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File 136620958589.jpg - (169.67KB , 650x1129 , meh_ro9396.jpg )
13764 No. 13764

Discuss. Or write fics. Whatever.
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>> No. 13765
whoa wtf?
it's not in the main TF2 files...
were was this found at?
>> No. 13766
okay nevermind,it's apparently source filmmaker
>> No. 13767
File 13662214236.jpg - (29.36KB , 850x463 , Youredamnrightimexcited.jpg )
From what I've read, I'm guessing that it's going to be mostly Scout-centric and that these are lines from that movie what was mentioned a while back. Also holy shit, Miss Pauling has a ton of lines.

Pretty sure Scout/Pauling's going to be canon after this movie thing comes out.

I am so fucking excited for this.
>> No. 13768
Anyone have a video compiling all of the clips?
>> No. 13769
Those files are from C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\usermod\maps\soundcache\_master.cache (install SFM and open that file in notepad and search for pauling). Don't think anyone actually has those sound files, but I might be wrong.
>> No. 13770
I have a Mac. I can't run SFM, unfortunately.
>> No. 13771

And I don't see Sniper anywhere in there, but there is mention of a van.
>> No. 13773
File 136627460311.gif - (498.53KB , 500x254 , ohmagad.gif )
My body was not ready for this.


Science Party tumorous, half-alive bread babies? Can this please be a thing, Valve?
>> No. 13774
My body is not prepared for this.
Remember some time ago they said about making a 15 minute Teamfortress 2 movie using Source Filmmaker?
>> No. 13780
File 136651399057.jpg - (31.49KB , 347x300 , tumblr_mdo7waI1nq1qeriwc.jpg )

Yeah, this is... this is literally for that short they mentioned.

It's the thing.
>> No. 13792

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