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File 133350618334.jpg - (171.99KB , 1680x1022 , team_fortress_2_3.jpg )
11910 No. 11910
What are some good servers you guys play on?

I'm fed up with the ones I've been playing on for the past 8 months, and I'm looking for a new home. Preferably one that's regularly populated and has a welcoming community.
>> No. 11913
I play on Aliento's Micspam Kingdom. If you like micspam, and the occasional mix of pubbies and Highlander-level players, and overall silliness and fun, then it's a good place for you.

>> No. 11914
Railbait. Most importantly, their servers are actually full from 1 pm to 3 am (eastern time) and they don't run trash like fake players or bots.
>> No. 11916
I can vouch for Aliento's as well. It's relaxed, there's always people online, and it's one of the few servers where I can frequently get Top 3, even with my shitty connection.
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