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File 133459914339.png - (16.92KB , 300x272 , clappah.png )
11977 No. 11977
So, what are your plans for the upcoming saxxy awards? Going to make a film or something?

I've been thinking of making a simple movie, would anyone be interested in acting in a role? Naturally no voice or anything, just standing on the server, quite simple stuff hopefully. Guess i'll try to get in some epic fail category or something. Just something fun, and guess that would help me to hopefully get some of those Replay achievements at the same time.
>> No. 11992
Id rather not 'act' in a false 'fail' or other actual battle related video.

Funniest or something, yeah sure I'll act, but I dont want to lie about the things that should be legit like folks did in the last Saxxies.
>> No. 12004
I'll help. I don't have any of my own ideas for it.

If you want to add me or whatnot. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056960503/
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