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File 133235634754.png - (63.00KB , 225x207 , lämäri.png )
11815 No. 11815
What? Valve gave a random guy who has cancer a community spine chilling skull, which was 154 level unusual skull sometime ago?
Okay, Valve is spoiling people who have cancer with fancy stuff.
I have cancer, so where is my f*****g Unusual Max Head with exploding supernova effect Gabe?
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>> No. 11816
the story this person wrote is very heartwarming
also yesterday on reddit there was another, funny one

Things like that make me love Valve
>> No. 11817
What wasn't heart warming was the little shit trying to sell it on tf2 outpost moments after he got it

then crying when valve found out and made it untradable

oh and his cancer cleared up like magic too.
>> No. 11822
I've met the kid, doesn't sound like the type, also, proooooooof!
>> No. 11823
Don't be a bitter asshole. You're not entitled to something just because someone else got it.
>> No. 11824
Yeah, this just reeks of bitter bitch fest about virtual items in a video games, rather than a topic worth discussing.

Without any links or screencaps of the aforementioned incident taking place, it feels a whole lot like getting worked up over nothing. I think we can agree that using cancer as a means to gain and profit off of items in a video game is wrong, and there are people on this planet who would try to stoop that low. So far as we know, though, this scenario has not happened, and the word of a random person on the internet doesn't amount to much, in all honesty.

So unless the evidence can be produced, I recommend OP get over it. If you do have cancer, then I would hope you realize there are bigger things in this world to worry about than a virtual item.
>> No. 11827
Lol, is this really where the world is at? I hope not.
I really seriously PRAY that people are not like this.

Getting mad at a sick kid for getting an item in a video game, that's low.
>> No. 11829
You guys are really mean.

You want cancer?
The guy was faking it?
What the fuck, have some respect.
>> No. 11833


Evidence he tried to trade it away, at least.
>> No. 11835
"Just seeing how crazy the offers get, not really selling"

"This trade was closed by It's not Jackie Chan at 15:23:37 on November 15th, 2011 with the following reason: "I'm not selling it." Not a trade."

Thanks for providing evidence that he wasn't trading it.
>> No. 11841
I wouldn't have respect to a brat who uses cancer as benefit to gain popularity or fortune. I don't have cancer, but i have been through much more horrid things in my life than just a cancer, and i never used those as advantage.
An how can YOU know what kind of person lies beneath him, after trying to sell it, i don't think he is so innocent and "holy", after as i recall even shit of cancer children is holy and they are treated like gods. Yes, yes they might die soon or later, but there are over billion children out there in those indisposition countires who don't have anything.
>> No. 11842
He told that he saw meet the Pyro and tried the new game mod....?!?
fucking spoiled brat, makes me sick
im with you op
I lost both my parents in 2009 christmas in accident, can i now see meet the pyro too, and try the new game mode, please valve?
>> No. 11843
>i had cancer
>> No. 11844
oh my god it's a fuckin hat, get the fuck over it.
Are you seriously jealous of him? Jesus Christ.

people do get better sometimes, you know?

oh wau. Seriously?
>> No. 11848

>16th November 2011
>t h e posted:
>So... is the drive done since someone gave him 70 jarates?
>brokenCrowning posted:
>Not yet.
>There is still AC:Revelations and Merc's Pride.

Second page:
>16th November 2011
>brokenCrowning posted:
>I did want to sell it, but i changed my mind immediately after and now people hate me.

Kid comes back and says he wants more things, even though at this point he's already OVER HIS CANCER. And people were still giving him stuff.

Not saying cancer isn't tough, but for crying out loud... Don't defend the selfish kid. He's not innocent.
>> No. 11849
>> No. 11850
File 133277142475.png - (22.81KB , 300x295 , Are-You-Fucking-Kidding-Me-Rage-Face-Meme-Template.png )
Jesus Christ people, get the fuck over it.


Really? Are you fucking kidding me? He's spoiled just because Valve treated him something nice while he was sick? And you want to benefit from your PARENTS dying?

Kilo, lock this thread. It's turning into a massive bitchfest that doesn't need to happen.
>> No. 11853
I was hoping for some maturity, but obviously that's wishful thinking. Next time I'm sticking to my gut and locking any thread with overt bitchiness without waiting to see how you handle yourselves.
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