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File 135908515440.jpg - (769.63KB , 1680x1050 , 1295928533201.jpg )
13627 No. 13627
A long time ago, Owl posted links to mixtapes made for classes and stories for our listening and downloading pleasure. I know personally I still listen to them (I can't drive anywhere without something from 'Pleasure to Burn' popping up), and was wondering if anyone else did too.

Or, do you listen to new mixtapes? If so, which ones? Do you make your own, or just listen to individual songs just grouped together with no ryhme or reason?

Link semi-related, it's the only one of Owl's mixtapes I can still find.

Which reminds me, does anyone else have them saved? I have 'Decloak and Backstab', 'Pleasure to Burn', and the one linked above, but they've been picked apart so much I've only got a few songs left from each.
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>> No. 13639
I thought I'd make a playlist for AnnetheCatDetective's lovely fan fiction "The Base Around The Corner". Just so you know, I changed my name here from Jewel_Pandora to my Steam username Midnight Leo. I thought it would help me start anew after all that I've done as Jewel_Pandora.

Anyway, you can find the songs on a site called grooveshark.com and listen to them there. I'm a bit of a worry wart when it comes to sharing music over the internet, you see. Now I'm not sure if you'll find all the songs there, but I'm sure you can find most of them.

Track list:

1.Venus As A Boy by Bjork
2.Mr. Too Damn Good To You by Gerald Levert (R.I.P)
3.If You Believe by Sasha (No relation to the Heavy's Minigun)
4.Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira
5.The One by Shakira
6. You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker
7. Unchained Melody by LeAnn Rimes
8. I Knew I Loved You by Savage Gardens
9. Vanilla Ice Cream from the musical She Loves Me
and finally, 10. I Do by 98 Degrees

Sorry for the long post, by the way. Like I said, I get too scared about sharing music over the internet. just go to Grooveshark and you can search for the songs and listen to them there. I hope you guys don't mind.
>> No. 13651
File 135977062223.jpg - (786.14KB , 1804x1804 , 132734409735.jpg )
Here's the playlists
>> No. 13652
File 135977065224.jpg - (367.70KB , 1202x1202 , 132734431157.jpg )
Aaaand here's the L4D2 one
>> No. 13653

This may still work. It's Voting from the Rooftops.

Also take a look at this old thread

>> No. 13658
File 135995157482.jpg - (140.09KB , 1280x1024 , ohjaaaaa.jpg )
It does not work, but the images DO help.
>> No. 13694
Oh my God. THANK YOU. I've been away from tf2chan for a while and didn't think to look around, but I was looking through the archives for owltiem's playlists! Thank you, kind people! Also, thank you for posting mixtapes. I want to listen to more music!
>> No. 13695
Can I post some of my own here? I don't have actual downloads, just links to videos, though.
>> No. 13698
I compiled the Sniper mixtape from that thread and put it up here:
>> No. 13702
THANK YOU! RB. that is so helpful.
Some of the music in the other playlists a bit obscure so I can't find it on youtube easily.
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