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File 133383658319.png - (34.31KB , 329x259 , Dixie_hat.png )
11918 No. 11918
Okay, Discussion has been rather inactive lately, so I thought I'd throw something up for you guys to play with until sonething better comes along.

Tell me what class-specific hat you would love to see on another/all characters. I personally want to see anyone in the dixie.
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>> No. 11919
I'd like to see the Demoman with the Googly Gazer

Or the Scout with the Safe'n'Sound.
>> No. 11920

Wait, Pyro with the Hotrod. That would be HOT.

...badum tsss
>> No. 11921
i'd like to see the hat with no nmae on the spy.

perfect fo a gunslinger like the spy
>> No. 11922
If I remember correctly, the Grimm Hatte looks really nice on the Demoman
>> No. 11923
I'd like to see Dangeresque Too and Stereoscopic Shades on all classes. Or any class-exclusive glasses for that matter.
>> No. 11927
Familiar Fez on Heavy, just 'cause I'd die laughing at the spectacle.

Also any other class with the Geisha Boy and Dread Knot.
>> No. 11928
Whiskered Gentlemen for Spy to go with my Magistrate's Mullet

you can barely see that thing on pyro anyway
>> No. 11929
File 133396838689.jpg - (56.17KB , 500x285 , e0024124_17193124.jpg )

I just want a monocle and cigarette holder for the Spy.

Don't know why it hasn't been done yet.
>> No. 11930
Ooh, I thought of another one: Foster's Facade on Scout. Then he won't talk too much.
>> No. 11934
Texas Ten-Gallon/Hat With No Name on Heavy, because a friend of mine has an adorable Texan Heavy OC.

Stockbroker's Scarf on Medic and Spy because a tie over a tie is redundant and redundant things are funny.
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