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File 133285071152.jpg - (145.00KB , 1280x1024 , fehufhw.jpg )
11862 No. 11862
What is your opinion on the RED/BLU teams when it comes to characters?
Do you think they're the same person, clones, different characters, ...?

Valve always manages to confuse me, like for example, RED Soldier's roommate is Merasmus (the Halloween magician guy), but in the last smissmas comic, BLU Spy told miss Pauling BLU Soldier's roommate was a magician.
Same goes for both snipers, since they both have a scar from the cheek to the nose thanks to RED spy.

I can understand that characters look the same because that would mean they'd have to make different skins for each team, but sometimes I wonder if they make it on purpose or if they simply messed up?
>> No. 11875
A headcanon of mine is that all the mercs are different people, but look and act the same because the Mann brothers think that having a Russian Heavy Weapons guy or an Australian Sniper somehow gives them an advantage over the other brother.

As for both RED and BLU Soldier having a magician for a room mate, I think Merasmus just switched sides.
>> No. 11878
I think the world could, for all intensive purposes, be a very literal version of the palette swap idea.

Both teams are identical, to the point where both Scout's Moms look identical, there's two Merasmus-es, etc. And they both think they're the original one. It's a deconstruction of the whole idea, taken to a ridiculous extreme. Wouldn't be OOC of Valve to do a thing like that.
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