asian tf2 fangirls admit and agree that he is sexy. But they rarely mention him like american fangirls.
Then has valve abandon him? Never. Why is 'degroot' keep named so?

Then what would be the matter??
>> No. 12156
File 133693088235.png - (98.58KB , 256x256 , demoman.png )
It could be that, compared to the other classes, he has a LOT of story and history behind him and not many fans will make fanon stuff when there's already so much established canon. We know the full story of his family (and his legacy, to an extent), we know how he actually lost his eye, his relations outside of the team (and what happened afterwards)...

For other fans it could very well be racism or genuine disinterest in the Demoman. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

And for me personally... I try to think of a headcanon for Demoman that doesn't involve drinking (though it is a... prominent part of his character)... and nothing comes to mind. I blame myself to a degree for it, but I'm just so satisfied with Demo's canon backstory that there isn't really anything I could personally add to it that I would like.
>> No. 12161
Hmm..Then, I wonder what if scout had the most canon among 9 mercs. He would have the least fanon. Then he would be least popular among fanfirls. Wouldn't...he??

....I think somewhere in my mind is saying no. Though I don't wanna listen it.
>> No. 12163

I dunno. I tend to think the more favorite characters among the TF2 "fangirls" tend to be the less manly among the characters, whether that "manliness" is real and/or only perceived. Scout, Spy and Sniper are kind of slender and arguably thus more "Girlish" (mind you, not *my* feelings on the subject, but how certain fangirls perceive them). Even Medic is the "Healing Class" and thus has a more womanly perception (because the function of girls/women is to take care of men, you know). But if he were an actual woman, they'd totally hate him, because for some reason an actual woman getting in the way of the male/male sexxorings needs to be killed with fire (one of the reasons fangirls totally hate on female OC's, or even Canon Characters is that they get in the way of the male/male sex and have to be turned into hateful harpies, actively evil people or even killed (le gasp!) to remove any possibility that the male characters could end up with them). I don't like it, but it's pretty much endemic in all fandoms among a subsection of fans.

I think, personally, that these fangirls consider male/female relations to be preferred by men, and therefore any possibility that the male characters could be or remain friends with the female canon character or OC means that somehow their gay male/male pairing is "at risk", which I wish I didn't understand, but I can see why certain fans feel that way...

Anyway, back to my main point. Because male/female relationships are preferable (to them) and some people think that even gay couples have to have a "man" and a "woman" in a relationship, the less manly character acts the part of the "woman" and is the stand-in for the writer for whatever other character strikes their fancy. But characters that are too "manly" like, Soldier and Demoman, are simply too masculine and thus, overwhelming for the (possibly teen-age, or simply immature) fangirl. A lot of these writers/artists also seem to be into manga and anime, and as nice as manga and anime are, most of those characters, even the manly ones, aren't as manly as the TF2 characters. They tend to the bishonen/biseinen (beautiful boy/Beautiful man) types. There are exceptions, of course, bit most anime males are slender and don't have really large muscles- the opposite of people like Demoman, Soldier and Heavy. Heavy only gets a pass from these women because he is perceived to be in a relationship with Medic anyhow. Engineer (also manly) has the "Polite Texas boy" thing going for him. But Demoman? He's manly, he's a drunk (perceived), he likes blowing shit up (a very male activity) and he's black, with no apparent redeeming characteristics for a certain type of fangirl, so he gets ignored. And Pyro, well, Pyro could be anything under the hood, so he's the one who gets chickified most often (after Scout and Medic) because the fangirl can more easily believe it could be her under that hood.

Well, that's my thinking as to why Demoman gets so ignored by many/most fans. He's too manly, too black, and has too many male interests and doesn't appeal to the Kawaii desu type of fangirl because he's too other than the typical anime/manga "Manly man" they are used to and enjoy. YMMV and I may not be correct, but this is my reasoning.
>> No. 12164
Out of all the theories regarding the lack of Demo love, I think yours is the truest. I just want to ad that most fangirls who act like this, might not even realize they are have these feelings. I mean, just look at how many "thanks to TF2, I now like manly men!" posts on Tumblr and such are floating around. Growing up (and maturing) is all about broadening your horizons and what you like. So there is hope for every Anime fangirl that wonders into TF2, just give them time.

Also I really need to draw Demoman....
>> No. 12166

Oh yes, it's definitely not overt, but I have seen these types of fangirls feel contempt for, distrust of and even fear of more manly men- or any man with too much/any chest hair- they prefer the hairless Bishonen/Biseinen types- lack of chest hair also makes these types of characters seem younger and girlier (because women don't have the visible kind of hair that men have on their chest. At most, they have what I jokingly call "Soul patch" hair- a small patch around the nips, and that's it (but most male anime characters are hairless pretty much everywhere but their heads and eyebrows). So even the hairlessness works into making the less "manly/masculine" characters safer and less threatening to the writer/reader/artist/viewer.
>> No. 12167
Ah, I totally understand what you mean and I really agree with you.
Certainly, quite many fangirls' favourite characters are likely to be teenagers.
Actually, none of the mercs are womanly, regarding their appearance and personality.
Their womanliness are mostly from compairisons.
If scout was with other adults whose age are similar to him(It doesn't matter whether they are from in tf2 world, or outer from tf2 which means crossover. Why I'm taking example with adults is because scout was in 'adult party' in halloween comic.), he would be totally top!. Think about his violence and threatening weapones like scatter gun.

Well, I think some of them are obsessed at the thought that they must dislike when they like something. I like man/woman OTP(It's RED spy/BLU scout ma/BLU scout, a.k.a adultary and incest, a perfect soap opera.) as gay one, even lesbian one. Why not like them both?
>> No. 12168

I love a good RED Spy/BLU Scout's mom tale myself. And the chest hair thing comes from a discussion I had (In notes) with a fangirl who liked a comment I made on a Sniper picture on DA. I told her my fave Sniper pic was the one that KGBigelow did for me and sent her a link to the pic. Her first (and only) comment was "Ew! He has chest hair!" and I was like, "WTF?! Yeah, men have chest hair." But she never responded to my note asking why having chest hair was a problem for her. I tried noting her again, no response. So I gave up with a frustrated and disbelieving shrug. Who knew chest hair is a... problem?
>> No. 12169
Who knows? If scout also has chest hail like others. How would we react if scout has chest hair officially?
Or all of nine mercs don't have.
>> No. 12170
Fangirls who don't like chesthair would blame valve.
I can't imagine all of them not having chest hail.
>> No. 12171
File 133707438931.jpg - (41.81KB , 900x506 , GMod Sniper pic.jpg )

Most of the shirtless/naked GMod models seem to have chest hair. I can't say all of them, because I haven't actually checked. The one I see of Sniper shows some chest hair, but as I don't fool around with GMod, I can't say how prevalent/true that is of any of the characters.
>> No. 12173

Just checked my fanart folder. Soldier has chest hair in GMod also, as does Heavy, but it's sort of a grayish shading like the five o'clock shadows on their faces. Sniper seems to have *more* chest hair (darker and a definite patch as opposed to a mere shading) than either of them, according to the GMod models, anyway.

Engineer has darker hair striping above his pecs in the one GMod pic I have of him partly shirtless.
>> No. 12176

I thought (well, assumed) all the skins of them without clothes were fan-made... I've never noticed arm hair on the ones with shorter sleeves in-game, which makes me kind of sad. I'm not crazy about bears, but hair = testosterone! Artists neglecting their manliness and five-o'clock shadows makes me sad.
>> No. 12179
I'd like to note that this thread's autosaged.

Also, yeah, pretty sure the nude and even shirtless gmod models are re-skins.
I can see why fans are sort of grossed out by body hair, I'm afraid to admit. Especially the younger ones. Something about not growing up with shirtless men, media in general going for a smoother look in both men and women, and so on. Not that the sight of body hair on a man should necessarily cause instant revulsion, either.
>> No. 12180

If you go to the beach around here, even today, you see guys with chest hair. And not just a little- some guys have a LOT. I was unaware that you could grow up today and not see anyone with some fur on their bodies (so to speak). Wow, living in NJ, I must be out of the loop! And Italian men, like those in my family, tend to be "shave yourself so you look human" types. My Dad has not only chest hair, but back hair, too.
>> No. 12182
Haha, I'd like to note that I'm not speaking for myself when I say that! However, where I live, beaches aren't nearby and I actually have a few friends who (probably in part due to their religious backgrounds?) don't really see shirtless guys--even in their own home. Two of whom are freaked at the sight of a lot of chest hair. I dunno, maybe I'm using a minority as an example for how the majority acts, idk.
Also, greetings from GA!
>> No. 12183

I lived in Florida for a time (near Tampa- Palm Harbor, actually, which is sort of halfway between Tampa and St. Petersberg), and even there I saw chest hair. But then again, I grew up in New York State- the 'burbs, not the city (we were gone from there by the time I was 5- before that, we lived in the Bronx), and my uncle Pasquale (aka Pat) was even hairier than my Dad is... Dad has a bathmat, Uncle Pat had a full-on wall to wall carpet as far as chest hair goes. And Hi back!

As for me, I actually think complete lack of chest hair is/can be a turn-off. To me, it looks strange and almost unnatural- but it also depends on the guy. Just as, to me, some of the 'roided-up weightlifter guys look strange and unnatural and almost inhuman. It's not natural to have arm or leg muscles larger than your own head! And I guess that carries over into lack of chest hair for me. When I think of guys lacking chest hair, I get one of two reactions, "Too young for me." or "Ew, not human/too shaved/any sweat or oil and his chest will turn into a slip and slide."
>> No. 12185

I agree that guys without chest hair look strange (not that I'm particularly turned on by either), and that, yeah, big, buff bodybuilder types are sort of creepy.
Honestly, the only time I see shirtless dudes is at home because our AC breaks down all the time. I don't know, it just seems sort of iffy to walk around shirtless where we live for whatever reason; people here are so high class. However, there's more than a few dudes here do have enough chest hair to start peeking out of their polo shirts, so I guess that counts for something?
Backing up a bit, it just occurred to me that girls who like the smooth, younger-looking guys tend to do so because of perceived femininity: the guys appear more thoughtful and sensitive than someone with any real definition or body hair, I guess?

i have been carrying a conversation about body hair for two days whaaaat.

On a different note, based on certain events: people writing fanfiction where the characters are the characters in name only. I'm not trying to be a fandom policeman or anything, but I just feel that you'd be better off writing an original story than a fanfiction. especially since the fanfiction in question didn't even bother describing much in the way of the characters' appearances There is plenty of very consistent canon to go by and it doesn't take a lot of effort to flip through the relevant "Meet the Team"s, comics and quotes. I don't think it's too much to ask to put forth that effort if you're going to publish a supposedly TF2 story on a site pretty much dedicated to Team Fortress 2
>> No. 12187

Asking people to write them like they're supposed to be isn't being the fandom police. It honestly galls me to hear people defend themselves by saying "oh, there's not much canon, you can't expect me to make them recognizable." There's loads of canon about the character's behaviour under tense circumstances, the way they address their friends and co-workers over the course of a day in the field, and so on, and so on. Like you said- it doesn't take years to pore over their emotes and responses from the game, and watch the videos about them. We don't know much about many of the characters' home lives or childhoods, but that doesn't mean they're mysterious figures with no defined personality.
>> No. 12192
I suddenly got urge to read some tf2 fanfics related to magic, demon and etc. Since ghosts and magic are canon.
When it comes to tentaspy, too many writters don't think that they can use magic and curse that nine out of ten tentaspies became as they are because of medic.
Magic spell or curse surely can make a tentaspy or someone so turned on and cause the faggotory easily when it comes to porn.
Why not use the official magic??
>> No. 12204
I'm derailing the fascinating chest hair conversation here, but where the hell did Tentaspies even come from? That's always confused me. Spycrabs make sense, but Tentaspies? What.

And I also want to do my own little rant on femclasses. I've only ever seen one good story with a fem!pryo (which may or may not be cannon). All other femclasses exist for sex, which wouldn't bother me so much if she didn't get raped or almost raped (and holy shit saved by a white knight class which later on she magically falls in love with goddamn) every time. But she does. Frankly, it bugs me. I'm not saying that it couldn't happen, or that it isn't a good plot-forwarding device, but jeez, every time? You know what I would kill to see? A class that is actually good at her job. You know, one that doesn't suddenly lose her fighting abilities when it's time for the plot to happen.

(You know who drew some great femclasses/OCs? DelenaHupp.)
>> No. 12205

I see this being less of a problem because the female character would take her revenge on a teammate who did that to her... slowly, painfully, and make every other male on the team cross their legs whenever she passed by just in case she thought they were looking at her funny...

And geez, given that the announcer is herself a woman, you don't think she'd have a problem with a team of rapists (like in one fic I read) or even a male team member who raped another member of the same team? Not because she's female necessarily, but because of the damage it would do to team cohesion?

I mean, I see her trying to keep the teams fairly equal in terms of their expertise and stuff, because if one team keeps winning all the time, that's bad for one of her two employers, and she might be out of a job. What happens if Redmond or Blutarch actually wins the war because one team loses cohesion when one of them is raped or turn on each other in rapey rapey times? I don't see her wanting to give up such a lucrative position- she may not LIKE what she does, but she seems invested in keeping the teams fighting each other, and is probably being paid by both sides.

And if someone is being raped, even once off the field or all the time, why would they want to defend the people abusing them? Seeing them get killed over and over by the other team has got to be emotionally satisfying, if nothing else. And that would weaken the team as a whole, and I think professional mercenaries would know that would be tantamount to suicide. You help your team, they help you, and everyone sticks together, because otherwise you lose- and so does the team, and maybe you get fired or killed permanently dead for it. (Given how ruthless you think the Administrator would be in that situation. We already know she had the Director killed, and I doubt she holds the lives of our favorite mercenaries in any higher esteem than she held him.)
>> No. 12206

Well... I think the Administrator values the mercenaries insofar as they're related to her job, but I'm pretty sure she considers them expendable.
>> No. 12215

Oh, definitely. Given the statements she's made about them, she pretty actively has contempt for them. She's only cautious around them insofar as they are good at killing people. One of her comments in the comics was along the lines of "Something doesn't need to be smart/intelligent to kill you."
>> No. 12238

>Having said that, I do believe a female teammate would not be above using the occasional sexy leg or "Hello, boys!" trick. Hell, the Medic's already got a woman's wig. Might as well give him blonde pigtails and have him sing opera. It could work!

I have only this for you...
>> No. 12244
"Plutonium isn't smart, Ms. Pauling. That doesn't mean it won't kill you if you don't keep tabs on it."
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