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File 136248471963.png - (517.37KB , 780x832 , eb62a3c1ebd97b192face24915c5259d.png )
13691 No. 13691
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>> No. 13692
I don't know if Valve can really be blamed for this. Their submission process says everything must be okay'ed before getting in the game, and the devs of Skullgirls announced it without ever going to Valve.

That being said, I actually really liked Squigly's hat, because it fit TF2's style, although I'd rather have Big Band's tuba as a misc. Imagine that with Spy or Heavy's fedora, mmm...
>> No. 13693

I agree with anon it was kind of there own fault
>> No. 13812
File 136832740414.png - (244.23KB , 637x358 , steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_144445683_prev.png )
>> No. 13813
File 136832744229.png - (230.79KB , 637x358 , steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_144448569_prev.png )
>> No. 13814
Ugh. Guess there's no point in bringing up the "TF2 art style" argument because it's obviously well and truly dead.

The only hats I'm okay with are the Black Egret Helmet, and Valentine's Hat/Eyepatch/Face Mask combo. Peacock's Tophat is kind of cool, if only because Engineer doesn't have enough actual HATS in everyone's favourite war-themed hat simulator.

Still hoping most of these don't make it in. Now to brace myself for the onslaught of "If you don't like it, don't look at it"...
>> No. 13815
But don't you like MOE~?
>> No. 13816
File 136841281537.jpg - (66.78KB , 400x400 , thefuckisthisshit.jpg )
>> No. 13817
That's just a parody of No More Heroes, which itself isn't a serious game. It's more making fun of the stereotypical "loser geek who has no grip on reality, can't get laid, and spends all his money on anime figures".

Despite all that, the protagonist is actually pretty cool. He uses a Totally Not Lightsaber and has the same voice actor as Medic.
>> No. 13932
File 136913470296.png - (252.89KB , 637x358 , steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_144449151_prev.png )
Double's crown got updated.
>> No. 13933
THAT is a really nice hat
>> No. 13939
I don't know what Skullgirls are, and I don't want to know, because I don't care, and generally I prefer that Valve exercises more restraint when it comes to promotional hats.
Not to mention Skullgirls or whoever was behind these hats did a terrible job on them. Whatever happened to the "versatility over quantity" approach that marked TF2's first hundred or so hats? A couple of the Skullgirls miscs looked okay, and worked for the classes they were assigned to. The other nine thousand Skullgirls hats were poorly made, didn't fit with TF2 styles or characters and appeared to exist purely so that Skullgirls could cram as many of their characters as humanly possible into somebody else's game. And to top it off they didn't ask Valve if Valve wanted to release these umpteen shitty hats before they announced to the world that Valve would be releasing their umpteen shitty hats, and have since started begging people to overvote their Workshop submissions to get it into the game instead of just letting the best hat win.
So now I do know something about Skullgirls. I know that they're asshats when it comes to promoting themselves. That's cool.
>> No. 13944
The other nine thousand Skullgirls hats

Oh shut the fuck up. There's 11 hats/misc objects and they are UP FOR VOTE. They WON'T ALL BE ADDED. At most, we'll get 1 or 2. They are allowing the community to choose. So choose what you like. There are thousands of ingame hats that are worse than the Skullgirls ones. So get over yourself. Or would you just rather keep getting reskins of the same old hats?
>> No. 13945
Gosh, someone's grumpy today. Want a mint biscuit? Would that make it better?
>> No. 13950

Skullgirls is actually pretty cool. It's a fighting game made all by fans, hand-drawn and animated in 2D (think Guilty Gear, if you're familiar with it), with a mostly female cast of monsters and macabre creatures. (The token dude is a big buff black guy who's a cyborg Jazz musician.) They were also generous enough to give Fighting Is Magic their fighting game engine for free when they ran into legal trouble.

I do think it's a bit clashy with the TF2 style, but I'm okay with them re-submitting them to make them official.
>> No. 13966
File 136962252627.jpg - (161.20KB , 1023x1655 , 26ce50992a6b98fb45a7ead9c935b501.jpg )
>The token dude is a big buff black guy who's a cyborg Jazz musician.

There's also Beowulf now.
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