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File 133401712137.png - (30.34KB , 250x184 , 250px-Black_Rose_Mystery_and_True_Love.png )
11931 No. 11931
Not sure who's seen this, but it's the new knife item for Spy: The Black Rose. Comes from a promotional deal with Alliance of Valiant Arms.

Now, the game itself, in my personal opinion, is boring. But I want this pretty pretty item so damn bad that I'm willing to play it until I get it. Also the item is untradeable, so it's my only avenue.

I remember doing the same thing with Spiral Knights, but the item was much less pretty.

How do you all feel about this new item? And how about Valve making it so you need to play other games in order to get Tf2 items?
>> No. 11935
I think it's great, especially for getting lesser-known games some deserved attention. Though I prefer when the games in question are free. I can't stand the pre-order bonuses on some games.

But I do admit AVA is pretty lackluster... even more so since it requires nProtect to run it.

>> No. 11936
Black rose looks nice, except the game isn't available in my country, and i hate gift wrapped dirty items (except HOUWAR and others which are expensive).
Its also exciting to play games and receive items as reward, eventhough if they are only reskins or ugly cosmetics. I wish there would be even harder games to get even better stuff than just regular items have, like play 1 match, receive Black Rose in TF2 or play your first game in Spiral sallet, get fancy hat as reward. I wish those would be more like this: Play New Vegas for 200 hours, receive awesome reskin for random weapon in TF2, which is based from weapon of New Vegas.
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