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File 136489881875.jpg - (0.97MB , 1200x900 , lecturevalley02.jpg )
13737 No. 13737

>> No. 13739
>> No. 13741
I have no idea what the Team is planning, as usual. Although Nutmeg is definitely involved.
>> No. 13742
reskin of Dispensers?
>> No. 13743
I'm hoping an Engineer building(s?) for medieval mode more than anything. Though...

Tiny hats for buildings. Both want and do not in equal measure. Geh.
>> No. 13744
Im hoping for engineer catapults in medievil mode, nutmeg, dispender hats, and most of all...

I'm hoping for a new dolphin bread farm-based map. With a wheat field, for snipers to duck in and be sneaky.
>> No. 13745
Calling it now:

Level 69 Condiment
Coated enemies are charmed (to you).

Or, er:
Coated enemies masturbate furiously, rendering them useless.
>> No. 13746
Oh jesus. Catapults. Yes PLEEEEASE.
>> No. 13747

No, no, not just catapults. Player-launching catapults.
>> No. 13749

Oh my...

I need to go lie down.
>> No. 13753
Could it be a new gamemode? I hope there's a comic somehow involving nutmeg, perhaps as a hallucinogenic.
>> No. 13757
I don't think we're ever going to get canon sex, not even vanilla heterosexual sex, and we're not going to get anyone ever getting high.
>> No. 13758
Probably not sex, but incredibly horny mercenaries? We've already got Scout. I predict Soldier gay marrying Spy's lounge coat.
>> No. 13759
No. Nearly every time I've shipped anything that wasn't beat-you-over-the-head canon, it never ever became canon. I've given up hope. Besides, unless it's a game like Mass Effect or GTA, romance seems non-existant in any form.
>> No. 13760

...You all do realize that it's a parody of the pheromones and shit that they sell in the back of magazines, right?

(They actually still sell that stuff just open up a Popular Science and look in the back.)
>> No. 13761
I do. I'm just...dealing with a couple other fandoms where people were asking when certain things were going to happen, completely serious, and said things were all either totally OOC, or things the writers either couldn't get away with, or things the writers would simply never do. I've been apprehensive as a result.
>> No. 13762
Where is this linked from anyway? I don't see anything out of the ordinary on the main blog page.
>> No. 13763
There is a hidden link on the period at the end of the last sentence (just after the "one time" link)
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