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File 133392003319.jpg - (96.76KB , 1366x768 , 2012-04-08_00001.jpg )
11924 No. 11924
Your most pimped-out class. Go.

Mine is Pyro, even though I have more playtime as Engie and Scout, I still have 4 hats and 6 miscs for it.
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>> No. 11925
File 133393525266.png - (281.32KB , 1410x794 , mmm.png )
Besides stamps I have only ever bought two things from the Mann Co. Store and you're looking at them.

I never bought into stranges or hat collecting or any of that jazz... so for me "pimped-out" means "the only class I have a tradeable hat for".

Maybe one day I'll get a strange degreaser. Maybe.
>> No. 11932
File 133402152650.jpg - (237.42KB , 1427x653 , blackrider.jpg )
I've spent too much time pairing Tom Waits lyrics up with TF2 items but I have no regrets. I love my murder doll.
>> No. 11933
LOL bones. Your medic is pure poetry. Love it.
>> No. 11938
File 133409655977.jpg - (97.61KB , 1366x768 , 2012-04-05_00002.jpg )
i've foolishly traded away almost every item i wish i now hat. So long, vintage merriweather. Farewell, jingle belt. I'll miss you, vintage fosters facade and stockbrokers scarf. Hotties hoodie, there will always be a place o my head for you. Mann Co cap, youre still fucking awesome.
>> No. 11945
This loadout is a work of art. I applaud you.
>> No. 11946
File 133418828356.jpg - (122.02KB , 1600x900 , 2012-04-11_00001.jpg )
pyro, by far.
>> No. 11947
File 133418868020.jpg - (125.01KB , 1600x900 , 2012-04-11_00004.jpg )
and my medic. trying to get an unusual beak or pickelhaube with hearts
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