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File 13348600028.jpg - (118.91KB , 640x338 , ref_tf2splash.jpg )
11991 No. 11991
As found on a baptist massage board...

From Left to Right: Rubber-suit S&M Fetishist, Construction Worker from the Village People, Man with a Gimp Mask, a shaved-head Bear, Cowboy from the Village People, Anorexic Emo Clubber, Soldier from the Village People, Biker from the Village People, Role-Playing Doctor that Performs Prostate Checks in the 3rd Stall in a Gay Bar Bathroom.

Anyone else think TF2 promotes the devil? For more lulz, http://www.landoverbaptist.net/showthread.php?t=52617.
>> No. 11993
Dad... I'm not a Cowboy from the Village People, I'm an assassin!
>> No. 11994
I stopped reading when they started talking about how the gays are the ones most in need of the church's help, and how they have ex-gays in their church.

Cannot keep reading without throwing my laptop at the wall.
>> No. 11995
>landover baptist


oh wait, you think this is a real website? let me laugh even harder

>> No. 11996
Don't get mad, you guys. Sit back and laugh. If they're trolling, well, they have to get bored at some point, and if they're serious, we can all just take solace in the fact that they'll never be as awesome at this game as you guys are.

Besides, I think the 'pastor' wants Soldier's ass.
>> No. 11999
Satire, guys.

>> No. 12000
You just went full shazbot.
>> No. 12001
Even though it's fake, all it does is remind me that there actually are people out there this dumb, and this close-minded. Hell, I'm related to several who believe gay people can be 'saved', let alone that they want to be 'saved from the evils of homosexuality'. It's ridiculous, and I can't read it. Just can't.
>> No. 12003
If TF2 isn't pro-satan I don't know why I'm here.

Gaben came to me in a dream many a year ago and presented unto me an orange box. Inside it was the unholy trinity of first-person games. From that day I knew it was my goal in life to forever believe in the coming of the 3rd installment, and make sacrifices of fragged noobs regularly to the Dark Prince himself Gaben aka Lucifer aka the Devil. In return I have been blessed with many a hat.

hl2.exe dies for our bugs. Praise the Lord in Valve HQ, Amen.
>> No. 12009

Thanks be to GabeN.
Hopefully it will be he that fulfills the prophecy of The Third
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